• Sven

    Rolle cut is a big surprise. Also surprised by comment that he did not carry over performance to preseason games. Were you not actually watching?

    Rolle will likely get picked up on waivers. He showed real promise in a very crowded position on this roster. Would be great to get him back on PS.

  • montana83

    Chris Banjo released

  • Archie

    Rolle and Banjo are mild surprises. Banjo was a tough guy and at 21, Rolle would seem to have a bright future. OAK will pick him up. Keeping Goodson over Rolle, if that is what they do, is a real head scratcher. I guess they will be keeping extras at DL/LB.

  • https://twitter.com/LeagueObservr LeagueObservr

    Banjo to be released??? What??? I know he’s a candidate for the practice squad, but damn, I thought he would be a great contributor on special teams this year, the man hits like a truck!

  • http://www.lyrictrumpet.com Bearmeat

    I read on jsonline that they are now leaning towards keeping Flynn and Tolzein with no word on who is actually 2nd string.

  • Thegreatreynoldo

    Cutting Rolle is more than a mild surprise. Are they going to keep just 5 CBs, especially considering that House, Williams, and Bush are in contract years? I thought it clear that Rolle was better than Goodson at this time, and it should be no problem to put Goodson on the PS.

    Banjo was on my bubble, but I thought he could help more this year than several prospects who might develop into starting level players if given time. Banjo I saw as a trade-off between this year and the future.

    • Archie

      “Cutting Rolle is more than a mild surprise.”

      To you maybe but not me. Sure he’s better than Goodson and maybe Bush but they must see more long-term potential in Goodson. And Bush is Bush, he knows the system and is great on ST. IMO, there were no major surprises other than keeping Flynn.

    • aaronqb

      I don’t think there were any major surprises. There were several on the bubble and the Packer brain trust made their decisions. Mild surprises: Bradford and Goodson making the 53 man. The end of the roster is all about development for the future and apparently TT saw enough to justify keeping them. A few wink wink IR guys in Thornton and Palmer.

      I would not be surprised to see Flynn get traded for a pick or for a backup linemen. IMO Tolzein showed enough to be #2. Better to free up that roster spot for someone else.

      • Archie

        Agreed on all points. Had TT cut Tolzein I would have had a difficult time remaining a Packer fan. That’s how clear cut of a choice I saw it as. Am I OK w keeping Flynn and Tolzein? I guess since I can live with all the cuts. Banjo was impressive on ST – he will be missed. Funny TT kept Bush and Taylor for that purpose but not Banjo. If Goodson can catch the ball, I’d like to see him become a returner.

  • montana83

    Pack bringing in a few players it sounds like.

  • montana83

    Vujnovich, Gerhart, Perillo and Robinson now gone
    Thornton and Adams on IR

  • Thegreatreynoldo
  • Since ’61

    Packers did a great job with the final 53. I hope that they get a chance to sign Banjo, Gerhart, Hubbard, Gray and Gillet to the PS. The other released players would be marginal contributors. The IR players get another shot next season. Go Pack GO! Thanks, Since ’61

  • Archie

    Bottom-line, if TT didn’t cut Brian Brohm following his first TC, he isn’t going to cut any high draft pick after one TC. Even lower draft picks have to totally bomb not to make the 53 in year 1.

    So who on the team had the best preseason?

    (1) DuJuan Harris – was electrifying
    (2) Eddie Lacy – looked even better than rookie year
    (3) AROD – looks ready to have a monster season
    (4) B Bostick – ready to replace Finley as 2-way starter (Rodgers can’t block)

    On defense:

    (1) Jay Elliott – possible star pass rusher
    (2) Mike Pennell – another UDFA that showed he belonged at this level

    Defense was generally effective but more as a team than any individual dominating. We will see the real CMIII/Peppers duo Thursday night. My major concern with this team is the NT-ILB triangle is weak. I am afraid teams will exploit that big time, causing us to shade help in that direction, setting us up to get beat on the perimeter as well. You could argue GB doesn”t have a competent NFL quality starter at any of those three positions. And they sit right at the heart of our defense – the middle. We should have three bulls in those positions. Then we would have legitimate SB aspirations. At best, this team is a repeat of last few years – win teh division and go home early in teh playoffs. With the improvement in the division, it will be a much tougher division to win. AROD always gives us a chance but nobody goes too far in this league with a weak defensive middle. That should be priority #1 for 2015. Ryan Shazier would have been a good start this year but TT would have had to give up his top R3 pick to get there and in retrospect (Thornton), he should have. That’s not to say Dix isn’t a fine player for the future as well.

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