• Tim

    It surprises me to see predictions of either Thornton or Bradford not making the team. Not they necessarily deserve to make the team, but I don’t think tt will cut either because he won’t want to admit they missed on the picks. They were drafted too high for the Pack to just give up on them. Sneaking anyone to the practice squad isn’t a given, tt would risk another team nabbing them. A mysterious injury with a trip to the IR maybe a possibility?

  • aaronqb

    TT has and will cut draft picks. He would prefer not to because the bonus money all gets accelerated into the current year, but he has cut 4th (Corey Rodgers), 5th (Jamon Meredith), 6th (Ricky Elmore), and 7th (many) round picks in the past.

    I believe Thornton will be placed on IR and Bradford will be released and put on the practice squad if he clears waivers.

    There are better players that would have to be cut if they keep these two. BTW, I don’t expect Goodson to make the 53-man either. Rolle has outplayed him.

  • http://www.lyrictrumpet.com Bearmeat

    I’d rather have Quarless gone than a young project. Quarless is the definition of JAG and Rodgers can at least hold down the fort until Bostick comes back. Give me Elliot, Rolle, White, Stoneburner, or even 3 QBs over Q.

  • Portland Mark

    Is anyone surprised that neither Jolly or Pickett has received a call after Raji went down?

    • Oppy

      Jolly ended his season with a neck injury, he may never play football again, time will tell, but the Packers doctors have only cleared Sean Richardson to play again (post neck surgery) that I know of, and the list of players who have had that type of neck injury is LONG.

      As far as Ryan Pickett is concerned, I’d love to see him back, but I fear the Packers have moved forward not to look back, as Ron Wolf used to say, “Better to cut ties with a player a year too early, than a year too late.” Pickett still plays well, but at his age, the drop off in production comes swiftly and when it does, the drop off is severe.

  • Sven

    Kuhn to me is not a lock, he was hardly featured on Special teams this preseason nor was used much on the first team offense. R Rodgers has shown that he can fill the FB roll. Maybe Kuhn will still have a key offensive roll, but if not it would be a shame to see a needed roster spot being taken up for sentiment.

    • Archie

      Q, Kuhn, Thornton and Bradford all seem like possible cuts though mild surprises. OTOH, I can see TT keeping all four. There may be some howling by Packer fans when the final cuts are announced. In fact, there’s probably 15 or so players that could be cut or not cut. Those 15 are truly on the bubble. For example, everyone is guessing Banjo is a close call but given his ST performance, maybe Richardson is on the bubble. Ditto w Tolzein/Flynn but I think TT will find easy to decide in favor of the hungrier of the two – Tolzein. Ditto Kuhn and any of 3 FA RBs. Ditto Janis and several WRs, including Gillett. Ditto Stoneburner and Q and Ryan Taylor. Ditto Rolle, Bush and White. Etc. etc. I guess we can say this is the mark of a successful off-season. Teams want as much competition as possible for those last 3 or 4 roster spots. Just think if everybody had stayed healthy. TT knew what 15 or so players were fighting for those 3 or 4 open roster spots well before last night’s game was played. I assume by early this morning he had his mind made up. The rest of today and early tomorrow is consumed by trade talks as well as who they let go if certain other players around the league are released. In about 20 hours we will have our first edition of our final 53. Four days later we will march into battle against the defending Super Bowl Champions. By 11pm EDT we should have a good idea of where this team stands. It is hard for me to see us winning that game but we are due. The guys have got to be tired of losing close games to all the top NFC teams. And AROD looks like he is ready to ascend to yet another level.

  • Chad Lundberg

    I saw Alex Gillette only once on this entire list.

  • turophile

    Offense: (24)
    QB: Rodgers, Tolzein
    WR: Nelson, Cobb, Boykin, Adams, Janis
    RB: Kuhn, Lacy, Starks, Harris,
    TE: Quarless, Bostick, Rodgers, Taylor, Stoneburner
    OL: Bakhtiari, Sitton, Tretter, Lang, Bulaga, Sherrod, Linsley, Taylor

    Defense: (26)
    DL: Jones, Pennel, Guion, Daniels, Boyd,
    OLB: Matthews, Perry, Neal, Peppers, Elliot, Mulumba,
    ILB: Hawk, Jones, Lattimore, Barrington,
    CB: Shields, Williams, Hayward, House, Bush, Rolle
    S: Burnett, Hyde, Clinton-Dix, Richardson, Banjo

    Special Teams: (3)

    K: Crosby
    P: Masthay
    LS: Goode

  • J.

    Myles White makes it off the practice Squad this yr. – I think its funny only 1 guy mentioned him.

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