• Since ’61

    First and most important is that the Packers stay healthy through this game. I am fine if the starters only play one or 2 series this week, especially if they look as good as last week in their opening drives. Plus going to Tolzien and/or Flynn earlier in the game gives both of them more reps and the coaches a better opportunity to identify who is #2 and #3. I believe that the Packers will keep 3 QBs this season. As for the cut downs, this is why staying healthy is critical. If any 1st or 2nd stringers go down with a serious injury the team will need to adjust who stays and who goes in order to fill the need created by the injury. This results in a situation where someone who probably shouldn’t be in the leagues ends up playing on the team and maybe costing the team a game during the season. Remember, Robert Francois in 2010, lining up over center on a punt against the Dolphins. He cost us that game because he shouldn’t have been in the league never mind on the team. We don’t need any more guys like him around due to injuries. Stay healthy and Go Pack! Thanks, Since ’61

  • aaronqb

    Bush isn’t going anywhere. He is still their best special teams player and is good in a pinch at DB. He is also the hardest worker on the team.

    Rolle is battling for a roster spot with Goodson and a host of guys at other positions that are on the bubble (backup QBs, backup OLBs, backup WRs, backup TEs). If the past is any indication of what Thompson will do at cutdown time, it is that he will keep the guys most worthy of an NFL roster spot and will overweight a position if there are NFL keepers there. Last year, they kept more defensive linemen than normal and had only 7 offensive linemen on the roster.

  • montana83

    Defensive Linemen (Tackles and Ends) – We have done a terrible job drafting people at these positions. Not sure why.

    Worthy – gone
    CJ Wilson – gone
    Perry – not productive
    Neal – ok but injured a lot
    Raji – Good NT – not sure elsewhere
    Datone Jones -????
    I wonder if the 3 – 4 defense has something to do with it. Too many tweeners.

    • Sven

      Daniels is is pretty good and i have high hopes for Jones. Josh boyd is starting to show up and finished last season strong. Pennel is also looking like he has some promise.

      It seems like alot of high round draft picks are boom or bust across the league. Linemen especially. I am amazed by how many first round o and d linemen never matialize. It drafting in the first round is alot like gambling.

  • Sven

    Bush had a pretty good game against the Titans. I think he had a sack and 5 tackles. I doubt that the Packers are readoynto let him go.

    Perry has been a disapointment. I hope a season with Julius Peppers will help him improve his game.

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