• Ed Schoenfeld

    I can’t imagine Sherrod and Linsley not having made the roster even before Barclay went down, especially with the progress Sherrod reportedly showed in OTAs and camp so far.

    Seems like the real ‘new opportunity’ is for Lane Taylor and maybe Garth Gerhart, which basically gives the Packers ‘normal’ (instead of superior) depth across the OL compared to the rest of the league.

    A rookie I am interested in learning more about is OT John Fullington. He got one of the $10,000 bonuses for UFAs (like Adrian Hubbard and a couple of others), so the Packers were relatively high on him. Seems like Fullington would be a logical fit on the PS now that the team can keep only 3 tackles. Has anyone noticed how this kid is doing in camp?

  • morgan mundane

    Sherrod is a bum. He couldn’t make any other team in the NFL. He holds all the time, can’t learn blocking schemes and is not very strong. He will get Rogers hurt early and it will be an ugly season for the Packers. I have the Pack at 6-10. This is with everyone healthy.
    Ted did didly squat to shore up the O line. Beluga in one hit from missing another season, Sherrod is a loser, they have no one with experience at center and they have no back ups. All because Ted played cheap ball. Draft a bunch of receivers and avoid paying big bucks for top first round O linemen to protect the franchise. Total ignorance for Ted.

    • Archie

      It’s still speculative but the evidence is growing that Sherrod is ready to start his NFL career for real. It was a godsend to have both him and Barclay as swing tackles to back-up our OT starters. OL is in far better shape than our DL where we have retreads in Raji and Peppers and little else besides Mike Daniels.

      • SchenySchen

        Archie, until that last statement, I completely agreed with you. GoPack!

    • Big T

      You can see the fear in Sherrod’s eyes. Only thing he will do for the Packers is get someone hurt. He sustained a horrible injury and I don’t blame him I would play scared too. Problem is that doesn’t work in the NFL.

      • Stroh

        Sherrod didn’t seem scared when he was All Conference in the SEC!

        • Big T

          stroh that was before his injury

          • Stroh

            Well you haven’t seen him play since he recovered except for about 10 snaps last year, so I hope your not basing all your conclusions on such a limited snapshot!

            Oh nevermind we know you are… Go away!

    • Turophile

      morgan mundane….wrong on so many levels.

      From memory, I believe the recent investment was two first round picks (Bulaga, Sherrod), four fourth rounders (Sitton, Lang, Bakhtiari, Tretter) and a fifth rounder (Linsley). Hardly cheapskate.

      No doubt the source of your comment was them not keeping EDS, but he could have been had for a reasonable price which tells me they think they can do better than him (mostly, in the run game) with either Tretter or Linsley. It’s too soon to know if they were right.

      As for your Sherrod ‘loser’ comment, his awful injury means he is only now getting his chance to be a significant player. At least see how he does this preseason and the first few games, before condemning the guy. The way you dismiss him you’d think it was all his fault he got injured.

      The truth is YOU wanted an O lineman and are angry the Packers chose another direction, even one that was the acknowledged strength of the draft in WR.

      This was NOT the year to get O lineman high in the draft. This is the year to see what we have in Sherrod, how much Bakhtiari improves and what we have in Tretter. Linsley was about all we needed this year. If these players fail this year, then NEXT YEAR is the time for another sizeable investment there. you don’t invest valuable picks when they might prove a waste.

      As for the 6-10 year, have you been sucking up COW’s milk ?

      Finally, calling TT ‘totally ignorant’ is (what else) totally ignorant.

  • Stroh

    The Barclay injury will barely affect the OL unless another injury occurs.

    OT – Bulaga and Bahktiari are the likely starters w/ Sherrod now backing up both, instead of just LT. If Bulaga is injured its even possible they move Bahktiari to RT and play Sherrod at LT.

    OG – Sitton and Lang are the starters w/ Taylor backing up both, instead of Barclay.

    OC – Tretter is the presumptive starter, w/ Lindsley his backup.

    Its pretty straight forward and not an issue unless another injury occurs.

    • BRinMilwaukee

      Because another injury is soooo unlikely to occur. :-)

    • Mojo

      “The Barclay injury will barely affect the OL unless another injury occurs.”

      Well, duh!

      Since Barclay was a projected backup, the effect to o-line starters is nil until one of them gets hurt. In fact I’ll go further and say injuries to Sherrod, Linsley, Taylor or any other backup will not affect the starting o-line much either.

      (and BTW, another injury to the starters is going to occur)

      • Stroh

        Well duh… But I wasn’t just talking about the starters. I was talking about the OL in general. All it does is move Taylor up a spot and get Sherrod reps at RT as well as LT.

        No injury has occurred to a starting OL yet, so it wouldn’t be “another”! And I don’t consider it a foregone conclusion that a starting OL will get injured!

  • Stroh

    Sherrod was not a coin flip (50/50 chance) to make the roster! More like a virtual certainty (90-95%)… The Packers were never going to move on w/o a 1st round pick w/o even seeing what they have to offer.

  • John Zoul

    Stroh is 100% correct concerning Sherrod.

    This is his make or break year…If he sucks, he will not be on the 90-man roster in preseason 2015. I,for one, am hoping he excels and continues to develop…

    Bakhtiari was a below average LOT in 2013…Gave up ten sacks and many hits and pressures on the QB. I do not believe he is the LT answer.

    Concerning either Linsley or Tretter at Center…We will find out in the next four preseason games. Am hoping one of them is a stud…

  • SchenySchen

    Sherrod looks bigger, stronger and more comfortable according to reports. He is not Marshall Newhouse. He’s is going to be a quality backup this year and great insurance if either bulaga or Bak get hurt, in my opinion. GoPac!

  • Tim

    Once again they guys to step from out of nowhere and be a pro – this time offensive lineman. Linsley and Sherrod were always locks, hopefully they come through. They keep eight only if #8 is more than a practce squad body. It would be nice to have that kind of depth. I think Taylor or Gephardt are frontrunners to be that guy. I don’t have a lot of hope here.

  • John Galt III

    A great many free agents after roster cuts and the Packer’s scouts will have orders to find an OL or two. They will sign one if the coaching staff in not impressed with one position or another.

  • DraftHobbyist

    If Sherrod is in all of the options doesn’t that makeh im a lock? Option 3 is by far the most likely. 7 OL’s is on the low side. 8 is normal. We’ll probably see 8 on the roster and then 1 on the PS, and I think you got the 8 right in Option 3.

  • JimR_in_DC

    I think the Packers will go with either Option 3 or an as yet to be determined Option 4 (veteran interior lineman not yet on the roster).

  • Mikeh

    Yep as things stand, I think most people would go with Option C if they were predicting the final 53. Bit puzzling as to why the article seems to think its unlikely.

    Barring another injury – the only way C doesn’t happen is if a dark horse overtakes Taylor or if Tretter or Linsley have a nightmare in pre-season games.

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