• Big T

    As long as they don’t whore out and make it a circus around Lambeau it will be great.

    • Two Bears, One Cup

      I’m in total agreement with you here. I will always be a Packers fan but sometimes I worry that the NFL is becoming so money-hungry that they’re going to dilute my fandom. If the pressure to make more money becomes so great that they start bleeding the tailgaters I think that is the first Horseman of the Apocalypse on the horizon.

  • Archie

    I have made the pilgrimage from upstate NY to GB every pre-season since 1980.

  • Dobber

    It’s all about keeping up with the Joneses…literally and figuratively.

  • Since ’61

    Actually, it’s all about creating revenue streams. The more revenue generated the better the chances of the team remaining where it is and maintaining financial viability. With a public team like the Packers being able to generate and/or acquire capital is critical, since we don’t have a rich owner to put money into the team or close financial gaps. If done correctly these are good moves for the long term financial health of the Packers. Go Pack! Thanks, Since ’61

    • Dobber

      You didn’t get that from my comment? ;)

      • Since ’61

        Sorry Dobber, I started writing my comment before I saw yours. Then I was interrupted before I finished. By the time I submitted my comment, yours must have posted. In any case, we basically agree. Go Pack! Thanks, Since ’61

  • mark in Portland

    Since I live in Portland, Oregon, I have only been able to make to GB once and it was great. If I weren’t a teacher I would’ve tried to make it to the playoff game last year. For me, getting some direct flights into GB would be a huge improvement. I wanted to fly into GB but would have been routed to Cleveland and the two other stops before getting home to Portland. It was much easier to fly into Chicago but still made for a longer trip.

    • Stroh

      There are no direct flights to GB. Its just not a major hub for any airlines. I’m live in Phx and don’t let it dissuade me from going when I can. Your making excuses… Its not that hard to fly to Mil and drive 90 mi to GB, or even take a flight from Chi or Mil to GB.

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