• http://www.lyrictrumpet.com Bearmeat

    Your keyline was at the end of the paragraph on the Bears. If Aaron Rodgers is hurt it’s anyone’s game, but if not the Packers will still walk away with the division.

    I have made my feelings on the mid rounds of this draft known, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Packers still have the best overall roster in the NFC North. With as hammered as we were by injuries in 2012 and 2013, we still came way with two division titles. So it should be fairly obvious to the Bears Lions and Vikings trolls that GB is once again the team to beat.

    What concerns me is advancing the playoffs and Super Bowl trophies. Aaron Rodgers is a great player in our wide receivers are great and the offense of line is great and Eddie Lacy is great. But if the defense can’t at least be adequate or not going to win the Super Bowl.

    • jh9

      Ever since the draft, I have this empty feeling. I know it’s because we didn’t upgraded at ILB.

      It doesn’t matter how healthy we are at other positions. Until we have great play at ILB, we will have a mediocre defense and will not beat the 49ers or the Seahawks when the playoffs come around.

      • packett

        Agree 100%. Also, didn’t upgrade at TE.

        • Dobber

          I don’t see TE as being so much of an issue as ILB. Given how many sub packages are played these days, the Packers can hide some of those deficiencies…and improved pass rush can make some difference, too.

          I think there has to be some kind of a plan in place at ILB. But it’s sure not clear to me what it is.

          • Ed Schoenfeld

            Agree TE is less of an issue, but one reason thats true is they picked up a serious possession receiver with Adams at WR in the second.

            If they had to miss filling needs, TE and ILB were the ones to miss. They were both thin classes this year, and after Borland and Niklas got picked the rest of the class wasn’t that much better than the UDFAs And it was not worth the cost to trade up to make sure of Borland or Niklas (not with Adams still on the board).

  • Big T

    Just having Rodgers is not enough to win this division anymore. We will need some coaching and management too. Can MM get creative with the playcalling or should he hire an offensive coordinator? Will TT finally show some emotion and maybe light a fire under some butts? Will this be the year we look at getting strength and conditioning coaches that can limit hamstring/groin issues? And last but not least, I wouldn’t mind seeing MM kicking some azz on the sidelines when needed…

  • Tmoneey

    Same thing here. I was clapping when Rams took Donald in front of Bears!
    Did the Saints think GB loved WR Brandin Cooks or did they just think they couldn’t get a deal done with GB? Love to know the answers or what happened there.

  • Tmoneey

    I was shocked that DET took Ebron and a little angry, I mean geez they already have Pettigrew(former 1st rnd pick) and the kid last year was pretty good Fauria. Also very glad Chicago didn’t get Donald, I was cheering that pick by Rams. Anthony Barr will probably end up being a stud but might be a year away. I’m not scared of Teddy Bathwater, he has a noodle for an arm and now they are playing outside in the elements, I’m glad they didn’t get Manziel, think he could have been a handful with players they have on offense and GB’s struggle against mobile QB’s, I know I might be in the minority that think Manziel can be a good NFL player.

  • http://jersyal.com tim

    Zimmer and norv turner with Pederson, Bridgewater, Jennings and other weapons is scary to me.

  • barutanseijin

    I dislike college ball, but I did see Bilgewater play. Wasn’t impressed. Maybe he’ll grow into an nfl qb, but here’s guessing he won’t.

  • Bag o donuts 52

    Defense was the glaring need with the middle manned by the fat, lazy and unmotivated Raji, pile circler Hawk, WTF was Teddy thinking B Jones and 140 ish qb rated Morgan Fairchild. Guess what, they’re baaaaaack! Worst underbelly in the NFL and Ted’s answer is rookies and MM’s year two step up. Can’t put up 35 against everybody!

    • Anonymous

      Raji will not make the final 53 unless some DT’s get hurt. TT has to be careful with the money – Cobb & Nelson need to be paid.

  • WKUPackFan

    Adam, I agree with you 100% about Teddy. Your description of him is spot on. Whoever said Bridgewater has a noodle arn probably never saw U of L play. I did, a lot. Teddy can drive the ball just fine. He’s got all the throws. I was so mad when that trade was announced because I just knew the Vikings were going to take Bridgewater. Two guaranteed wins a year just got tougher.

    • Dobber

      Whether people believe Bridgewater can make all the throws or not, Russell Wilson showed that you don’t have to have a cannon or prototype measurables to make a big difference under center.

  • packett

    Vikings have had two very good drafts and have built a very talented team. Vikes and Lions both generally have stronger rosters than the packers except for the qb position. Without consistent quarterbacking in the past, they just haven’t been able to take the division.
    But this year, Vikes have all the pieces, including a good game manager qb. Even Stafford has been able to beat packers D. Failure to address packers ILB will be the weakness in GB defense all year. This was not a great draft for GB simply for one reason that they didn’t invest enough in ILB. Bradford was not enough.

    • Anonymous

      And if Ha Ha or Burnett gets hurt – they are still screwed.

  • http://allgbp.com Thegreatreynoldo

    Since Detroit, Minn, and Chicago all picked 8 to 12 spots in front of us, we should expect them to have somewhat stronger drafts. I am not sure that they did, though. Of the first round picks, I would have taken only Barr ahead of Dix, with Fuller being a close call in terms of talent as opposed to need. Barr is raw, and might need a year, but he will probably flash, hopefully not against GB. Bridgewater is a wild card, but if he and Barr become players in year two, that could make Minn pretty good. Adams will make GB better on offense this year, and Dix makes us better on D this year. Some of our other picks have a chance to help, and we have some 1st round talents returning from injury that will help.

    • Anonymous

      1st year WR’s rarely do much their rookie year – unless you are Randy Moss.

      • Dobber

        An interesting piece I found online recently speculated that WRs are becoming more and more polished due to playing more and more sophisticated offenses at the college level. As a result, the acclimation period to the pro game is shortening…meaning we’ll see more and more Keenan Allens, Cordarelle Pattersons, Kenny Stills, and others, making an impact before year one is out.


    Watched NFL live today. They rated all the divisions Draft choices. Mel Kipper and the crew gave the Packers the best Draft of the division. Additionally, i have seen a lot of strong grades for the Packers around the wed, including quite a few A’s. So to say our division rivals came out better may not be true. Add in the fact that the Packers were better than our division rivals last year and that we had a lot of injured players last year, who will be coming back, I see the Packers winning the division again.

    I’m more worried about the Lions losing Gym shorts as their coach more than anything.

    • Dobber

      I think it’s more accurate to say that every team in the division plugged some holes…but not that they necessarily did any better than the Packers in the draft.

      …and you’re right: the biggest addition for the Lions won’t play a single snap in 2014.

  • ted, of bill and ted

    @dobber just wanted to make a mostly irrelevant comment on one of your earlier comments…Russell Wilson most definitely has a cannon. That dude can chuck the pigskin.

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