• Ed Schoenfeld

    Would a CB tend to play ‘out of phase’ more if there is no safety help to his side?

    • Jay Hodgson

      Yes, that is often the case–great observation. The CB still can play out of phase if he’s the boundary corner and the safety is playing shaded to the field. Also, the CB can play out of phase if he has underneath help, maybe in the form of an LB playing the flat/curl.

    • Tarynfor12

      Though the match up,down/distance could dictate,I would think yes..with no backside help,keeping the play in front of you would be imperative…your thoughts while we wait for Jays':)

  • Erik

    Good primer to man coverage. Do you think you could write one including how to defend certain passes to certain routes, and not just how to cover a fade or a 9?

    • Jay Hodgson

      There will be slight variations in covering the receivers depending on the routes, but I drew the streak as a general simplification. The phase is with respect to where the receiver is related to the ball, which will be pretty similar for all the routes. The toughest ones to defend are the slant and the back shoulder because in/out phase don’t give any real advantage.

      The biggest variations in man-to-man coverage come from how the leverage is established and where the help comes from.

      For example, with safety help on the top, the CB usually gives an inside release to the WR and pushes him to the safety help. If that’s the case, the CB usually always wants to play outside hip and the safety will drive downward to the inside shoulder.

  • Casey

    I don’t know why you would post a picture of Shields committing a blatant DPI at the top.

  • Big T

    It looks like we play “prevent” about 98% of the time.

    • Archie

      I think it is more than that.

  • Big T

    TT is going to bring Terell Buckley back to help teach some man on man.

  • Archie

    Troy Vincent and Paul Gruber – two Badgers that shoulda been Packers.

  • Stroh

    All this and no mention of Press and Off man? Whats up w/ that? That is the starting point for any kind of man coverage. Tramon makes most of his plays from Off man.

    Whether the CB is in phase or out of phase has a lot to do w/ the routes and down and distance expected, beside where the help is possibly coming from.

    BTW a lot of people mistake Off man for zone, since they assume that if the CB isn’t in the face of the WR at the LOS, he’s in zone.

  • wagszilla

    It still pisses me off Sam was called for PI in that photo you posted.

    On what planet is that F!@#$%#! pass interference?!!

    • Ed Schoenfeld

      On the planet where the received an Oscar nomination :-)

    • Ed Schoenfeld

      On the planet where the receiver got an Oscar nomination :-)

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