• Bob Dylan

    This just in…..Ted Thompson still sucks. Not that there’s anything wrong with that

    • SchenySchen

      Wow, that’s such an articulate and thought-provoking opinion. How long did you contemplate that batch of wisdom?….

      • Bob Dylan

        Just a second or two…..about the same time it took you to look up articulate. Fancy word for a sheep following the herd.

    • Stroh

      Jealous much? Speilman can’t carry Thompson’s jock as a GM! When was the last time the ViQueens won w/o a Packers castoff?

      • Bob Dylan

        Ted doesn’t wear a jock…doesn’t require one

        • Stroh

          Spielmans wears/uses tampons. He should be a GM in the WFL (Women’s Football League). Probably couldn’t win there either tho.

          Go back to your ViQueens blog Troll!

          • Bob Dylan

            Oooh…..that’s a good one! Just because Ted doesn’t date anyone who would need a tampon doesn’t make him a bad GM

            • Stroh

              Thompson is an excellent GM! Spielman can’t find a QB to compliment AP. Now AP is almost 30 yrs old, maybe one good year left. Wasted a Great RB career in Minn, by NEVER finding a competent QB. Ponder? Are you F’in kidding? Trade a high pick to get Freeman and gave him a ridiculous contract. Cassell is a joke.

              Your ViQueens can’t win squat. Take Packer rejects to try to win. Go away Troll.

              • Cow42

                “excellent” might be a bit strong, don’t you think?

              • Stroh

                •Named NFL Executive of the Year in 2008 and 2011 by Sporting News in a vote of his peers.

                I would say that speaks to his excellence!

  • Coach Zim

    Go back to Wisconsin, cheesebreath.

  • Two Bears, One Cup

    If your boy put your iPhone in the toilet you might end up with an otherwise very peaceful afternoon!

  • palmda

    Doesn’t matter day or night they are still looking at a 500 season if they don’t find a defense. So are I see the same lame personal on defense with the addition of one Chicago reject. Same coaches, same non covering safety’s, same linebackers like hawk tackling from behind. Same terrible play calling and same has been defensive coaches. If this team is going to beat anyone besides the poor central division opponents they are going to have to shake up the so called defense starting with the coaching staff.

  • Bob Dylan

    Thompson an excellent GM? No, you must be f*cking kidding. Your boys finish last in the North without Rodgers…that was proven last year. By the way, no fan of Spielmab when it comes to qb’s. Ponder a joke! However, if he gets his head out of his ass and actually finds someone that doesn’t totally suck, the rest of the team is better than the Pack. And it’s all on Teddy. They sucked for 8 weeks and he does zip. You will learn the hard way. They better average 35 with that D! Hawk and Jones and Raji….yeah he’s an excellent GM all right.

    • Stroh

      When Flynn came in for the last 1 and 1/2 qtr against your viqueens he won enough to comeback from a 16 pt deficit. I guess he’s good enough to beat the viqueens! Even Flynn is a better QB than the shitstorm you have for a QB situation!

    • Sven

      Nice trolling. Getting every one fired up.
      The Vikings are a one trick pony right now, but unlike the Packers, the Vikings arent winning even when their best player is on the field.

      You should get a Packers cap. You are already hanging out on the site, and it feels awesome to cheer on a winning team.

  • Bob Dylan

    No wonder u love Ted so much….u obviously have a fixation with the word queen

    • Stroh

      Named NFL Executive of the Year in 2008 and 2011 by Sporting News in a vote of his peers. GM of the ’10 SB Champs!

      What’s spielman ever done?

      • Pat

        Didn’t Spielman win the DIVISION four of the last five years????

  • Since ’61

    Bob Dylan – Aside from the excellent points made by Stroh, TT’s team has the best record in the NFL since 2009. How does that make him a bad GM? Also, since 2010 other NFL teams have been hiring away the members of his staff, every year. That is another sign and a compliment to him for the staff that he has put together over the years. AS for Spielman and the Vikings I’m not sure why they come up, they haven’t been in the league for years. Are we expecting them to return anytime soon? However, we appreciate that they scrimmage with us 2X a year, the practice gets us ready for our NFL schedule. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

  • Bob Dylan

    Simple answer to how the winning record was achieved. In spite of doing virtually nothing of note with high draft picks and literally nothing in free agency, the Pack has the highway rated qb in NFL history. When that HOF er is removed from the equation, as he was last year, TT’s deficiencies are exposed. Can’t say your team is championship caliber if one player goes down and all of a sudden, hello you’re 3-13. That’s being optimistic by the way!

    • Stroh

      And who was it that drafted that highest rated QB in NFL history? And I might add when he didn’t have a need to do so!

      Yeah, that’s right Ted Thompson! He took Rodgers even tho he had a HOF QB still playing at a very high level.

      Meanwhile your viqueens passed on that HIGHEST rated QB 2x, yeah TWICE, so that could reach for Troy Williamson and Erasmus James! LMFAO

      Some GM’s get it (Thompson) and some don’t get it (any Viqueens GM)!

      Put that in you pipe and smoke it!

  • Bob Dylan

    There u go with the queen thing again. Going to make Ted very self conscious. By the way, ever hear the blind squirrel theory? You can count his hits on one hand. Rodgers and Mathews and a few ok guys over the course of how many drafts, high draft picks and FA opportunities? Your girlfriend’s about to have the world and the rest of the division pass his stagnant ass by.

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