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Packers DE Josh Boyd

1) Introduction: Could Josh Boyd be the next Mike Daniels? I don’t think Boyd will ever be the pass-rusher that Daniels is developing into, but he could be another late-round contributor on the defensive line if he builds on a promising finish to his rookie season.

2) Profile:

Josh Boyd

  • Age: 24
  • Born: 8/3/1989 in Philadelphia, MS
  • Height: 6’3″
  • Weight: 310
  • College: Mississippi St.
  • Rookie Year: 2013
  • NFL Experience: 1 year

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3) Expectations coming into the season: There were rumblings that Boyd might not even make the team early, so expectations were low. I would’ve been shocked to see a fifth-round pick get the axe so early. Next year is the big one for Boyd. Expectations will be higher and we’ll find out if he can play or not.

4) Player’s highlights/low-lights: Boyd stuck around and hardly played until the final quarter of the season. Once he made it on the field, he played better than B.J. Raji. The game seemed too fast for Boyd in the preseason, and that obviously led to him rarely getting any opportunities until after Johnny Jolly went down.

5) Player’s contribution to the overall team success: Boyd looked fairly nimble for a 300-plus pound guy. Now someone needs to teach him how to use his girth to his advantage and fight more with his hands. I’m not saying that Boyd replaced what Jolly brought to the team, but he at least showed that he can be disruptive like Jolly was. Oh, and Boyd got more playing time at the end of the season than prized first-rounder Datone Jones. That says good things about Boyd’s future, and not so good things about Jones’ future.

6) Player’s contributions in the playoffs: Boyd swallowed up Frank Gore behind the line on one running play. He wasn’t quick enough to play any type of role in containing Collin Kaepernick, but against the slower-footed Gore, Boyd was able to fill space and do his job.

Season Report Card:

(C-) Level of expectations met during the season

(D) Contributions to team’s overall success.

(C) Contributions to team during the playoffs

Overall Grade:  D+


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  • Big T

    Boyd was better than B.J. however that doesn’t say a whole lot.

  • Razer

    It seems like our lower round, big bodies are performing as well or better than our high round talent. If this is indeed the case, then we should use our first two rounds to get the quick, skilled guys and target the big bodies in the mid rounds. I think that TT is having trouble evaluating the big guys. From Justin Harrell, Raji, Worthy, Sherrod, Bulaga and maybe even Datone Jones he has yet to draft a high round, big guy who is playing and worth his salary.

    • funcrusher

      The late round guys have just stayed healthy. Of the six guys you named, four have had devastating injuries. Datone will get better. I can’t explain Raji’s decline since the 2010 season. I think he just got lazy after he became a star.


    It’s becoming disturbing that TT just can’t hit impact D player’s in the top of the draft. Aside from Mathews, he’s been missing on the D front as far as pro bowler type player’s that are desired from the 1st and 2nd rounds.Raji and Harrell are busts, Hopefully D Jones , Worthy and Perry step up.

  • Chad Lundberg

    We want there to be as many QB’s taken in the first round as possible. All the talented non-QB players will come closer to within our grasp.

    As BADLY as we need a quality safety, Packers simply can’t pass up the opportunity to pick up a talented D-linemen. Picking up Ha Ha would be great, but man, talk about losing out on a chance to pick up some good D-linemen. Feels like every year we lose on the playoffs because we’re just not as tough in the trenches.

    What we have currently is a project. We simply don’t know what will come of Perry, Boyd, Daniels and Jones next year (notice I left Raji out). Especially Jones cause though I don’t think he’s a bust, I wouldn’t take chances. Best we don’t gamble on that.

    I’d say get the best DT or DE available and pray to God there’s a half decent Safety still on the board in the second round.

  • Stroh

    Boyd reminds me of a young Pickett or Jolly. Big Tough run stuffer, but probably lacks the athleticism to be a quality pass rusher. I would love to see him put on 15 lbs and become the starting NT, assuming Raji doesn’t return. Otherwise he might take over a role similar to Jolly.

    Either way the Packers need to get more athleticism on the DL. Worthy, Jones, Daniel and Boyd is a good start. Adding a Hageman would complete the DL transformation that’s been in the makings the past couple years.

    Would be really excited about a DL of Hageman, Boyd and Jones in base 34 D and having spots for Daniels and Worthy in nickel. IMO that could turn into a dominant DL for the next 5-10 years.

  • tim

    I gotta say that my level of expectation for Josh Boyd was zero before the season. He exceeded my expectations. I’m excited about him. He looks to be a promising up and coming guy. Only hope Boyd, Worthy and Jones can take the next step. If they all can do that, and we get Pickett, Jolly and/or Wilson back, and with Daniels, I think they’re better off than 2013. They’d be set for the near future and with a reasonable price tag.

  • Tomkat since 51

    Is there anything ever printed about what our players are expected to do in the off season? Like: This guy needs to gain 20 Lbs.or this one has to get much stronger and work on some better moves to make the team. Maby loose more body fat? Also would like too know you’re favorite Mock draft Database sites. I have 2 favorites that update quite often,just wondering if I’m missing anything really GOOD.Can’t WAIT!! THANKS.

  • Since ’61

    Stroh – you got it down quicker than me. I have been thinking pretty much the same about our D-Line. I admit that I have not seen much of Hagerman but I mentioned that in another post with Raji gone adding an impact DL from the early draft rounds would be a good and probably necessary move. Regardless of what we do at Safety and ILB it all begins with the DL on that side of the ball. In addition to Worthy, Jones, Daniel and Boyd; I was thinking that we keep Pickett in the rotation for one more season to provide some experience and dependability for all these young DLs. Thanks, Since ’61

  • James J

    I think D is a rough grade given the fact that when in there, he made plays. That alone plus being a 5th round pick gets at least a C in my book. Not buying Jones stock is falling. He’ll be a starter next year having notched 3 sacks in a very limited role. Jones, Boyd and whoever else (Worthy,Jolly,Pickett?) are next years starters IMO.
    GO PACK!