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Packers receiver Randall Cobb will miss "multiple weeks," according to head coach Mike McCarthy. He offered no further details.
Packers receiver Randall Cobb will miss “multiple weeks,” according to head coach Mike McCarthy. He offered no further details.

The Packers left Baltimore with a 19-17 win over the defending Super Bowl champion Ravens, but they lost several core players to injury.

Coming into the game, the team was already shorthanded, as they were without outside linebacker Clay Matthews, who suffered a broken hand last week against the Detroit Lions.

Perry, filling in for the injured Matthews, reportedly suffered a broken foot on his sack of Joe Flacco at the end of the first half. Perry missed the final ten regular season games last season, but prior to his injury, the former first-round pick was coming into his own, as his sack of Flacco was his third in the past two games.

Head coach Mike McCarthy said at Monday’s press conference that Perry would not have a chance to play this week. He wouldn’t go into detail about any of the team’s new injuries.

The injury was first reported by WDUZ’s Chris Havel, via WDUZ’s official Twitter page.

James Jones exited Sunday’s game with a knee injury, but Adam Schefter reported Monday that the injury was merely a sprained PCL. Immediately after leaving the game, Jones returned to the sideline for the second half sporting a full leg brace.

McCarthy confirmed that Jones’ injury was the least severe of the three, saying the wide receiver did, in fact, have a chance to play this week against the Cleveland Browns.

Randall Cobb’s injury, however, sounds like it’s a bit more serious than that of Jones. After being hit low by Ravens safety Matt Elam, Cobb remained on the ground for an extended period of time before being carted into the locker room. McCarthy said Cobb would miss “multiple weeks” with his knee injury but, again, did not go into specifics.

McCarthy never offered a timetable, but Schefter’s tweet is encouraging news for the Packers, considering the team’s recent luck–or lack thereof–with injuries. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport heard a slightly different prognosis for Cobb, suggesting he third-year receiver could miss a month or more.

(5:08pm CDT UPDATE: According to Ty Dunne, of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Cobb will miss 6-8 weeks with a fractured fibula. If Cobb misses six weeks, that would have him slated to make his return on Thanksgiving against the Detroit Lions. But as is always the case with injuries, only time will tell.)

Currently, the Packers have only two healthy receivers (Jordy Nelson and Jarrett Boykin) on the active roster. Charles Johnson was signed by Cleveland off the Packers’ practice squad this week, leaving undrafted rookie Myles White as the only receiver currently on the practice squad.

According to Jayme Snowden of CheesheadTV, the Packers have not yet contacted Jeremy Ross or Tyrone Walker about returning to the team. According to USA Today’s Lindsay Jones, Broncos practice squad receiver Tavarres King cleaned out his locker and may be on his way to Green Bay.

Jones asked King if he was signing with the Packers, to which he responded, “How do you know that?” According to Jones, King “ducked into the bathroom” following his response. Nothing has been reported definitively as of right now, but it certainly smells like smoke at this point.

After hosting the Browns this week, the Packers will travel to Minnesota next week to play the Vikings on Sunday Night Football.


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  • Dobber

    These Packers are going to have to earn everything they get this season. But why would it be any different than the last couple years?

  • marpag

    Latest injury news just now is that Nick Perry broke his foot in the Balt game, will miss significant time, but perhaps not the whole year.

    Gee whiz….

  • Jason Perone

    Packers just re-signed WR Reggie Dunn to the practice squad after letting him go just 4 days ago. Not expected to be signed to active roster.

  • Mike McCarthy

    Maybe we should cancel our offseason strength and conditioning program. The only year out of the last four that we weren’t plagued by injuries was 2011, the year we had the lockout and had not strength and conditioning program. Maybe I’ll figure out after another couple of years with 15 guys on IR. Not sure.

    • Dobber

      What does a strength and conditioning program have to to with a broken foot for Perry and a broken fibula for Cobb?

  • Mojo

    If Cobb misses just two weeks and comes back healthy – consider ourselves very lucky. Of course that would be countered by Perry’s broken foot.

    • Nick Perry

      What was strange is Perry was back in the game after that play at end of 1st Half where he sacked/stripped Flacco. Did he hurt it again, worse? WTF, this blows!!

      • marpag

        Staying in the game isn’t necessarily that strange. My friend broke a bone in his foot once. It didn’t hurt that much, and he could walk around on it. But the problem is that you lose all your power. Linemen who make a living pushing off with their feet and leaning against 300 pound tackles aren’t going to be effective until the bone heals up.

        Of course, not all breaks are the same, but in some cases at least it seems possible to move around on a “broken” foot.

  • BRinMilwaukee

    As long as we get Cobb back at full strength for the playoffs, that’s better news than I thought when he was writhing on the ground in pain.

  • James David

    Green Bay should take a page out of New Orleans and start throwing the football to their running backs more often. Two tight ends and two wide receiver sets mixed in with three wide receiver sets could become the norm. Thanks heavens that a solid run game appears to be in the cards.

    • Ed Schoenfeld

      Wonder if Franklin could line up in the slot on some plays, at least enough to keep the opposing D guessing.

  • tim

    Is it too late for the Packers to use the designated injured reserve spot for Cobb or Perry, where they have the ability to bring one player back after a set time period on IR?

    • Ed Schoenfeld

      No. The issue there is that the player *has* to miss 8 weeks, and they can’t practice (only re-hab). So I only see that possibility for Cobb, and really hope they don’t have to.


    If we can get Jones back this week we will still be ok on offense, especially with the new run game. Perry having a broken foot would be a real bummer with clay already out. Geez, no more injuries please.

  • Ed Schoenfeld

    Hate to quibble, but 6 weeks for Cobb is the Sunday *after* Thanksgiving. Even if he somehow got ready faster than the medical timetable, they might not risk him playing on Turkey Day.

  • Ed Schoenfeld

    I’ll take that back. Actually looking at the schedule shows the 6th Sunday from today is the Minnesota game before Thanksgiving. But I still don’t see the Packers risking Cobb in Detroit; better for the log term to wait until after the pseudo-bye following a Thursday game.

  • marpag

    Hey, let’s sign Andre Rison…

    • steve cheez

      I was thinking the same thing, marpag. And Don Beebe on the other side.