• James David

    I do not see TE Williams and Taylor,DL Miller and Boyd, and RB Starks being cut to reach the 75 player limit.

    • http://allgbp.com Jersey Al

      There are always surprises…

  • Archie

    Agreed on that. You can add Bush to that list.

    Interesting that nobody cut Nate Palmer. Perhaps everybody is noticing his surge in the last two games. He is now my most exciting back-up Packer to watch. He has some Matthews in him.

  • Razer

    Jason isn’t afraid to take off the gloves :o)

    Seriously, I don’t know how you guys can make these calls. I guess that you need to go to the practices and watch/rewatch the games to make these assessments. I am more of a casual fan than I probably realize.

    At this point, I hope that the team is healthy and stronger than last year. I fear that we will have some persistent weak points. The O-line has me scared and that means the run game and pass protection can be problematic.

    • http://allgbp.com Jersey Al

      Speaking for myself, there are always a few surprises, so I always take a stab at guessing them. My “surprises” were Graham Harrell and DJ Williams. I was right on Harrell, we’ll see about Williams (probably less of a chance of being right on that one).

      • lambeauleaper

        Al,I think Williams is trade bait if possible,if that doesn’t happen he will be cut.I think we keep Mulligan this year for blocking

      • John Zoul

        After last weekends game, cutting Harrell was not a surprise-to anyone…

        • Chad Toporski

          The biggest part of the surprise was how soon the cut came. Most thought they would wait until at least the final preseason game before cutting him.

        • http://allgbp.com Jersey Al

          What Chad said.

    • wil marsh

      i’m not an expert by any means but i’ve gone back and isolated some of the players and several just won’t cut it; also do/did this w/Hawk and he’s the same ole Hawk…not throwing himself into the mix and running up to the play after it’s over. Honestly my hope is that TT will vary from his MO and pick up a reasonably decent OL from cuts–i really do hope for this. Also, i’m really hoping Perry will step up and i believe he will. Our guy Finley looks like he’s put the time in and so defenses will be confused on what they’ll need to stop. It appears D Jones is invisible thus far but maybe that’s the stealhty plan. AR is an absolute master of seeing the field and the emerging defensive alignment in split second timing–his quick check down choices are all-pro level and that’s what makes him a great QB

      • http://yardbarker Bob Thomas

        I too think that Hawk could be traded.So slowwwwwwwwwww.There has to be a linebacker out there that can hustle to the ball and be more mobile.Hawk is likeable but that does not make him a threat on Defense.

  • Slim11

    I’m surprised none think Datko is a cut. Is that because of the injuries to Tretter and Bulaga or because he’s still in the mix and eligible for another season on the PS?

    • Chad Toporski

      He’s been getting a significant number of snaps… Plus they’ll probably want some fodder for the last preseason game if nothing else. Don’t want our starting or even back-up tackles to be threatened unnecessarily by injury.

      • PatMc

        Datko will have the opportunity for good tape on the last pre-season game. Maybe a team might want to give a low pick to get him.

        • http://allgbp.com Jersey Al

          highly unlikely

  • http://allgbp.com/category/authors/jason-perone/ Jason Perone

    Some of my picks are akin to picking an upset win. I realize that Williams, Starks, and Miller are reaches. I selected guys that I think are prime to be let go and I also didn’t include any of those who will either hit IR or PUP. If I had, my list would have been different.

    But as Al says, there are always surprises so I’m playing a bit of odds here.

  • BRinMilwaukee

    I didn’t see many surprises here. Good, sturdy list. Of course, the real fun begins in Round Two.

  • http://yardbarker Bob Thomas

    Now that our supposed Rb starter is out for the season, who will step up? Starks available for the season??

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