Midway Through Pre Season: Ted Thompson’s Take

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Packers GM Ted Thompson shared some thoughts on this year's Packers team today
Packers GM Ted Thompson shared some thoughts on this year’s Packers team

Green Bay Packers General Manager Ted Thompson met with reporters on Tuesday and shared some of his thoughts on the 2013 team.  While Thompson was his usual self in that he did not share too much, it’s always a plus to hear his take on the state of the team as they enter the back half of their pre season.

Among the topics discussed were the emergence of rookie cornerback Micah Hyde and the solid play of defensive end Johnny Jolly.  Thompson referred to Hyde as “a football guy” and remarked that Jolly was the same guy he was back in 2009.  Now, that is not to say that Jolly is the same player as he was back then, but he has obviously caught the eyes of the staff.

Thompson also talked about the changes in practice structure and the importance of practicing at night with the Packers scheduled to play in a few night contests.

As far as any other specific players or positions, Thompson seems to like what he sees so far in offensive tackle David Bakhtiari.  He seemingly side-stepped the questions about the team’s placekicker situation.  Thompson has long maintained that no matter how comfortable things can seem at a particular position, you’re always looking around for options.  To me, it sounds like Mason Crosby will need to continue to be near-perfect over these next two weeks now that there are a few veteran kickers on the free agent market.  Last week, the Miami Dolphins cut kicker Dan Carpenter and just yesterday, the Buffalo Bills parted ways with long-time kicker Rian Lindell.

Towards the end of the chat Thompson was asked if part of his decision to bring in Vince Young was motivated by a desire to “energize the quarterback room”.  Thompson maintains that he has long admired Young and wanted to see what he can offer the Packers this season.

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  • I read Crosby was 41 of 51 in practice thus far, certainly not great by any means. He had the melt down Family Night and against the Rams he was 3-3, but a shaky 3-3. The one kick was blocked, maybe that was the lines fault, I don’t know. Ted is always going to keep things very vanilla in front of a mic. If I had my way I’d bring in Lindell. He’s 85% over his last 4 years, kicked in cold weather, probably worse than Green Bay. I just can’t shake last seasons struggles Crosby had and have confidence this guy can kick a 45 yard game winner with 2 seconds left. Not after Indy, not after last season, not after family night. Packers fans had issues with Carpenter kicking in the elements of Green Bay. With Lindell we don’t have to worry about a thing.

    • Crefan

      As of right now Lindell has signed with Tampa.

    • Gary Fritzmeier

      We all forget that in Longwell’s fifth year he only hit on 64.5%.

      • Barutan Seijin

        A guy like Longwell can have a bad year once in a while. That happens. He also hit over 90% a couple seasons. Crosby’s never going to do that.

        The problem is Crosby’s having a bad career. He’s a 75-79% kicker. That used to be OK 20 or 30 years ago, but kickers are more accurate now.

        Crosby is almost as good as the competition at home in Lambeau, but he misses a lot of kicks on the road. I think the head case rap might be justified.

        • Stroh

          So far Crosby’s career FG% is just a couple points below Longwells career FG%. So whats the reason Longwell gets a pass but Crosby doesn’t?

      • And Crosby went 1-4 today. To keep him at this point would be nothing more than reckless and in many people’s eyes prove Thompson only cares about the cap hit. Why else would you even consider a kicker 41-51 before today? Go 3-8 in a scrimage and 1-4 today. He getting worse for Gods sake!!!! Sign Carpenter,then if Tampa signed Lindell. Thompson should have signed Lindell the second he was cut.

        • Stroh

          You do realize that 41 of 51 is over 80% don’t you?

          • LOOK at his Entire Career! That’s what I’m talking about. You do REALIZE he’s under 80% Stroh, don’t you? I’ll help you since you seem to have issues with basic arithmetic. His career % is 76.8. He’s been over 80% ONCE. That’s what I’m speaking of.

            • Stroh

              Did I ever say anything about it better than 80%? No, but he also kicks in the most difficult NFL stadium to kick in. Weather, swirling winds etc… Your the one who used the 41-51 stat, I just used it against you!

        • Batavia Greg

          Too late, again, Nick! Arizona signed Carpenter. Hey, Bears-reject Austin Signor is now available. The Bears cut him when they decided to keep Robbie Gould, who has recovered from last year’s season-ending calf injury. Too bad it wasn’t vice versa. The Pack could use a reliable cold-weather kicker like Gould. No head-case there.

          • Batavia Greg

            P.S. Before he was cut, reports out of the Bears’ training camp were that Signor had “a bigger leg” than Gould and that he “had no trouble putting the ball through the uprights.” He might be worth looking at. Moreover, he went to a relatively small Illinois college (Eastern Illinois) which TT seems to like. And, he could be picked-up “on the cheap” — another TT trait.

          • I saw that Greg. Dang, late again but thanks. Tampa has two kickers in camp. Arizona does too. Somewhere some team is going to cut a kicker better than Crosby (anybody), that’s when Ted needs to pounce.

  • Newhaven

    If Ted really wanted to see what Young has to offer Green Bay, he should have brought him in sooner. Waiting to bring a guy in until the start of the preseason is rather pointless.

    • Thomas Hobbes

      It might not all be Thompson’s doing. I can totally see Thompson lowballing Young with a veteran minimum contract with a injury split and Young balking at the offer. Maybe Young thought that injuries or poor performance could have opened a door somewhere, but when none of that happened, Young took the deal on the table, even if it was terrible for him.

  • Alex Parkhurst

    The nice thing about a website like this one is the ability to say whatever one wants. Press reporters for Wisconsin newspapers are not critical enough. I don’t think they know anything more than we do as we all watch the same games. They need access to the players and coaches for interviews so they can not lay into players as we can here.

    OK – three things:

    1) Zone Blocking – someone posted a few days ago that our players are not equipped to zone block. That is very possible, so I am not sure why the Packers stick to it.

    2) 3-4 Defense. Same deal. In both cases you are trying to fit the players into a rigid scheme instead of evaluating the players you have and then creating the best offensive and defensive schemes utilizing what you have as opposed to the players you would like to have.

    If you have a quarterback that is extremely accurate up to 30 yards, completing 80% of his passes but falls apart after 30 yards then you don’t call for 60 yard passes on 50% of your plays just because that is what you have done the past 50 years with other quarterbacks. This statement is an example and is no criticism of Number 12.

    3) Someone else posted about our strength and conditioning coaches. There was an article last year that I read concerning the 49ers. They put far more emphasis on stretching and preventing muscle injuries than any other team. Consequently they get fewer muscle injuries than other teams: Hamstrings, biceps etc.

    Bottom Line – If something is not working then change it.

    • Thomas Hobbes

      1) I’m not sure I’d call the Packers a pure zone blocking team; especially during the 15-1 season where Rodgers was throwing tons of bombs.

      2)At this point the Packers have drafted 3-4 defensive players for 4 years, so why do you think they are miscast? Is there one player you think is a terrible 3-4 player but would be a great 4-3 player?

      3)There is really no correlation with injuries in the NFL. The Packers had one of the most injury riddled season when the won the Super Bowl in 2010, had basically no injuries in 2011 and then had some injuries in 2012. Realistically SF just got lucky last year, in the offseason alone Michael Crabtree tore his ACL, Mario Manningham is still on the PUP, Patrick Willis fractured his hand, Chris Culliver tore his ACL and backup Darius Fleming also tore his ACL, not to mention the slew of hamstring and other less major injuries that the 49ers have suffered. If anything the 49ers are simply regressing back to the mean for having such a healthy roster last year.

      • Actually Thomas yes I can. Daniels and Worthy would have both excelled in a 4-3, perfect fits actually. What gets me is Thompson could have Drafted Devon Still, a prototypical 3-4 end instead of Worthy. I like Daniels, don’t get me wrong. But I do believe both him and Worthy would excel in a 4-3.

        • Stroh

          Both Worthy and Daniels were drafted to be mostly interior pass rushers for the Packers. Basically 43 DT, which they play when they’re on the field. So Capers is using there strengths and not putting them in position to fail, but succeed. Drafting Worthy over Still is debatable but given that Worthy was drafted to be a interior pass rusher more than anything else, he is basically doing the same job he would if he was on a 43 team. Same goes for Daniel…

          Worthy vs Still was a matter of drafting a pass rusher instead of a run stuffer. Which is probably the right move.

          • Well based on those results the jury must be out. Worthy was a horrible rusher as a rookie, key word rookie. Like I said, I like Daniels. They both are better equipped for a 4-3, not one of capers 1 or two down linemen schemes. The question was if there better for a 3-4 or 4-3. We disagree again, imagine that.

            • Stroh

              Well when they play DT in the Packers nickel they are in essence a 43 DT. Surely you understand that fact don’t you?! Regardless of whether you think their better in a 34 or 43 is immaterial, cuz they would have the same position on passing downs in either D.

              • LMAO, You’re funny dude, still upset I informed A.P.C. of your homophobic issues? Go find someone else to fight with. I’m trying to share a point of view, nothing more. I already have a wife that’s right all the time. Do I have to deal with you now on this wonderful site?

              • Stroh

                Just pointing out facts! Not my problem you can’t deal with that. I could care less about APC, I don’t like little pieces of shit that talk behind others backs! Only a Puzzy wont say something to another man face to face or at least where he can defend himself! You going on APC to talk about me shows me your not a man, just happen to have a penis! Certainly not a Man tho!

      • Stroh

        The ZBS has absolutely NOTHING to do w/ pass blocking. Its entirely a run blocking scheme. Rodgers throwing deep proves nothing about the ZBS!

  • BradHTX

    I am so glad that Johnny Jolly “loves to play the game” of football. LOL Was there EVER a man who could use more words to say less than Ted Thompson? Cracks me up. Love the man for his skill at what he does, but man, he has to be the worst interview ever.

    • Oppy

      Worst interview ever… by design.

      Beyond the fact TT will never allow the media even a peek behind the football curtains, I find TT to be a very entertaining interview. He’s got a great, if subtle, sense of humor.