Packers 2013 Training Camp Depth Chart: Week 4

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  1. BrianD
    August 20, 2013

    A couple corrections for this list: McCarthy didn’t make it clear that Harris is right up with Lacy on the depth chart, he explicitly stated that Harris is the starter and is considered ahead of Lacy.

    Mulumba and Neal both took snaps ahead of Moses, and after a weak camp for Moses, it appears he is battling for the #5 OLB spot with Palmer.

    I’m grateful for your commentary on each position, nice work! I still believe that separating the players recovering from injury from the healthy players greatly limits the usefulness and accuracy of the list as a whole.

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    • Chad Toporski
      Chad Toporski
      August 20, 2013

      Thanks for the kind words. The only reason I keep the injured players separate is because they haven’t been taking any snaps. While we can conjecture where they’d be on the depth chart, it wouldn’t be accurate. That said, I did take your comment into account, and in the future, I am keeping injured players in the list if they’ve practiced a significant amount that week. For example, Mulligan is on the depth chart because his injury didn’t happen until late in the week during the game.

      As for Harris, I know that McCarthy said he’s the starter, but he didn’t play at all in the game and got limited snaps last week. If that changes this week, then next week’s list will reflect that.

      I’ll go back to the game and check the tape, but I could have sworn I saw Moses on the field before Mulumba and Neal. I did just read Silverstein’s Monday practice report, though, and apparently Moses has now slipped behind the two in snaps. So you are definitely right, but I also hadn’t taken Monday’s practice into account for this.

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  2. Leonel Shotwell
    October 17, 2013

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