Is There Another Contract in Aaron Rodgers Future? All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Aaron Rodgers
Rodgers – Is there another contract in his future?

On the heels of our own Thomas Hobbes taking a bit of a tongue-in-cheek look at “age” as it applies to Aaron Rodgers versus other Packers, we have an interesting comment from Rodgers.

In a must-read wide-ranging interview with Jason Wilde of ESPN Milwaukee, the subject of how long Rodgers might want to play came up:

Wilde: Let’s talk about longevity. You’ve mentioned that this is basically a seven-year deal, through 2019. Careers seldom – as you were witness to with Brett Favre – end the way you draw them up. But if you were given the chance to draw it up, how would it play out?
Rodgers:  Playing 15, 16, 17 years in one uniform; going out and being remembered as being a great teammate and a guy who performed well on Sunday; a guy his teammates could rely on every game day but also somebody who made practice a lot of fun and the locker room a lot of fun; someone who really cared about the game and hopefully did it all in one uniform. You realize in this game that it’s very rare that you can stay with a team your entire career. I look at that as a challenge. And I love challenges. I love it when people think things can’t be done, and trying to prove to them and myself that I can do them. And it is a challenge, to stay in one uniform for that long. And the way to do that is to play at a high level and keep yourself in incredible shape for that long. And if I can do that, then I think I can be a Green Bay Packer for life.

Wilde:  And that could mean playing beyond this contract? I know you take it one day at a time, but …
Rodgers: Yes – if I play well enough.

Does this surprise anyone else? It does me. When the extension to Rodgers’ contract was announced, carrying through the 2019 season, my first thought was, “OK seven more years of being in the Super Bowl hunt every season – I can live with that.” It never really occurred to me to think beyond that time period.

Rodgers will have been in the NFL for 15 years at the end of his contract. For a guy who has said in the past that he doesn’t want the game to define him or be his everything in life, I had always imagined Rodgers being one of those guys that would not be afraid to walk away on his own terms.

Yet here he is sounding like  he may be changing his tune. Perhaps time has softened those initial feelings of wanting to be thought of in more than just football terms. Certainly, growing older can make you look at things a bit differently. The thought of no longer having what has been such a big part of your life suddenly starts to seem like less of a good idea.

Rodgers is surely losing some of that youthful naivety that drove some of those “I don’t need this” feelings. It’s part of the subtle transition from young turk to wise veteran, and for Packers fans, it’s a good thing all around. Rodgers leadership abilities have grown with every year and the thought of him wanting to stick around for a few extra years as a grizzled, grey-haired Super Bowl MVP QB isn’t so bad, is it?

After all, what are the odds of the Packers finding a third straight franchise QB to replace Rodgers?

Um, yeah… hang on as long as you can, Aaron…


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  • Razer

    I think that TT did a great job in the design of this contract. If Rodgers can play at a high level such as a Tom Brady, there is no reason why the Packers couldn’t/wouldn’t extend his contract. Time will tell and Rodgers will have to drive his performance to achieve any future contracts. This is the way it should be.

    • Actually, Russ Ball gets the credit for the contract setup…

      • marpag

        Agreed, and Russ Ball is hugely underrated… as all good “money guys” and “capologists” are. Like it or not, managing the money is a HUGE part of winning in the NFL. On the heels of the stupid money given to guys like Flacco and Romo, you could hardly ask for a more friendly contract than the one Rodgers got, despite the fact that it is the richest in football. That’s huge.

      • Razer

        I read an article about Russ Ball and the Ryan Grant signing. Apparently, Grant’s agent trashed Ball in the process of extorting his big contract. Grant never saw a second contract from the Packers. I believe that Ball is very respected in the organization

  • JimR_in_DC

    Too bad I dropped and broke my crystal ball last week. 😉

    I think the later years of Rodgers’ career will play out somewhat differently than the fella that finished his career with the Queens. I have a gut feeling that Rodgers will know the right time to retire. Based on the things I’ve read about him helping his younger teammates learn what’s expected for the various plays they’re running, he might have an interest in coaching. I could be wrong…once again, that darn broken crystal ball.

  • Brooklyn81

    I wish he could play qb for the packers forever!

  • I read into it that he means if he can play at a high enough level still, and he wants to keep playing, then sure, he’ll play past this contact. I still think he’ll know when to go. Even if that’s before this contract is over.

    At least I hope so.

    • Dobber

      I think you hit the nail on the head right there: he’ll know when.

      He has taken a lot of hits, and as he ages and his legs start to go, he’s going to lose one of his more valuable assets.

  • BrianD

    The two other Packers’ greats played 16 seasons for the franchise, why not a third?

  • FITZCORE1252

    I remember him talking in years past, making it sound like he would likely be done by 35. For him to possibly play well past that, well, that would just be effing sweet! Almost THREE DECADES of – mostly (cough, cough, Burt)- stellar QB play!! Woot!

    Imagine if we find another stud to take the handoff from Aaron. I wouldn’t doubt it… The football gods send us great QB’s, they are obviously Packer fans!

  • FITZCORE1252

    Three consecutive decades, that is.

  • FITZCORE1252


    I remember him saying that once he hangs em up he’s done. No coaching, no nothing, just get away from the game. But, that too was in the past, he could absolutely change his mind.

  • FITZCORE1252


    Whomever went and gave me 3 consecutive thumbs down, just know, you are a tiny, tiny little man!


    • Ever since we banned Scott1956, no one’s been spared the thumbs downs. I suppose it’s his only way to troll us now…

      • Stroh

        Proving even more what a small person he is!

      • Dobber

        We can take it. I don’t judge my self-worth by the number of thumbs-up/down I get on this site.

        I do it based on applause at summer softball games…

    • Mojo

      Fitz, I gave you a thumbs-up to help balance it out.

      My guess he’ll sign like a three year deal at the end of this current contract, knowing in reality it’s strictly a year-to-year deal with ARod calling the shots. Unless TT is gone and the new GM wants his own guy. Then we could have a deja vu all over again situation with the venerable veteran putting the new GM in a bind.

      And yes Al, ARods response in the Wilde interview was surprising to me too.

  • FITZCORE1252


  • FITZCORE1252

    Good lookin out Mojo!

  • FITZCORE1252

    As you should, Dobber.