2013 NFL Schedule To Be Released Thursday, April 18th

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Per Greg Aiello, the NFL’s Senior VP of Public Relations, the 2013 NFL schedule will be released at 8pm ET this Thursday, April 18th.  Aiello announced this via Twitter earlier today.



The Green Bay Packers’ schedule will surely offer some great matchups this season.  They will, of course, face their divisional opponents twice each with what I’m sure will be a keen interest specifically on the Minnesota Vikings matchups.  That may or may not have something to do with a former Packers wide receiver who recently joined the Vikings in free agency.  For those who have been stuck under a rock over the past month, I am, of course, referring to Greg Jennings.

The Packers will face each 2012 NFC division winner, including a rematch with the San Francisco 49ers.  The 9ers beat Green Bay during both the 2012 regular season and in the Divisional playoff round en route to Super Bowl XLVII.  The Packers will also square off against the Atlanta Falcons and Washington Redskins.

Due to the normal rotation of the out-of-conference scheduling, Green Bay will see each of the AFC North teams this season, highlighted by a matchup with the reigning Super Bowl-champion Baltimore Ravens.  The Pittsburgh Steelers will visit Lambeau Field and bring about a rematch of Super Bowl XLV.

The Packers will also face the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.  It’s worth noting that Green Bay will travel to Dallas where they have not won a regular season matchup against the Cowboys since December 24, 1989.  On the positive side, that’s also the site of their most recent Super Bowl win following the 2010 season.

Last week, Pulse of the Pack reviewed the Packers 2013 schedule and the matchups.  Be sure to hear what Marques Eversoll and Jacob Westendorf had to say!


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  • Big T

    We want the toughest schedule available… we are the team to beat…

  • Stroh

    I’m going to the game in Dallas. Sure hope Pack wins or it’ll be a shitty week w/ 2 friend who are cowgirl fans.


    An absolute brutal schedule. Due to Arods and CM3 new contracts, we were not able to improve the team through FA (not that TT would have done much anyway). Unless some of the injured players return 100% and add quality, or unless some of our new draft choices contribute more then last years class, we are basically the same team that got rolled by quality opponents last year, with a much harder schedule this year.