Packers Sign Cornerback Loyce Means

The Packers sign free agent CB Loyce Means

The Packers sign free agent CB Loyce Means

On Tuesday, it was reported by Fox6 Now that the Green Bay Packers have signed free agent cornerback Loyce Means.  Means was signed by the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent in summer of 2011.  Means was released at the end of Buffalo’s training camp and went on to play the 2011 season with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League.

Means played his college football at the University of Houston.  He is listed at 5’10″ and 188 pounds.  Means seems to have the prototypoical body type that Packers General Manager Ted Thompson and Head Coach Mike McCarthy prefer in a corner.  Although at an inch shorter, Means lists similarly to current Packers corners Tramon Williams, Sam Shields and Casey Hayward.


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7 Responses to “Packers Sign Cornerback Loyce Means”

  1. Ron LC says:

    whop de F ing do. A waste of ink!

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    • Ron LC says:

      Rather have had Asemwa (sp) at $1.3 mil.

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    • Jason Perone Jason Perone says:

      No ink wasted, this was type written. Ink on a PC screen = too messy

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      • Ron LC says:

        Actually, I was referring to the ink used to sign the contract. Using Houston and defense is a bigger oxymoron than the Bears and offense in the same sentence.

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  2. Oppy says:

    …wait for it…

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  3. Big T says:

    Whats next, bring Terell Buckley out of retirement and pay him big bucks. Maybe they should look for corners that are 4 ft. tall. As wide receivers get taller, we hire shorter corners. Yeah that really makes sense..

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  4. Bob Thomas says:

    Getting a midget to cover the size of today’s receivers is just plain stupid.Shame on you T.T. where are your brains? We could have really bolstered our defense with a few players but no Teddy can’t spend any money on quality talent.Our defense will be as terrible as the last 2 years. Thanks,we score 40 pts. and we get our lunch when we play the elites>

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