• Stroh

    I, much like the other players, dont consider punters actual football players. So Masthey doesn’t belong on the list. lol

    • Ron LC

      Kickers can make a difference, although new rules are minimizing their impact. I agree kickers shouldn’t be ranked with guys who play a majority of the plays.

      Don’t get me wrong I like Masthay, but he’s a kicker.

  • Chad Toporski

    I think paring it down to eight will be a bit tricky…

    • http://allgbp.com Jersey Al

      And that’s where the fun lies…

  • Brooklyn81

    I disagree Stroh. Masthay does belong on this list for as bad as our defense has been the last 2 yrs( with a little improvement last season) he definitely belongs in the top 16 the way our roster stands now field platoon helps the defense. And lets not forget what life was like before masthay.

    • Stroh

      I didn’t say he wasnt valuable or a good punter. He certainly is. I was making s joke about players not considering punter real football so I don’t either.

  • Mojo

    I went with Lang over the Ginger Wolverine. I gave Lang the benefit of the doubt since he played most of the year with a bum arm plus he had to fill in at little at tackle when BB went down, and wasn’t horrible.

    Nice to see House get some write-in votes. Just consider where he was a few years ago. It would be sweet to see what he can do once he gets past the shoulder problem(we’ve had too much of that with Tramon).

    Harris is the Florida Gulf Coast of this years tournament. Came out of no where to make a little noise for himself.

    I think I can get six of the elite eight pretty easily, but will struggle with the last two. Of course, we already know who’s gonna win the whole thing.

  • Ron LC


    Finley just tweets – “I’m extatic to be with the Packers again.” No details avbailable!

    • Chad Toporski

      The Packers owe him a $3M roster bonus tomorrow unless they had cut him or they worked out a contract restructure by 4:00 today.

      Financially speaking, they’re locked in.

  • Stroh

    Just got text from buddt at ESPN. Finley got bonus kn roster for ’13.

  • Big T

    Can’t believe TT caved in for Finley… Finley now owns his azz. Big Big mistake Packer Nation. Now we have a “rich” showboat wannabe. I can see it now, Finley across the middle, it’s a 2 yard gain. Finley runs around the stadium twice, fist pumpin and screaming I am going to Disneyland. After the excessive celebration penalty and delay of game, Rodgers picks up Finley and pyle drives him to the turf…

    • Stroh

      Or he plays to his potential. 75-80 rec, near 1000, then your praising him.

      • cow42

        except if he does put up those kind of #’s (which he won’t. no chance in hell. he’s not good) then he’d price himself straight out of GB.

        this is a lose – lose for the Packers.

        • Oppy

          Or, in the short term, if Finley plays up to his salary/potential in 2013, the Packers got their money out of him. That’s not a lose.

          He’d have to have one hell of a year, though. I really think his knee has ruined him and rendered him what he is. Clearly Dr. McKenzie does not agree with that assessment.

        • Stroh

          He’s going to be the 2nd highest pd TE this year IIRC. Even if he plays to that, he isn’t going to get a raise from any team. The short term contract has a premium price on it and its also to determine his long term value. Thompson doesn’t release 26 yr old players who perform. He’ll resign him to a long term contract for a lower per yr pay and give Finley the security he and all players want.

      • Ron LC

        He’s saying all the right stuff. He could have matured to the point where all that talent will come to the surface.

      • Big T

        Stroh, I have the “potential” to catch 75-80 receptions. Doesn’t mean it is going to happen… Dah..

        • Stroh

          Think you have potential to fall on your face 75 times before the ball is thrown. Finley had 60+ rec last year one more per game isn’t a stretch.


    No running back in the top 18 players. This needs to change. Teams are daring us to run. Could you imagine how deadly Arod would be with a running game. Another Olineman would help too. Come on Ted, lets land a quality RB

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