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As the NCAA Basketball Tournament is being played out across the land, I wanted to do something Packers-related with a “March Madness” theme. So here’s the idea:

We’re going to pick the 16 BEST players on the Packers roster.  And by we, I mean me and YOU – the readers. To make it simpler, I’ll pick the first 12. Then you will get to choose the last four from a group of 10 in the poll below.

This isn’t necessarily the Sweet Sixteen in terms of importance to the team (for example, Brett Goode might be in that group), simply the 16 best football players on the roster.

We’ll let the voting run through the weekend and announce the results on Monday? Sound good?

Disclaimer:  My top 12 are not necessarily ranked in order, they’re  just in the order in which they came to mind.

Green Bay Packers Sweet 16 – Best Football Players

1) Aaron Rodgers

2) Clay Matthews

3) Josh Sitton

4) BJ Raji

5) Ryan Pickett

6) Tramon Williams

7) Randall Cobb

8) Desmond Bishop

9) Morgan Burnett

10) Jordy Nelson

11) James Jones

12) Sam Shields

That last one was tough. I could have gone with Bryan Bulaga or Jermichael Finley, for example, but I’m still amazed Shields did not get drafted, with all the athletic ability he’s shown.

Anyway, now it’s your turn. You have the  difficult task of selecting the next FOUR players out of the rest that deserves to be in the Sweet Sixteen. The top four vote-getters will make the list! Ready? Go!

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  • Ron LC

    I added Bulaga, TJ, Finley and Hayward to the list. When I add in my selections there are 8 O and 8 D players. That sounds like a good balance on the surface.

    Unfortunatly, there are few in that group who do have obvious flaws/issues. My hero, Finley, for one and Williams for another. It does give hope for the future, however, because only one is close to the end of his career in age, Pickett. One other who could be near the end of his career is Williams because of his shoulder. Recently, he said in an interview his shoulder was not healed last year and it isn’t much better now. Scary development there. So, 2 of the D’s 8 are tenuous. Definetely points to a depth issue there.

    Still a good base of young players but some obvious needs require addressing.

  • Based on REALLY EARLY results, it’s going to be a dogfight for that last spot…

    • It’s between TJ Lang and Tim Masthay

  • Mojo

    J-Mike, Lang, Bulaga and Hayward are the four I added. All figure to be key components in 2013.

    Despite a kickers importance to the team, it’s hard to even consider Crosby for the “Sweet Sixteen”. There seems to be a significant fall-off from the top twelve to the next ten.

    • Lucas

      I agree it’s hard to consider Cross-bar-by, but I am considering Masthay. He silently does a good to great job in Lambeau weather. I cannot remember the last shank he had.

      • Two Bears, One Cup

        Masthay is consistently good and a great directional kicker. He doesn’t boom’em like Lee or Lechler but I’m very happy to have him on the team and I think we will be able to retain him at a reasonable price because he doesn’t have the gaudy averages that the All-Pros boast.

  • Mojo

    I forgot to mention – I do think Nick Perry will be among the sixteen best by the end of next season.

  • Jack

    Brad Jones? He stepped up this year.

    • In hindsight, he’s the only guy I would add to the vote list. But’s he’s not in the top 16 IMO

  • ThomasMagnumPI

    Having Raji at #4 is awful.

    • you missed the part about them not being in order?

  • FITZCORE1252

    Finley, TJ, Casey, BB.

    GBP 4 LIFE

    • Stroh

      Those would be my next 4 too. But I look for House, Perry and Manning to possibly step up in the next year or so.

  • James david Marsh

    I voted for Heyward, Bulaga, Finley, and Masthey. Masthey just is that important to the overall success of GB. I am shocked that some team did not take a flyer at CB Shields for the cheap cost of a second round draft choice plus cash!

    • Stroh

      Packers would have matched an offer to Shields. Teams didn’t offer him cuz other than paying him like a Pro Bowler, the Packers would have matched nearly any offer.

    • PatMc

      I added Masthey as he is important to both Defense and Offense. He was very effective last year.

  • Geoff Cooper

    Hayward, Bulaga, Finley & Masthay. Ging is one of our most consistent players and just gets the nod over TJ.

  • Bulaga, Lang, Hayward, and (sigh) Finley.

    Can Jarret Bush have an honorary spot on the Top 20?

  • James

    Tramon Williams hasn’t proven he belongs in the “best” player spot, for almost the past 2 seasons.

    • Stroh

      Last year he took the other teams #1 WR every week. That puts him at the top of the Totum poll at CB. And allows the other CB to play against easier matchups. He may not be what he was in ’10 but he’s still the #1 CB. This year he will be in a competition becuz his play has slipped, but also cuz other CB are emerging. Tramon is still the best player in the secondary, even if that title is now going to be up for a competition.

      • James

        House and Shields as well as rookie Hayward were all better than Williams last season.
        You have blinders on. I only saw him play TWO good games against #1 receivers.
        The Packers were aware of this and he didn’t cover the #1 every play and used safeties and a 3rd corner to help cover them. Not only that, his tackling ability has dropped off a lot in the last 2 seasons, I believe because of his shoulder injury.

        • Stroh

          Whatever your opinion nothing more. I never said Williams had a great year. Fact remains Williams took the other teams #1 WR every week and allowed the other CB’s much easier matchups. Those are the facts and they are undeniable. Easy to look good going against Alshon Jeffery instead of Brandon Marshal!

  • FITZCORE1252

    I was tempted to go with the ging, just couldn’t say a punter was 1 of our 16 best players. Kid is solid, but… C’mon.

    • Two Bears, One Cup

      Best player or most valuable? I guess that’s the question.

      • As it says in the post, this is “best,” not most valuable.

  • Max#85

    Masthay, Hayward, Bulaga, and how bout some love for DuJuan Harris. I know his time has been short here, but he sure looks like the scat back we’ve long been searching for. Runs hard and explosive & has some wiggle. If he continues to develop pass blocking, receiving, and ball security skills, the sky is the limit.

    • Harris has gotten some write-in vote support, but there’s no way he’s in the top 16 based on how little we’ve seen.

  • dave kerrigfan

    Raji at number 4 is wrong, has been a huge disappointment, put him behind A J Hawk.

    • I guess you missed the part about those names not being in order?

      • Oppy

        Might as well keep that on the clip board for future “pasting”