Packers President Mark Murphy on Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers
Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers were reunited at the NFL Awards show this winter.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel beat writer Tom Silverstein caught up with Packers president Mark Murphy on Monday at the NFL Owners meetings in Phoenix.

As a favor to bloggers and online media outlets, Murphy talked about two Packers that generate a ton of clicks and web traffic: Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.

On the former, Murphy says progress has been made toward getting Favre’s jersey retired in Green Bay. On the latter, Murphy said cash will not be a problem in extending Aaron Rodgers’ contract.

On Favre:

“I don’t want to put a deadline on it, but it’s going to happen,” Murphy said. “It’s got to be sitting down, the organization, whether it’s myself or others, sitting down with him and working on the timing on it.”

On Rodgers:

“A priority as an organization…We all want to see it get done,” Murphy said. He did not know the progress of talks between Rodgers’ representatives and Packers negotiator Russ Ball.

Here’s hoping we see Favre’s number enshrined forever at Lambeau Field and Rodgers locked up to a long-term deal sooner rather than later.


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  • Stroh

    Both will happen in due time. Rodgers probably this offseason. Favre can wait till he apologizes to Fans, Thompson/McCarthy and Packer Nation. I could really care less when, but he should apologize first IMO. If not he can waste away in Miss as far as I’m concerned.

    • JimR_in_DC

      I total agree.

  • Cherrios

    I agree with Stroh. Reading news about him splashing all over the news recently was like a terrible pimple that would not go away. He has hurt so many fans out there, and not a bleep of apologize. Fav-ray is an arrogant and self centered athlete. Don’t hang any dirty #4 jersey in the beautiful Lambeau.

  • Savage57

    With the latest-Jennings related news coming out of the hazardous waste site to the west where the horned ones are, if Favre really did counsel Jennings to sign with the Vikings over staying with the Packers, how can the organization or its fans do anything to honor the man when he seems so bent on doing everything he can to dishonor it?

  • Razer

    Favre, the first guy to welcome Jennings to Minnesota. Yeah, I want to roll out the red carpet for this guy. I don’t see where we have to do anything. Football is a business and football is full of egos. Favre has a huge ego and obviously wanted to stick it to the organization. Apparently, these feelings still exist. Why would we reward it and why should we distract a season to honor him. Let it rest for ten or more years until people forget and most don’t care anymore.

    • I’m with razor on this. I’ve always been a huge Brett Farve supporter and really looked forward to the day that he would be honored as a Packer. After his counseling of Jennings I could care less. Clearly he’s as selfish as they come and whatever he said or did would be viewed as BS to me now. Jennings will have something more in common with Farve now. The only time either played in a Superbowl or will ever play in a Superbowl was as a Green Bay Packer!!!