Surviving Sunday: Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived

Surviving Sundays With No Packers Football

Surviving Sundays With No Packers Football

Should it matter that Aaron Rodgers probably didn’t check in with the Packers before doing his schtick with Brett Favre last weekend?

It shouldn’t.

I doubt Ted Thompson or Mike McCarthy really cares about that kind of thing. And if for some reason they do, they shouldn’t.

If Rodgers wants to run off and do commercials, play in celebrity golf tournaments, host Saturday Night Live or share the stage with his predecessor, so be it. I don’t think public relations are at the top of McCarthy’s and Thompson’s list of offseason priorities. To those two, the only PR they need to worry about is winning in 2013.

Unless Favre goes completely crazy and tries another comeback, No. 4 has nothing to do with how the Packers will play next season.

I could see Mark Murphy maybe being a little irked. As the team president, part of his job is to try and manage the team’s image and handle situations like when to welcome Favre back into the Packers family. Perhaps Murphy had a plan on how to approach the issue, and Rodgers deviated from the plan without asking first.

Or maybe he didn’t. Who knows?

Either way, I’m glad it happened. I’m looking forward to the day when Packers fans can cheer Favre again and remember all the great things he did for this organization. After a few years of uncertainty, it looks like that day might actually happen sometime in the near future.

If it took the current Packers quarterback to deviate from the plan a bit to make it happen, so be it.

Packers News and Notes

  • Tyler Dunne at he Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel got in touch with Jermichael Finley to discuss the tight end’s future. Finley thinks is “50/50″ that he’ll remain with the Packers. Unless Ted Thompson can get a second-day draft pick for Finley, I think he stays. Finley is too much of an asset to just cut loose for nothing. Want to read more on Finley? Check out Zach Kruse’s excellent post at CheesheadTV.com.
  • Damn. The Packers schedule is tough next season. Non-division road opponents include the Giants, Cowboys, Bengals, Ravens and 49ers, all teams with a legit shot of making the postseason. Because it’s the offseson and I’m bored, here’s my early game-by-game prediction for 2013: Home wins: Bears, Vikings, Lions, Redskins, Steelers, Browns. Road wins: Lions, Giants, Bengals, Ravens. I guess I’m seeing 10-6 for the time being. Hopefully I find at least one more win in there somewhere over the next seven months.
  • Want to follow what the various draftniks from around the web think the Packers will do in the NFL Draft? Keep checking Acme Packing Company for its mock draft roundups.
  • John Rehor at Packerstalk.com chimes in with his always poignant thoughts about Rodgers and Favre.

Non-Packers Links and Other Nonsense

  • Zach Lowe covers the NBA for Grantland.com and is one of my favorite reporters on the planet. Lowe had an interesting conversation about blending traditional boots-on-the-ground reporting with modern-day statistical analysis and detached blogging over at Sports on Earth.
  • I’m biased because my father worked at the post office for over 40 years, but I think the Post Office is one of the most fascinating institutions in America. You can drop a letter in the mail and have it delivered across the country in a day or two for just a few cents. Amazing! Anyway, the Post Office is struggling right now and I hope it pulls through.
  • If you’re a star baseball player who’s made over $150 million in your career, what do you do on a Wednesday night in the offseason? Get drunk and go buy lottery tickets in the middle of the night, I guess.
  • If Joe Flacco and other Ravens would have stormed the field to tackle Ted Ginn on the Super Bowl’s final play, it would have made everyone immediately forget about Fail Mary.

Adam Czech is a freelance reporter and a Packers fan living in the Twin Cities. Follow Adam on Twitter. Read more of Adam's writing on the Packers here.


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16 Responses to “Surviving Sunday: Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived”

  1. Ron LC says:

    With Vanden Bosch cut by the Lions do the Packers take a flyer on him? Seemed to be one of the more controlled Lions on their D. Probably will cost too much, howver.

    “Cap” cuts are underway Giants. Lions, Philly and many more are making surprise moves. This will be an interesting off-season.

    Rodgers and Favre was a big yawn. A little harmless banter that meant nothing in the scheme of things. To mend fences with Brent it’s got to start at the top.

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    • Stroh says:

      Vanden Bosch is strictly a 43 DE, he isn’t a 34 defensive player. He is over 30, I wouldn’t touch him and I can almost guarentee Thompson won’t.

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      • Oppy says:

        What percentage of snaps do the Packers play in base?

        Not saying I think the Packers should bring him in, but with our multiple defense, there’s no reason to rule out players because they aren’t proto 3-4 guys..

        In fact, most of our D line aren’t in the mold of most 3-4 linemen. They are mostly short, not lengthy, and mostly undersized for DE or oversized for DE. We have two guys who are more or less traditional 3-4 NT’s by build, and a slew of guys who aren’t proto 3-4 DE’s by any means.

        Closest thing to a prototypical 3-4 DE that the Packers have had was Justin Harrell and Philip Merling.

        Doesn’t matter much, we play everything under the sun, 3-4 is a small percentage of our defense at this point.

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        • Stroh says:

          I understand we don’t play alot of base 34, but Vanden Bosch would be a DE in pass rush, he couldn’t play DT in pass rush like out DL do. And we use our OLB as DE in pass rush. Are you gonna take Matthews or Perry off the field in pass rush? I wouldn’t… What we need on the DL now are guys that ARE traditional 34 DE’s. We have plenty of pass rush DT, we need a guy like Still who I wanted over Worthy, a guy like Jolly would be a godsend. Maybe a Canty or Bryant in FA. Not many good 34 DE in the draft. NT we have, but we need traditional 34 DE now.

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    • Oppy says:

      Speaking of Giants’ cuts, Chris Canty was among them, and Packers fans just a few short seasons ago were ready to take TT’s head off for not picking him up as a free agent out of Dallas.

      Why aren’t Packers fans going apeshit crazy about signing Canty now that he’s available again?

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      • Stroh says:

        Certainly not worth going apeshit over, but I wouldn’t mind signing him as a cheap FA. I would also look at Des Bryant as a cheap DE option. Don’t know how much they would want but if they’re willing to be team player and don’t ask for more than couple million they each might be worth a look.

        Thompson never had a chance to get Canty. He visited NY immeiately, was from the NY area and wanted alot of $$$ at the time. Thompson wanted him to visit, Canty’s agent wanted contract numbers before he visited, so he could use them against the Gmen to get a bigger contract. So Thompson never really had a chance to get Canty and chose not to negotiate for Canty’s agent.

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  2. Harry O. says:

    Don’t think for a moment that Murphy, Thompson, and McCarthy didn’t know what Rodgers and Favre were going to do. They probably encouraged Rodgers to do it because they don’t want the embarrassment of Favre going into the Pro Hall of Fame before the Packer Hall of Fame. They want to mend those fences because it’s good for the team image.

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    • Stroh says:

      If Favre goes into Canton before the Packer HOF, that on Favre and I wouldn’t have a problem w/ it at all. Did Thompson/McCarthy push Favre out? No, he retired on his own, then wanted back, then didn’t, then did, then didn’t then did and was traded! Who made all those decisions?

      When Favre apologizes to PackerNation, the Packers organization and Thompson/McCarthy he is welcome back, till then he can stay in Mississippi!

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

      • Harry O. says:

        Agreed, Favre is the one who caused all of this. But we all know his enormous ego will never allow him to apologize to Packer Nation. Heck, he sat with the Vikings during the awards program. He has no remorse. He may even go to Canton as a Viking, which should sever any possibility of a happy reunion in GB. All I’m saying is the Packer brass would like to see a better outcome.

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        • Stroh says:

          Not to belabor a point, but players don’t go into the HOF as a player of a team. Players are elected and enshrined as players. The placard lists the teams they played for but thats all. He is Brett Favre HOF QB, not Brett Favre GB Packer HOFer.

          If it takes till Thompson, McCarthy and Murphy leave GB, then Favre doesn’t deserve any recognition by the Packers IMO.

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  3. Tarynfor12 Tarynfor12 says:

    Say what you will and call me whatever,but there wasn’t one iota of sincerity in that entire ‘staged’ and ‘scripted’ banter where they actually showed any true past is past easiness.

    They were and looked every bit the part of two guys not wanting to say what was asked of them.

    Lets not be too misled by Rodgers seeming to be moving on…he just knows whats best for his persona and it isn’t to maintain a low road path of non-acknowledgment of the inevitable.

    Favre on the other hand,still seems content to have those in the actuall decision making realm to make the first move toward apologies.Which,unless backed to the same degree as the summoning of Jerry Kramers’ HOF induction by the fans,this very well may need to wait until the remnants of the Favre era front offices are completely vacant of the banishers.

    A lot can happen in three years before Favre hits the eligibilty timetable as the front office of the Packers may very well be completely overhauled at the rate we are losing people in it.

    The main characters of Thompson,Murphy,McCarthy may very well be on the cusp of departure unless another SB appearance is mustered…win or lose before the next three years.

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  4. Iowapackfan says:

    Losing to the Cowboys, ARE YOU SERIOUS!!

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    • Adam Czech says:

      It’s a prediction made in mid-February for next season. So no, I’m not serious.

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  5. James david Marsh says:

    You will not see a breakup of the TT, MM, and Rogers as they are all wedded together for the long ride. Anybody who does not see it this way does not understand how this combination is needed for any NFL team -top GM & Coach, and star QB.

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  6. Adam Czech says:

    Nobody needs to apologize to anybody. This is a business. Stuff like this happens in businesses.

    I’m sure Favre realizes it does him no good to remain on the outs with the Packers.

    I’m sure Rodgers realizes that it does him no good to be petty and vindictive with one of the most important players in franchise history.

    I’m sure Murphy realizes it will be good for business if the Packers can retire Favre’s number and get him back in the good graces of Packers fans.

    I’m sure McCarthy and Thompson don’t really care either way, but will clap politely and be cordial on the day that Favre’s number is retired during a ceremony at Lambeau.

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  7. drcpackers says:

    I don’t know, but from what I’ve seen/heard, and read, it doesn’t seem like Farve is ready to come back yet. I don’t think a majority of the fans are ready for him to come back yet either (65/35?) Oh well. I guess we’ll see…….

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