• Ron LC

    Another Dlineman with attitude and another OLB who can play with discipline will allow CM3 to play even better. The D is not that far away from being near the top of the league again. Perry may be the answer at OLB and the Dlineman isn’t on the team yet. FA (who am I kidding) or draft has to be the answer.

    • Chad Toporski

      I think it’s becoming clearer and clearer that talent is keeping this unit from being great. Doesn’t matter what scheme you run, if the players can’t win their matchups and make plays, then it’s all for naught.

      • Tarynfor12

        I knew those ammonia capsules would work sooner or later..LOL

        Saying it all along..Grade C players at the front seven except for one.

  • Lucas

    We saw what the Ravens could do with 3 good/great DL. We also saw what SF did after Etuini Haloti Ngata (full name for a full dude) went out.
    Since we’ll need to get past SF next year and a stud named Peterson twice…let’s get a stud on the DL.

    • Cheesehead4Ever

      Ngata is a beast. On the other hand – Kemoeatu, McPhee, Cody, Art Jones are no better and probably collectively worse than the GB D line. Gore was much more effective in the 2nd half after Ngata was out. If Raji was even close to Ngata’s level we would be fine. He’s not. We don’t have anyone in the front 7 who is a matchup problem for the offense except Clay. We need a big stud (or 2) on the D Line. Add that to Perry, Bishop and the progression of young defenders and we will be fine.

    • CSS

      Even including Ngata’s playing time San Francisco gained 200 yards out of the pistol formation and averaged just over 8 yards/play out of the formation. The Ravens hardly had it figured out and it’s a mystery why Harbaugh didn’t go to it inside the red zone more often.

  • PatMc

    One stud DL in the 1st or 2nd round at least. Pickett needs a replacement this draft and if he is done in 2012 we are hurting. Pickett at 40% of plays in 2013 or beyond is still better than what we have today. A good DL will make the LB’s (all of them) look great.
    Raji needs to play better as well.

    Perry and CM3 have been hurt and another OLB is needed for rotation and injuries.

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