Packers News: Rodgers, Favre to present award together

Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre
Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre
Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre

…And then there was peace.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former quarterback Brett Favre will share the stage together, presenting the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award tonight on CBS.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy hinted at it early Saturday evening via Twitter, tweeting, “There’s an unlikely pairing of presenters you will have to see on #nflhonors 9p ET on CBS. their numbers added up to 16.”

Some basic math suggested that Favre and Rodgers were the “unlikely pairing of presenters.”

The NFL Honors program will be televised at 8 p.m. Central tonight on CBS.

The award winners have already been announced. Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was named Offensive Rookie of the Year, Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly won Defensive Rookie of the Year, Adrian Peterson was named Offensive Player of the Year and J.J. Watt won Defensive Player of the Year.

Peterson was also named league MVP for the first time in his career.

Packers cornerback Casey Hayward finished third in the voting for Defensive Rookie of the Year behind Kuechly and Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner.

Rodgers and Favre will present the Comeback Player of the Year Award to Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

The relationship between Rodgers and Favre has certainly been rocky, so it’s nice to see them smoothing things out. According to NFL Network’s Michelle Beisner, both men were ready to move on.

Beisner tweeted, “Favre told me, he has total respect for (Rodgers) and that the things that happened in Green Bay had nothing to do with him,” and also, “(Rodgers) told me they wanted to do this because it was time and needed to squash any questions about there being issues.”

The Packers have yet to retire Favre’s No. 4, but this is certainly a step in the right direction with Packers fans. Tune into CBS for the NFL Honors show tonight, as it figures to be must-see TV.

(UPDATE: Below is the video of Rodgers and Favre presenting the award. Watch it. You won’t regret it.)


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  • That was Awkward…

    • Marques Eversoll

      It was awkward. And yet, so good.

  • Chad Lundberg

    Where the heck is everybody? Comment people!

    • Marques Eversoll

      Quiet night in Packer Country, Chad. Updated it with the video from tonight.

  • Mojo

    Dare I say it, ARod looks short standing next to Brent. Nobody better mention that to him. And Brent is starting to look more like Richard Gere, what with the glasses and white hair. Rumour has it Brent refused to help ARod with his lines.

  • Dan

    Good bit boys!….Think Brett wants to come home & this is the 1st step?…That would be my guess. Kudo’s to Arod for agreeing to do this after the knives in the back from Brett after he moved on…..

  • Mojo

    What’s really odd about this years NFL Honors awards is you could make a case for both Peyton and AP for comeback player of the year and/or MVP. How often does that happen?

    The retire #4 sentiment will begin in earnest now whether you like it or not.

  • Stroh

    This is Favres first step in making up w/ the Packers. I don’t think there was alot of anymosity between Rodgers and Favre. THey had become friends a bit before Favre left. Problem was that Favre never kept in touch w/ Rodgers after he left. Rodgers tried to touch base a couple times after Favre left, but Favre never returned msgs or had any contact w/ Rodgers by his own choosing. THats all on Favre not Rodgers. Clearly this was scripted, but its a small first step for Favre. Rodgers never had animosity toward Favre, he just had to deal w/ the fallout. It made for an awkward situation between them, not a contentious one. THe contention is between Favre and the Packers, not Rodgers, so thats where the healing has to take place and again its all on Favre, not the Packers. He’s the one who created the vast majority of the problems. Let it go Brett.

  • Razer

    It was good for everybody to have those two come together for this. I am not sure how the egos involved are really doing but for business this was a good thing. Would like to see Favre come to Green Bay and congratulate Donald Driver on a great career but that might be pushing the love a little too far. Go Packers – past and present

    • Stroh

      That would be a really big step by Favre. Doubt it will happen tho…

  • Fred

    Two greats we have been blessed to have such MVP QBs for our team the past two decades. Been an Aaron fan since we drafted him. With DD going it is the last of the old millennium. He deserves to have his number retired too. No one thought it was weird Favre sat with the Vikings??? I mean how is that for a shot

    • Stroh

      See this is where most Packer fans have Driver blinders. Driver was a great Packer and will deservedly go into the Packer HOF. But thats as far as he’ll get! He has absolutely no chance of getting into the Pro Football HOF in Canton. NONE… And his #80 retired is ludicrous. There are names in the ring of honor in Lambeau of all the Pro Football HOF, only 5 numbers of them are retired! Only the greatest of the Great Packers get their number retired and Driver isn’t going to get a sniff of his number retired!

      I get that you all love Driver, but its dellusional to think Driver is going to get honor w/ Canton Enshrinement, much less his number retired by the Packers! Either your blinded by your Driver lovefest or just ignorant to what it takes to get into Canton and have you number retired by the Packers.

  • Oppy

    …And Peyton Manning steals the spotlight with his quip, IMO.


    It was great to see some of the expressions on attendees faces when they saw both 12 & 4 on stage together.

    Lastly, I thought there was a number of games missed requirement to be eligible for comeback player of the year? That was all the talk a month or two ago- that as incredible of a recovery and performance that AP put on, he technically missed less than one full game and wasn’t going to be eligible for the running.

    • Stroh

      If there was a requirement for games missed AP would not have even been considered for the award. The fact he was considered serves as proof you don’t need to miss any games to be eligible. The talk was just that… Talk, nothing meaningful.

  • I’m a die hard Packer fan & always will be. When Brett came to Green Bay we didn’t have a clue as to the passion & ferocity he would bring. One of the Top 5 QB’s ever when you talk about who you least wanted to see behind the center if you were the opposing team, but all things must come to an end & the passion Brett had turned negative in his reluctance to be humble & go out a beloved Packer. I saw the fire still stoking when he played against New Orleans in the NFC Championship & even though he wore that dreadful purple jersey I rooted for him. Welcome back into the Packer nation Brett. We missed you! ARod…fire up the troops…we’re coming back stronger than ever!