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Packers Report Card & Player EvaluationsYes, it’s Packers Report Cards time again. And just like last year, we’re having to start this much sooner than we would have liked. At a time when we should be analyzing the Packers’ chances in the upcoming Super Bowl, we instead find ourselves having have to look back at last season

So as we have done every year, we are once again  undertaking the exhaustive effort of evaluating and grading every player on the Packers roster. We kick things off today with my favorite player, Mason Crosby.

In the spirit of fairness, I have disqualified myself from that evaluation (could I really be objective? no…).

Oh, and one more thing – what makes this enjoyable and rewarding for us, and hopefully for everyone, is your comments. Feel free to call us out if you think we’re off base (BTW, you’re allowed to agree with us too…).

So without further ado (and this wins the prize for shortest post ever on this site) we bring you the:

Packers 2012 Player Evaluations and Report Cards:

Check back at 8AM EST for the Mason Crosby Eval…

Thanks for reading, everyone!


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  • I know the Packers have several holes and upgrades that need to be made, but I wanna play what if. What if a excellent 3-4 rush outside linebacker fell to the Packers in round one and the Packers select him. Could they move Perry to the middle and do you guys think it would work?

    • Stroh

      No I don’t think it would work. Perry has played DE and now OLB. ILB is different… I don’t see why after one abbreviated season at OLB the Packers would even consider it.

    • Thomas Hobbes

      They could, but I doubt they would. Perry is probably a better fit at DE than he would be at ILB, but his best position is still OLB

  • Ron LC

    Will there be a similar evaluation of thje coaching staff? Might be a nice add-on.

    • Chad Toporski

      Yes. MM, DC, and TT will all be graded.

  • JimR_in_DC

    I completely disagree with your evaluation! Oh, uh, wait…;)

    Looking forward to reading the evals, guys. Thanks for doing this again!

  • Thanks for your opinions guys! I sure hope that Charles Hobbs is right and Perrys best position will be at OLB. Especially if he develops other pass rushing moves other than bull rush. It’s fun to think what Perry and Matthews could do in a full season.