Win a GEEBZ Ted Thompson TRUST T-Shirt: Packers Prediction Contest All Green Bay Packers All the Time
GEEBZ Ted Thompson Trust T-Shirt
GEEBZ Ted Thompson Trust T-Shirt

Packers Vs Titans Prediction Contest

Win a “GEEBZ” Ted Thompson TRUST T-Shirt courtesy of the fine folks at GEEBZ Shirts  (an $19.95 value). They also have other GEEBZ items available at their online store.

Make your picks in the comments below.   The person with the correct winning team and the closest overall in point differential wins the T-shirt.

Don’t forget the tiebreaker question… (you won’t be eligible if you don’t answer it.)


Winning Team:

Final Score:

Tiebreaker: (Total net yards of offense for the Packers):

Post your entry in the comments below. Only entries posted here and received by 1:00PM EasternTime on 12/23/12 will be considered. ALLGBP writers are not eligible for a prize. The winner will be announced in the comments section of this post, so check back if you think you did well.


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  • AJ

    Winning Team: Packers

    Final Score: 30-13

    Tiebreaker: (Total net yards of offense for the Packers): 412

    • James

      Total net 395 yards of Packer offense.

  • James

    Packers win 31-16.

  • Tarynfor12


    Total Yds-396

  • Jake

    PACKERS! 24-13

  • Josh

    Packers 45 Titans 3

    Packers total yards 457

    • James

      Wow! you were close!

  • Spree

    Pack 34 ( 374yds )
    Tn 10

  • brinkofdisaster

    Packers 33-13
    389 net yards

  • Winning Team: Packers

    Final Score: 34-14

    Tiebreaker: (Total net yards of offense for the Packers): 385


    Packers win 28-16…. 386 net yards

  • Fred

    Winning team: Packers

    score: 31 – 21

    Total Yards: 320

  • aaron1265

    Packers 37
    Titans 13
    412 yds.

  • Eric Miarnowski

    24 – 17 Packers

  • aaron1265

    packers 37
    titans 13
    412 yds

  • Brandon

    Packers 34
    Titans 17

    Total Yards for Packers. 445

  • ZeroTolerance

    Packers win 24-13. Total net yards Packers offense 399.

  • James david Marsh

    GB wins 38-20. Total yards of offense 425.

  • Nathan

    Packers 28-10

    350 yds

  • Erik

    Final: Packers 21 Titans 13

    Tiebreaker: Packers Total Yards 387

  • Joe

    tiebreaker 444 total yds

  • Ryan

    Winning Team: GB

    Final Score: GB 34 – TEN 20

    Tiebreaker: (Total net yards of offense for the Packers): 378

  • Packers 31-13

    Net yards for Packers: 423

  • CONTEST IS CLOSED. Any entries after the time stamp of this one will not be considered.

    thanks for playing!

  • CONGRATULATIONS TO JOSH! Nobody else even close. Josh wins the T-Shirt.

    • Oppy

      That’s the sweetest Ted Thompson “T” shirt imaginable. Good lord, that’s awesome!

    • Josh

      Dang, missed the yardage by 3…if you take out the 3 carries for -3 yds by Harrell I had it on the nuts.