• Ron LC

    A less than adequate Oline must rise up and protect Rodgers. Please Campan have these guys playing with some fire today.

    • Bubbaloo

      You couldn’t say it any better Ron, I too see this as a Campen thing! I’m not as worried about Barklay alone as I am about the O-Line as a group. Anytime the scouting report on an O-lineman includes the words “plays nasty” I like the guy, and the Packers don’t have enough of them. Untying someone’s shoes is not the same as knocking them on their ass! Come to play today guys, or the Bears will be back in the Division lead!

  • Wagszilla

    Wagszilla’s Key-ier Matchups:

    – TE Jerrymichaelroxanneshante Finlay vs. S Huey Lewis Delmas
    – QB Matthew Stafford vs. a plate of BBQ ribs (rematch)
    – RB Tom Moore vs. Luther Elliss’ understudy DE Kingkongshamallamadingdong Suh
    – Wagszilla vs. Sanity

    Packers by 3 TDs.

    • http://allgbp.com Jersey Al

      What, no Quarless matchups?

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