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Packers Vs Lions Prediction Contest.

Win a rare “All Packers All the Time: T-shirt from Only 28 lucky people on this earth have one of these shirts. You could could be #29. I have one L and one XL left.

Make your picks in the comments below.   The person with the correct winning team and the closest overall in point differential wins the T-shirt.

Don’t forget the tiebreaker question… (you won’t be eligible if you don’t answer it.)


Winning Team:

Final Score:

Tiebreaker: (Total net yards of offense for the Packers):

Post your entry in the comments below. Only entries posted here and received by 1:00PM EasternTime on 11/18/12 will be considered. ALLGBP writers are not eligible for a prize. The winner will be announced in the comments section of this post , so check back if you think you did well.


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  • Chris

    Packers 27-21 415 net yards.

  • Paul De La Mare

    213 yards

  • Dave

    Packers 48-30 475 net yards

  • Walker



    390 yards

    Go Pack!

  • Victor Jadoo

    Packers 32

    Lions 28

    Rodgers 320 yards

  • Normthe1

    Packers 31-27. 389 yards

  • Ron Rush

    368 net yds

  • Packers 35-31

    400 net yards

    • ZeroTolerance

      Packers 31 Lions 27 478 yards

  • Mark gast

    403 yards for the Packers

  • Kameron Evans

    Packers 31
    Detroit 21

    Pacers net yards – 380

  • Kevin Lamb

    Detroit 42
    GB 38

    Net yards 450

  • Brian Shannon

    Winning team: Packers
    Score: 31-30
    Total net yards for of for the Packers: 372

  • Nathan

    Packers, 34-24
    370 yards

  • Julie

    Packers, 24-21, 347 yards offense

  • GBAP

    Packers 42 Lions 17 432

  • jessica bessner

    Packers 24
    LIONS 21

  • Pete Kliman

    Pack 30 to 27 430 yrds

  • Oppy

    425 net yards

    (Packers D steps up and only allows Lions one TD!; After running up early on the Lions, Packers offense goes run-heavy to drain clock resulting in a few Field Goals vs. TDs in the second half..285 by air, 140 on the ground!)

    That should be enough detail to make me look like a complete fool by the end of regulation!

  • Tarynfor12

    Packers 34-31
    Net Yards 415

  • waynerd

    Pack 48 Detroit 38 525 net yards

  • Packers 26 kittens 20 pack total net 378

  • Julie F

    Packers win 34-13!
    450 yards

  • Phil McNabb

    Packers win 34-17 net yards 470

  • Bojan

    Winning Team: Packers

    Final Score: 37-24

    Tiebreaker: 424 yards

  • Packers 27-17, Net 411

    Go Pack Go!