• Tarynfor12

    Like Empires of old,Nations of today,Major Corporations,Retail giants,Investment firms,Banks and even Sports have,will eventually succumb to the very cancer that each have eradicated through warfare,drastic social change,business dealings and mere competition to obtain their own heights of success.The NFL has done what all the others have done,be it a country,bank,culture etc,it’s falling to its own poison.

  • Chad Lundberg

    The problem with the NFL is that it’s not keeping up with the demand. We’re seeing things close up in High Def now, and that means we have a clear idea of what’s going on the field now.

    Conventional wisdom says that the NFL would recognize this, and adjust the officiating up to new standards. That simply hasn’t been the case.

    They know full well that they can easily get away with just letting the officiating system takes it’s course all on it’s own and the people will still watch the game.

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