Packers vs. Seahawks – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: SEA 14 GB 12 All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks:

My unfitered game day recap and blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

Inactive for Packers today:

11 WR Jarrett Boykin
28 S Sean Richardson
31 CB Davon House
44 RB James Starks
56 LB Terrell Manning
57 LB Jamari Lattimore
83 TE Tom Crabtree


What was supposed to be a meeting of mentor (Aaron Rodgers) and student (Matt Flynn) got sidetracked by rookie Russell Wilson.

Seattle will try to pound Marshawn Lynch and give Wilson favorable down and distance situations.  How many yards does Marshawn Lynch get tonight? The Packers would be happy keeping him to 100 yards.

Crabtree out – there goes the special teams secret weapon…



Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Packers – Bears: It’s going

Long week: We had a very  good week of preparation, from the practices to the meetings today – we’re ready to go.

Self scouting: We made a big improvement from week 1 to week 2.  Special teams has been the best unit over the two games, offense stayed about the same. defensively we made the biggest improvement. 2 games is a small  sample size, so we can’t overreact.  We had an extra padded practice this week – that’s always beneficial.

Crowd noise: Ilook at it as a focus of our football team – it just tightens our focus. Whether it’s silent count, hand signals, whatever we’re doing, we practice it continually. We have a quarterback that won’t get rattled. We’ll handle it.

Concerns about offense:  It’s important for us to improve. Point production is our focus, whether we do it through the run or the pass.

Greg Jennings: Jennings is up – I’m confidant he’ll take a full dose of snaps tonight.

Seattle QB situation: Product of 2 young players competing for the position. Yesterday’s games, watching the NFL, you just don’t know what to expect. That’s the NFL.

Wilson: He’s a very talented young man. Definitely played better in week two, running the ball helped. he did a nice job playing from the pocket. I was impressed with him in week 2.

Marshawn Lynch: We have a lot of respect for Marshawn. being with him at the Pro Bowl, that’s just heightened. He’s the focal point for our defense tionight.

Special teams: Lots of young players and rookies playing, lots of unscouted looks, that’s why you usually see more big plays early in the season



Packers vs. Seahawks – First Impressions – First Half:

Packers go right after Breno on 3rd down with a stunt by Clay Matthews. Wilson chased to the sideline and throws it away.

Bruce Irvin did the belt after his sack? OK…

Wrote this afternoon that according to ProFootballFocus, Wilson has been most successful with short passes over the middle, like that first down pass.

Two false starts already? Obviously, the crowd noise is bothering the Seahawks…

Matthews doing a lot of backside run support… But Lynch carries tacklers for 3-4 more yards…

Rodgers slips on his own – untouched – that was weird.

I’d love to have the SoundFX on Matthews tonight. He’s had a lot to say to Mr. Wilson…

AJ Hawk hitting like he means it tonight… Normally Lynch would have dragged the tackler a few more yards. hawk took him straight down.

Good old 3rd and one – the bane of the #Packers existence…  Rodgers sacked for the 4th time…

Marshawn Lynch carrying Pickett on his back – THAT is one strong dude

Seattle in their version of the Psycho with one DL on first down with Cobb in the backfield? Thanks, Seattle!

5 sacks now… Bulaga holding – in need of help tonight.  Too soon to think about moving Lang to RT and EDS to left guard?

And we have more finger pointing in the secondary. TD Seattle

Kinda thinking a draw play or a screen might be in order here, Mike? Mike? Are you there? Mike?

Fun stat someone just tweeted. Seahawks have 8 sacks tonight, more than 23 teams have in three games this season. Yay.

Seahawks 7 Packers 0


Packers vs. Seahawks – First Impressions – Second Half:

Eureka! Two running plays to start the second half. Mike was listening…

Can Greg Jennings please realize on 3rd and short his main task is to just GET THE FIRST DOWN!

The Packers continue to run/pass and guess what? they march down the filed and miss a TD by Donald Driver’s fingertips.

From the comments I’m reading, I’m sensing a growing anti- Jennings sentiment brewing among Packers fans…

One thing you can safely say, the Packers D have done a good job holding Lynch to modest gains.

A lot of male Seahawks fans look like Eddie Vedder. Just an observation…

For the CheeseheadTV Draft Guide, I had Irvin as my #5 3-4OLB and Nick Perry as my #4. Yes, I’d swap them now…

Packers obvious focus on gang-tackling Lynch is working well. Keeping him in check so far…

An INT would be really nice – but first the Packers need to make Wilson throw the ball first…

What a cheap shot by Browner. Real classy. That better draw him a fine… Gotta respect Jennings for going at him. You can’t take that shit.

Whatever happened to the QB sneak when you needed a foot. We don’t do that anymore? related to Saturday being the center? Just wondering…

2 point conversion try: I would have rather thrown a quick slant there. Much higher percentage than a fade against Seahawks DBs.

Seahawks’ Rice climbing over the top of Shields, grabbing his shoulders and that’s interference on Shields. Right.

Packers persevere, stop Seahawks on 4th and three.

Here I am thinking how could the #Packers screw this up…  they tried – Benson fumbles, Saturday recovers. Seahawks are going to get the ball back, though…

Here I was thinking how could the #packers screw this up…  they tried

Shields doing a great job tonight…

Last play of the game…

I am sick…

I would refuse to come out for the extra point – take the fines…

Seahawks 14 Packers 12




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  • Wagszilla


    • Mudduckcheesehead

      Fuckin’ SCABS!

  • Art Rosen

    I still have my mouth open in amazement. No pass interference called, they give the td. What was the purpose of the review? I’m in shock!

  • Savage57

    If Roger effin Goodell doesn’t intercede and resolve this situation with these inept effin substitute ref’s, then he has no business remaining in his role as commissioner of the league because what these clowns are doing to the integrity of the game is an effin @(&*^$#@)( crime. What the real ref’s are looking for in terms of a percentage of league revenue is a frickin’ rounding error.

    Will this year’s Super Bowl have an asterisk behind it?

    • Sven

      Goodell should try protecting the shield by roughly inserting it in his rectum. All the elevate talk of ensuring a quality product isnt worth much if your Scabs miss blatant infractions and call non-existant ones.

  • Mojo

    The worst officiated game I’ve ever seen. And I’m not even talking about the last play. The Walden roughing the passer call that negated an interception was so bad, I just had to laugh. Total joke!

  • Sven

    I am so upset… Nothing to do about it now. Packers have to shake it off and move ahead. D played awesome, O really needs work and those god damn refs need to gotten rid of.

    The end of the game, the McMillian interception, the Shields Pass Interference. The refs stopped the Packers from winning. The D mades stops and refs gave 1st downs.

  • Oppy

    The officials have completely blown it too many times this season, and it’s only week three. It’s always been, “Well, at least it hasn’t ended up being such a big error that the wrong team won”, up until tonight. Holy Fucking Shit.

    Now that I’ve got that out of the way, would anyone like to finally talk about Bryan Bulaga? Something is simply not right. This has been apparent since the preseason. I wonder, is he nursing an injury that has not been made public? He’s not even a shadow of the player we saw in 2011.

    • CSS

      He’s lost his punch off the snap. In not an apologist, but twice on sacks he took an open palm to the facemask. Watch it again, that’s illegal last I checked.

  • Expect plenty of discourse tomorrow from all of us here. Get your torches and pitchforks ready…

  • Barutan Seijin

    Goodell is not on the fans’ side. He’ll suspend a player for hurting the NFL’s image, but then run a bunch of fake refs out on the field to throw random hankies when they feel like it. That’s what you call hypocrisy.

    It’s been suggested that making refs parttime & cutting their pay is going to make throwing games more tempting. If it’s possible with regular NBA refs, it’s definitely possible with parttime, fake NFL refs. After tonight’s game, maybe Goodell should think about that a little. I’d be surprised if he did, though.

    Hate to say it, but Goodell’s not going to feel any pressure without a smoking gun point shaving scandal or lower TV ratings.

  • Mr. Bacon

    I know this is a bad time to say it, but…

    The Packers are 1-2, which is recoverable.

    And this was not the playoffs.

    I know it will be a hard one to forget, but we have to.


    • Sven

      Go Pack Go!

  • Elo

    Seattle held the Pack to 12 points, they deserve credit for that. Unfortunately, the Hawks were held to only 7 but still lost. MM will have have to get the team to move on.

  • wim

    I am going on strike. i have never missed a packer game in 40 years, but the game has become a travesty. i give up. i am not watching anymore until the real refs come back. until the league publicly apologizes to the packers. and i am not buying anything anyone advertises on nfl games. screw it.

  • Clay Matthews’ Bicep

    It drives me crazy that the NFL is so inelastic that it can get away with this.

    Not to blame everything on the refs, but I had the thought earlier in the game that maybe part of the slow start for the offense deals with the inconsistency of the refs. The Packers offense revolves around rhythm and timing and they can’t get either with inconsistent PI calls and everything else going on.
    Obviously, the drops and poor blocking contribute as well but it seems like they can’t ever get into a rhythm on offense.

  • Brian

    Are we allowed to start a petition for a new NFL commissioner?

  • Dan

    As much as I want to punch the refs in the head for giving the game to the Seachickens, I equally blame McCarthy for his play calling in the 1st half. I guess it takes getting your QB sacked 8 times in (one half) to decide to start running the ball.

    • PackersRS

      Yes. 2 runs. I’m sure he called a couple more, but Rodgers audibled out of it.

      Still, 2 runs when your OL can’t pass block for more than 2 seconds.

      Speaking of OL. It’s pretty simple. They either start playing decently, or we’re not going anywhere.

  • I’ve seen bad calls before that were far more devastating. The “tuck” rule for instance. But the overall horrible handling of this game by the refs, mostly against the Pack but on both sides, is dumbfounding. This is more like pro wrestling than pro football. I can’t watch much more of this.

  • Tarynfor12

    The joke about’What do you call 100 Lawyers at the bottom of a lake’…guess who has been voted to fill in the Lawyer role.

  • Dan

    Three would have been game enders… But…..Roughing the passer on Waldon, on the interception play, was BS. Waldon commited himself while the QB still had the ball. The PI call on Shields text book coverage was horrible, The PI on the last play of the game and of course the INT on the last play of the game….wow

  • FITZCORE1252


    Phantom roughing the passer negates an INT well in Crosby s range.

    Phantom P.I. on Shields takes it from what should’ve been a 2nd and 30+ to a 1st and ten.

    And the last play speaks for itself.

    Un. FUCKING. Real.

    GBP 4 LIFE

  • FITZCORE1252

    Lol Dan, I guess great minds think alike. I didn’t see your post bro.

  • Dan


  • Dan

    Steve Mariucci broke down the last play beautifully. There was never a simultaneously catch. The DB had the ball with both hands the whole time, and then in his chest as he went to the ground and down by contact.. The WR had the DBs arm for awhile, then the WR completely removed his hand off the ball and put his had back on, which is not any type of posession .

  • cow42

    12 points.
    9 sacks.
    seahawks’ winning drive was a travesty but it should never have gotten to that point.

    i have officially lost faith in the line’s ability to pass protect.

    i have officially lost faith in the wr corp’s ability to get separation.

    this offense is 100% broken.

    they look like the bears.

  • Chad Lundberg

    Seriously… only the tuck rule was worse. And that’s only because it was a playoff game.

  • Art Rosen

    Oooooh! I guess we all now know what they kept referring to as the Seahawks’ 12th man. Stupid me, I thought they were referring to their stadium fans, the ones in the seats! The problem is that the fans still watch the games, buy the tickets and buy the merchandise. Until that changes, Goodell sees no rush to change the refs.