Packers Video: Aaron Rodgers Gets Shaving Cream Pie in Face All Green Bay Packers All the Time

While being interviewed in the Packers locker room, Aaron Rodgers gets a shaving pie in the face courtesy of fullback John Kuhn. Rodgers looked none too pleased and ended the interview to go clean up. Here it is:

Video: Rodgers gets pie in the face


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  • Mr. Bacon

    Kuhn would seem like the sort of man who can pull this off on Aaron. Anyone else and Aaron would have them dead to rights on retribution. All in fun times, plus if Aaron throws a GW TD in Overtime or Crosby hits a GW FG, they should get a ‘pie’ in the face for a walkoff.

    • Oppy

      Last year, Kuhn nailed Ryan Taylor with a shaving cream towel during a locker room interview as well

      Since Kuhn seems to have a fondness for hair removal products, I would not be surprised if someone switched out Kuhn’s shampoo for some “Nair” at some point this season.

  • Chad Lundberg

    Was there hair in it? lol

  • Big T

    Real funny until someone loses an eye….