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Mike Daniels
Packers D-lineman Mike Daniels

Remember my post yesterday about three players raising eyebrows at Packers training camp?

Well, those players might already be yesterday’s news. The new eyebrow-raiser at camp is Mike Daniels.

Mike Daniels
Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press Gazette says Daniels has gotten plenty of snaps, especially in Dom Capers’ dime package. Like they do in the secondary, the Packers have a bunch of bodies on the defensive line and are hoping that somebody, anybody, steps up and makes the entire position group better. I suppose Daniels could be that guy. Like fellow rookie D-lineman Jerel Worthy, Daniels created chaos in college. And that’s what the Packers need up front. No more tying up blockers and calling it a day.

Wait a minute….Never Mind
Looks like Daniels might already be yesterday’s news, too.  He dropped out of practice Tuesday with an injury.

I wrote my original eyebrow raising post on Monday evening. It was posted Tuesday afternoon and it already felt like old news. I began writing this current post over lunch on Tuesday and by time I got home from work to finish it, it also already felt like old news.

I didn’t even finish writing the post yet and it felt like old news!

What’s this world coming to when a blogger can’t even keep up with the news cycle?

I’ll stop venting now, but if you take one thing from this all-over-the-place post, make it this: Don’t get too caught up in the latest training camp flavor-of-the-day player. Most of us know that by now, but it’s always nice to get reminded. I know I need an occasional reminder.

In camp, all the rookies look like studs and all the veterans look like pro bowlers. The bad players look like they improved over the offseason and the guys who were out shape a season ago are in the best shape of their lives. The players who told the coach to eff off and can’t stay out of jail are suddenly born-again and couldn’t be better teammates.

Hell, Jarrett Bush is suddenly a starting cornerback.

Keep your eyes and ears open. Stay informed. Cross your fingers that nobody gets hurt. But other than that, don’t take every twist and turn of training camp like it’s a major ordeal.

The more you emotionally overreact to training camp developments, the less energy you’ll have to emotionally overreact when the games actually count.


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


  • I bleed green more

    Very well written, I try not to get to caught up in it. We know its very early, heck we need some action against other teams to get a better feel of what is going on. The D line to me looks better and I sure hope it is.

  • Kevin

    NO!!! You’re all WRONG!!!! Casey Hayward + Randall Cobb = DYNASTY!!!

    • JimR_in_DC

      No!!! You’re WRONG!!!! Casey Hayward + Randall Cobb + Dezman Moses = DYNASTY!!!

      😀 😀 😀

      • Adam Czech

        No, you’re all wrong.

        Casey Hayward + Randall Cobb + Dezman Moses + the 2011 Training Camp Ghost of Vic So’oto = DYNASTY!

        • JimR_in_DC

          Adam FTW! 😀

        • tlvincent4

          Dezman Moses = career path of James Harrison 🙂 🙂 🙂

          Wade Phillips has put JJ Watt in the hall of fame, man that guy is a stud!

          • Michael

            Wade or JJ?

  • JimR_in_DC

    Good post, Adam. Training camp is great after the months of little to no football news. But, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to get too wrapped around the axle until we start closing in on Week 1.

  • So glad we can now get instant and continuous updates on Twitter (not!).

  • Ron LC

    Thanks for the tounge in cheek post on the heros of training camp Adam. At this point nothing is settled. The only sure thing is that the team is being analyzed a thousand different ways by reporters who are trying to out promote each other. After game 3 of the pre-season a good base for prediction will become evident. And even then, I’ll bet big bucks that not one reporter will get every position correct for the “final 53.”

  • Mojo

    Way to jink Daniels – Adam. MM said he was day-to-day which will evolve into “he’s out for the year”.

    • Adam Czech

      He will be “challenged” to return.

      • Wagszilla

        He has a deep shoulder bruise.

        • steve cheez

          I can’t help but wonder how that will affect his pad level

          • Oppy

            A lot of times, especially with younger players, they go through an injury phase. Sometimes you have to just trust your scouting reports and let a player work through it. Juice. Clearly. That’s a joke. Pad level, for good measure.

          • Michael

            Huh! Huh, huh! He said pad level!

  • packett

    Ok…so don’t over react huh? So i have to clean up the pasta stains on the wall and replace my mouse? Nah…I’m onto the day by day news with some appetite. I even jumped on cow-wrestling story.

  • tlvincent4

    Can Nick Perry beat enough RT’s around the league to make a big impact this year? He’s looking at Gabe Carimi, Gosder Cherilus, and Phil Loadholt twice each in division. I think he can hold his own against that group. He has last year’s first round pick for SF 49ers, Anthony Davis in his week one battle! Of course there is more than just the individual matchup and they might end up moving him around but I don’t see anybody on that list that is better than the guy he is going against every day in practice, Bryan Bulaga.

    • tlvincent4

      Nick Perry vs. Clay Matthews vs

      1 Anthony Davis Joe Staley
      2 Gabe Carimi Jamarcus Webb
      3 Breno Giacomini Russell Okung
      4 Charles Brown Jermon Bushrod
      5 Winston Justice Anth Castonzo
      6 Rashad Butler Duane Brown
      7 Jason Smith Roger Saffold
      8 Ebon Britton Eugene Monroe
      9 Jeremy Bridges Levi Brown
      11 Gosder Cherilus Reilly Reiff(R)
      12 James Brewer Wil Beatty
      13 Phil Loadholt Matt Kalil (R)
      14 Gosder Cherilus Reilly Reiff (R)
      15 Gabe Carimi Jamarcus Webb
      16 David Stewart Michael Roos
      17 Phil Loadholt Matt Kalil (R)

      Perry clearly has it better on his side, the only guy rated by PFW in top 25 at tackle is 17th rated David Stewart. CM Jr. faces 5 of top 11 rated offensive tackles in league but does get 4 matchups with rookie starters!!!