Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Surviving Sunday with no Packers football.
Surviving Sunday with no Packers Football

The wife and I had been planning to attend the Packers season opener against the 49ers, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, we had to change our plans.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Instead of going to the opener, we’re going to the #ThrowbackWeekend game against the Saints. I’ll get to meet Jersey Al and buy him a beer or 12, which is the least I can do to show my appreciation for his willingness to let my ramblings appear on this website.

My wife and I are not season ticket holders (obviously). We also don’t have family members or friends that are season ticket holders. When we want to go to a Packers game, we break out the checkbook and drop a good chunk of our paychecks on tickets from the secondary market.

Usually, we can find somewhat decent deals, paying anywhere from 25 to 75 percent over face value. Last year I managed to snag three tickets at face value for the Denver game, then re-sell the extra for a nice profit.

It’s still early, which means there’s a lot of time for prices to come down, but Packers tickets are obscenely expensive on the secondary market at the moment.

According to, a website that tracks ticket prices from various secondary market re-sellers, the current average lowest starting price for a Packers regular season home game is $201. The most expensive is the opener against the 49ers ($246) and the lowest is the Dec. 23 game against the Titans ($159).

It won’t cost you nearly as much to attend a Bears, Lions or Vikings game. The average lowest starting price for a game at Soldier Field is $141. At Ford Field it’s $57, and at the Metrodome it’s $29.

You can see the Vikings play the Jaguars, 49ers, Titans and Cardinals for $20 or less. You can see the Lions host the Rams, Vikings, Seahawks and Colts for $40 or less.

One thing I haven’t tried yet is scalping a Packers ticket outside the stadium on the day of the game. I buy scalper seats for most of the other sporting events I attend, but haven’t tried it for a Packers game yet.

I guess I’m a little paranoid about being left out in the cold after driving six hours to Green Bay. Also, the best scalper deals are usually found right at kickoff, or just after the game kicks off. I like getting into Lambeau a good half-hour before kickoff to take in the vibe and watch warmups. I’m nerdy like that.

For readers that do not have access to season tickets, do you have any good ticket-buying strategies to share?

For readers that are season-ticket holders, I hate you. But I won’t hate you as much if you give me a deal on your seats for the Saints game.

Packers News and Links

  • If you like in-depth stats, but don’t like sorting through all the numbers to get to the Packers information, read this summary of the Pro Football Focus three-year stats. Zach at CheeseheadTV does a great job of pulling out all the nuggets related to the Green and Gold.
  • Dan at Packerpedia asks if people will start hating Aaron Rodgers. Citing a poll last year that had Tom Brady as the third-most hated player in the NFL for some reason, Dan wonders if Rodgers could face some of the same unwarranted backlash if the Packers continue to be successful. Sports fans are not rational people. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rodgers backlash picks up steam.
  • Acme Packing Company hands out training camp grades for the defensive line. PackApologist wrote the piece and he’s much more optimistic than I am about the group, but his reasoning is sound, so hopefully he’s right.
  • Brian Carriveau at CheeseheadTV has been on roll with his Railbird Central podcast lately. Put on your headphones and get caught up if you haven’t been listening.
  • As long as you have those headphones on, listen to these Green and Gold Today interviews with Mike McCarthy and Mike Holmgren. Coaching a successful team makes dealing with the media a little easier, but man, McCarthy’s media relations skills have increased tenfold over the years. He’s actually a somewhat decent interview now.
  • Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel previewed the running backs and tight ends this week. I know RonLC will be reading those stories.
  • Pete Dougherty of the Press-Gazette explains why Charles Woodson remains the key to the Packers defensive backfield. You could also make an argument that Woodson is the key to the whole defense.
  • Want to know everything you need to know about Packers training camp? If you can tolerate an annoying Bleacher Report slide show, check out Brian Carriveau’s complete guide.
  • This is an interesting story on how St. Norbert college customizes their dorm rooms for the Packers during training camp.

Non-Packers Links

  • Only one link this week: Please keep the victims of the Aurora, Colo., shooting in your thoughts and prayers.

Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


  • JimR_in_DC

    Adam said “Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel previewed the running backs and tight ends this week. I know RonLC will be reading those stories.”

    ROFL!!! Yes, Ron truly l-o-v-e-s to read whatever is written by his favorite sports writer, McGinn. 😀 😀 😀

    • Ron LC

      I guess I have trouble trying to hide my true feelings. McGinn is an ass of the highest order. We’re talking Skip Bayless levels here. I will anxiously await the count on how many “unnamed sources” he will use to justify his babblings.

      “Sport fans are not rational people.” Salute, count me in on that one.

      • Oppy

        Skip Bayless levels??

        It used to just be a hunch I had, but now I’m positive Bob McGinn must have stood up your daughter at the altar many years ago.


  • Ron LC

    Nope, that would have been a good thing, Oppy. He’s just pisses me off with his superior attitude as the preemenant Packer reporter. He’s a plagerizing jerk with a stable of “make believe” sources. In short, pretty typical of the JS stable.