Packers Video: The Brett Favre Debate – Is It Time? All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Stephen A. Smith, Rob Parker and Skip Bayless debate Brett Favre, The Packers and whether it’s time to mend the fences. Entertaining in a train wreck sort of way…


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  • JimR_in_DC

    Favre who?

  • Oppy

    its shows like these that are predictors for the downfall of a civilization

  • Wagszilla

    Check the temperature in hell, I agreed with Skip Bayless.

    Also, agreed Oppy.

  • drcpackers

    skip bayless = jerk of the universe

  • Tarynfor12

    Hatfields and McCoys!!!

    As long as TT and MM are in the GB Org this mundane no win argument will continue…no matter how many olive branches are extended.

    Favre is simply passing time…TT and MM will be gone from the realm sooner than him showing/admitting any loss of sleep.

  • Ron LC

    Brent busy coaching High School – No time to come back to GB.

  • Stan

    I do enjoy how guys like Bayless will rip a Terrell Owens or Chad Ochocinco, but gives Favre a pass. Is it because the other two aren’t trying to hide their divisive personalities behind some manufactured “Aw shucks” persona?

    And can we please stop mentioning him as a top five QB? All of his numbers are the result of longevity and he has had several average or below average seasons. Hell, he’s not even the best QB in Packers history. I thought this talk was ludicrous when he still played here and was getting wrecked in the playoffs by the Rams, Eagles, or Vikings.

    • Oppy

      Completion %, TD to INT ratio, Average yards per pass attempt, 3rd down efficiency, etc and so forth, are better indicator stats than career TDs, career INTs, etc because, as you stated, totals are heavily influenced by career longevity.. Of course a guy who has played twice as long as another guy will probably have more TDs AND more INTs. The correlation between the two are a more direct indicator of performance.

  • Nasanehiga

    I’m sorry, it’s just too soon yet. The damamge has been done.
    Regardless of who did what, when, both sides are at fault. Favre could have been the bigger of the two sides and said,”Ok let’s figure this out for everyone.” That would have cemented his legacy. Not, “I’m gonna play elsewhere. Whether you like it or not.”
    The Packer Organization could have used more tact when trying to resolve this issue with its quarterback.
    Now, we fans feel the repercussions and try to take a side in who was right and who was wrong.
    Like when parents divorce and the kids are left to try to decide between Mom and Dad. No one ever wins in these types scenerios. At the very least they could be cordial with each other so the fans could remember each in a positive light.
    They are both right and they are both wrong. Until they can both get their s**t together and discuss this as adults I can only say I won’t pay attention to either side in this debate.
    It won’t hurt me to not retire his jersy and I won’t say the organization is justified in their decision.
    I think we should all just not comment nor pay attention to it.
    It has nothing to do with the current state of the Packers or the league and therfore is a mute topic. Farve, get over yourself. And stop with the picture texts. That’s inappropriate. My kids look up to you.
    Packers Organization stop treating him as if its all his fault. You all decided to hand him his walking papers.
    Neither side is better than the other.

    You both could do with some couple therapy! lol

    • Oppy

      Out of curiosity, how is the Packers Organization treating Favre like it’s all his fault?

      The Packers have done nothing but discuss Favre’s legacy with reverence in public, stating they want to retire his jersey, have a ceremony… They state he’s clearly one of the greatest PAckers of all time.

      There was an article posted recently where Bob Harlan said the Packers wanted Favre to come back an attend (Ron Wolf or Mike Holmgrem’s, can’t recall which) induction into the Packers HOF as it would be the perfect time to make amends but Favre’s people never responded at all.

      If you can produce any quotes from the Packers front office or coaching staff that has been in the finger-pointing or negative realm, please post them. I’ve not seen a scrap of it. Ted Thompson still has a picture of Favre above his desk in his office, for the love of god.