Forte Gets New Deal, Makes Bears Major Threat in NFC North All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Image courtesy of The Chicago Sun-Times

With the franchise-tag deadline in the NFL only hours away, the Chicago Bears have agreed to a long-term contract with running back Matt Forte according to Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times.  While there is no doubt that Forte deserved the increase in his pay, this isn’t the best of news for the Green Bay Packers.

The Bears were already looking like a major threat in the NFC North thanks to a solid offseason that brought in Brandon Marshall and Michael Bush.  However, with Forte as a potential holdout candidate due to his displeasure about not getting a new deal, the Bears’ offense didn’t seem as potent without a weapon like Forte who can make plays in a number of ways on the field.

Now that hope of the Bears being less dynamic on offense is shattered with the signing of Forte.  With Jay Cutler, Forte, Bush and Marshall, along with a number of other potentially dynamic players on offense, the Bears have to be considered one of the premier offensive teams in the league.

Of course, they won’t be nearly as dangerous as the Packers on offense, but they could certainly leap over the Detroit Lions as the second best offensive unit in the NFC North.  With the defense still filled with game-changing players, the Bears have now become as balanced and talented as any team in the NFL.

While Green Bay is still the favorite to win the division, the gap between Chicago and the Packers just got quite a bit closer thanks to this new deal.

  • Ron LC

    Before I start contemplating jumping off the Hone Bridge in Milwaukee, I remember Forte had a knee problem. Will he be the same? And most of all a new O coordinator, Mikey Tyce formerly of the Qeenies, will be in charge. Don’t remember the Queenies being that good on O when Tyce was there.

    • Oppy

      What, did a bunch of Vikings fans raid this site??

      “Ron LC made some disparaging remarks on the good name of old ally norseman Tice on!!! Rolf, Leif, SOUND THE VIKING HORN, SUMMON THE HORDE, TONIGHT WE VOTE ‘THUMBS DOWN’!! SKOL!”

  • Elle

    I still don’t get why people think Brandon Marshall is going to be a huge problem. He’s serviceable but these are players years removed (both have sucked since then)from their magical year in Denver, and they’re both in a totally different (and new) offensive scheme…

    I’m way more worried about the Lions.

  • marpag

    This is pretty much “non-news” in my opinion. We all knew from the start that Forte was going to be playing for the Bears.

    I’m more interested to know how much money they sunk into him. (CBS is saying it averages 8M per year, but doesn’t say anything about guaranteed money, etc).

    In my opinion, running backs like Forte are almost always overpaid, and Chicago is clearly a little desperate these days. I’m guessing the Bears flinched on this one and gave Forte too much.

  • Oppy

    Did anyone out there really think the Bears weren’t going to sign Forte? He has been their entire offense for years.

  • Let’s re-title this article Matt:

    “Forte gets new deal – makes Bears a major threat in the NFCN” – IF:

    1. Their O Line doesn’t get Cut head decapitated by week 2.

    2. Brandon Marshall doesn’t punch some stripper on the south side after a loss and get himself arrested.

    3. Cut head decided he wants to put away the pouty face for a whole season (has not happened once yet in his career)

    4. Their Defense doesn’t suddenly (and finally) give up the ghost and submit to their age.

    5. Their new Safeties and CB’s other than Tillman can actually play. (I’ll believe it when I see it)

    6. Mike Tice suddenly becomes intelligent. (not likely from the man that invented the Randy Ratio)
    In other words, the Bears are a talented but not well rounded team. Every single year they’ve resorted to a hope and a prayer. Once every 5 years, it works.

    They’ll compete for a wildcard this year if all these things go well for them, but they are NOT a threat to the Packers in the NFCN.

    GB wins the division this year by 3 games. At the very least.

  • I wouldn’t say his signing tilts the needle to major threat. You can argue Marshall’s addition will make them a major threat, but a lot of question marks (see the preceding comment) remain.

    While the Bears needed to keep Forte, this does seem backwards. With the addition of Michael Bush, the Bears are committed to annual salary at running back of around $11 million per season, when the NFL is now a passing league. I don’t see a successful long-term plan here.

  • Jerry Richardson

    I find the comments regarding the “Great Green Bat Packers” very amusing. Before Jay Cutler and Matt Forte were lost to injury last year the Bears were 7-3 and one of the best offensive teams in the NFL scoring an avg of 31 points per game. The offseason additions of Marshall and Busch alone make this offense a very real threat to score near the 40 point per game average. The Bears will win the NFC North and Will Host a first round bye and home field advantage thru the playoffs. Count on it….Bear Down.

    • I thought those negative ratings were from Bears fans. I love reading trolls. Very amusing.

      You see, Mr. Richardson – our team, unlike yours, has actually accomplished things in the past 25 years. GB has a great recent history. Packer fans expect to win against our division foes, and more often than not, we do.

      You can hope and pray all you want – the fact is that if you combined Green Bay’s and Chicago’s players, 16 or more starters would be from GB. There is no competition who is the better team.

      It’ll be better for you if you just bring your expectations into the realm of reality before the season starts.

      Bear down…or maybe not… lolz…

    • marpag

      No team in NFL history has ever come close to scoring 40 points per game. (The 2007 Patriots have the record at 36.8). But yeah, maybe Jerry Richardson and the mighty 2012 Chicago Bears are “a very real threat” to blow that record away. Um, sure.

      PS to Jerr-Bear: While last year’s wonder-tandem of Cutler/Forte were scoring 31 a game during a 10 game stretch, the Packers were averaged 35 for the whole season. The Bears ended the season averaging 22 per game. So yeah, definitely do hold your breath until they hit 40.

      PPS to Jerr-Bear: EVERYONE – even Chicago – is great when you don’t count the times that they sucked.

    • Oppy

      Yes, “Bear Down!!” Indeed.

      I say it all the time, but it’s like “Bear Down… 17 points to the Packers at Halftime”,


      “Bear Down!!”, in the same context as “Officer Down” or “Jay Cutler has a hangnail, Bear Down, he’s on the bench for the rest of the game”.

    • Oppy

      Here’s a breakdown of your ten opponents to start 2011 when your Bears were tearing up the league averaging *31 points per game*…. Broken down by how those opponents’ defenses ranked for the year (points allowed):

      Team…..Defensive Rank(by points allowed).. Average PPG Allowed:

      MIN 31st 28.1
      DET 23rd 24.4 (played twice during first 10 games)
      ATL 18th 21.9
      NO 13th 21.2
      GB 19th 22.4
      CAR 27th 26.8
      TB 32nd 30.9
      PHI 10th 20.5
      SD 22nd 23.6

      So, the Bears wild, amazing offense during the first 10 games (7-3 record) came against only two defenses that ranked in the top 50% of the league.. So 80% of the defenses were below average, and 60% of the Bears games were against defenses that ranked in the lowest 33% in PPG allowed, including the two WORST DEFENSES IN PPG ALLOWED with MIN and TB.

      Very convincing stuff..

      By the way, while you’re tooting
      your horn because the Bears scored *31 ppg average* against shitty defenses for the first ten games of the 2011 season, Packers fans are calling their own 15-1 campaign a failure because they didn’t win the super bowl…

      P.S.- The Bears *REALLY* averaged 26.8 ppg through week 11… Just sayin’.

      Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • Dan

    Was there any doubt that forte was ,one way or another, going to play this year? The franchise tag salary was what? 7M plus? This is not big news. The Packs D will be better this year and our offense is already the best in the NFL, plus, gay cutler always turns into a little girl when he plays against the Pack.