Diondre Borel Catches the Eye of Aaron Rodgers on Day 1 of Packers’ Minicamp

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  1. pointerjeff
    June 13, 2012

    I will say it yet again: I love the death out of Donald Driver, but I do not get bringing him back at the expense of talented younger players. This is not Thompson’s style. So my question: Who is that man posing as GM TT, and what have you done with the real Ted Thompson?!!!!

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  2. Ron LC
    June 13, 2012

    Need to wait and see what happens on the field with contact before making any conclusions. There’s plenty of time to make that call. “Coach Speak” doesn’t always match reality. Let the competition begin for the WR positions.

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  3. Sol Rosenburg
    June 13, 2012

    pointerjeff said: “…but I do not get bringing him back at the expense of talented younger players. This is not Thompson’s style.

    We know what we get from Donald. The most recent game, the playoff loss, what did we get from him? GOOD HANDS, unlike what we got from everyone else.

    You act like Driver sucked or dropped tons of passes last time out when, in fact, he performed better than the younger guys.

    I love Gurley, and Borel and Moss seem like they have tons of potential. But with “potential”, often times they don’t “perform” on the big stage when given the opportunity.

    This team is ready to win Super Bowls now, and it’s less risky to roll with the sure-thing Donald than it is to roll the dice with such inexperienced receivers who need to be on the same page with Arod.

    Trust in Ted & Mike when it comes to offense.

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    • Wagszilla
      June 13, 2012

      This is true of 2011 DD but when we won the Super Bowl in 2010 he was injured most of the season and pretty transparent in the playoffs.

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  4. Bubbaloo
    June 13, 2012

    While Rodgers comments feed our (fans) appetites, the truth is that he is biased. He knows that he’ll be there for many years to come and that Driver won’t be, therefore he’d hate to see that young talent leave the team. I agree with pointerjeff on “Why Driver vs young talent” but I also believe that this is Driver’s “Last Hoorah” and it’s nearly untouchable. We’ll see! I like both Borel and Gurley, but should one of them not make the final 53 and not want another year on the PS, I’m pretty certain one of the other young guys in camp will gladly fill that spot.

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    • Mojo
      June 13, 2012

      Right Bubba, one consolation of perhaps losing Gurley and/or Borel is it does open up some PS spots for a couple of the eligible players from the 90 on the roster. My guess is the Pack will have no problem culling 8 ‘stars of the future’ from the 30 plus players who won’t make the final roster.

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  5. Robbo
    June 13, 2012

    Perhaps DD will be playing safety??!!

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  6. Wagszilla
    June 13, 2012

    As interesting as I think it’d be to see a Cobb and Borel tandem, I don’t think that Borel will make the 53.

    Guys like Cobb come off as really nice gadget players but you can’t rely on them as your #1 or 2. Well you can try like Minnesota has with Percy Harvin but their record pretty much speaks for itself.

    I’m much more interested in seeing Gurley making the team. I think they want him to be a “Finley type” to draw a lot of attention in the backfield and he seems to have the size and hands to be a big time player.

    I could see them taking another WR on the 53 in favor of dropping a TE or two but a lot of it comes down to if they can play special teams or not.

    We’ll see.

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  7. El Guapo
    June 13, 2012

    If Diondre Borel is anything like Cobb then there no way he doesn’t make the team. Don’t tell me that Cobb or Borel can’t be starting WRs in this league because Victor Cruz sure showed he was capable of it last year and they are all similar players.

    Like Borel, Cruz was an undrafted FA that just racked up 1500 yrds and 9 TDs for the Giants in only his 2nd season.

    If Borel can show even a fraction of that ability on the field in the preseason then it would be dumb to cut him, or Gurley for that matter, to keep a guy like James Jones and his 3 million dollar salary for at best the 4th WR job.

    I understand them keeping Driver for one more year, he gave us 13 years the least they could do was give him 1 year even if they don’t need him.

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  8. James david Marsh
    June 13, 2012

    There is NO WAY that GB will not keep the wide recievers that give them the best chance to win. WR Cobb will be a rising star on offence this year. In the playoff game against NYG, WR Driver was guarded by linebackers and during the regular season, he had more “drops” than WR Jones had on a % basis. I hope that GB keeps TE`s Finley, Taylor, and Williams and WR`s Jennings, Nelson, Cobb, Jones, Gurley, Borel, and Moss. When and if Quarless comes back from the PUP list, maybe GB could trade one WR for a draft pick instead of just having one picked of of the RS.

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  9. aaronqb
    June 14, 2012

    I agree with several of the posters here. I do not understand TTs logic in paying Driver $1.2 million and bringing him back for another year. He will be at best the #5 WR on the team and he doesn’t play special teams (except on the hands team). It’s a waste of a roster spot. He made catches against the NYG because he was being covered by a LB.

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  10. Tarynfor12
    June 14, 2012

    No matter who Rodgers has his eyes on in the WR group…All eyes of fans are on DD and each side looking for vindication of their belief of keeping or releasing.

    I myself feel he can play to a limit and should be allowed to do so…elsewhere as there is no true upside in keeping him in GB.Trade rumors of JJ have swirled again and what he may bring in return.I would rather keep JJ and trade DD for what he was valued in the beginning and is now in the end…a 6-7th rd pick.There is no argument possible that could sway me to believing DD merits a chair over JJ at this WR table.

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    • Dean Somerville
      June 15, 2012

      At this point and at 28 years old, no chance to ever be more than #3 or 4 in Green Bay, even a 6th rounder is worth more than Jones, if he is replaceable with Gurley and Borel, even Smithson & the return ability. Fully expect a practice squad spot for Moss, with at least one of Driver or Jones being gone…. the WR depth would still be very good without either.

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