Packers 2012 NFL Draft – Second Round Pick: Jerel Worthy, DT, Michigan State All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers Second Round Draft Pick Jerel Worthy MSU
Packers Second Round Draft Pick Jerel Worthy MSU

With their second-round pick (51st overall) in the 2012 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers selected Jerel Worthy a defensive tackle / defensive end from Michigan State University.

The Packers traded their 2nd round pick (#59) and 4th round pick (#123) to the Philadelphia Eagles for their 2nd round pick (#51).  This was the first trade of the 2012 NFL draft by the Packers.

Player Details

Defensive Tackle / Defensive End
Michigan State University
Huber Heights, OH
Wayne High School


Worthy started 38-of-40 games for Michigan State at the left defensive tackle position, registering 107 tackles (52 solos)…His twelve sacks for minus 78 yards rank 14th on the school career-record chart, while his 27.5 stops for losses totaling 118 yards rank 13th in MSU annals…Added six quarterback pressures with two fumble recoveries and six pass deflections…Also blocked three kicks.

Agility Tests

5.03 in the 40-yard dash…1.81 10-yard dash…2.97 20-yard dash…4.58 20-yard shuttle… 7.62 three-cone drill…28 ½-inch vertical jump…8’11” broad jump…Bench pressed 225 pounds 28 times…33-inch arm length…9 3/8-inch hands…79 7/8-inch wingspan.

Scouting Report

What makes life difficult for offensive linemen that have to face Worthy one-on-one is that explosive first step. He will sometimes align a half-step off the line of scrimmage and that technique allows him to get a “head of steam” to collide and engage the interior linemen, where his 27.5 stops behind the line of scrimmage attest to his ability to create havoc in the backfield. He has good mechanics crossing the face of those blockers and shooting the gaps, using his long arms to easily engulf and wrap up the ball carrier.  Wes Bunting of National Football Post has this to say about Worthy, “A talented kid with a thick frame, “plus” get off burst and snap awareness to his game. However, doesn’t shed blocks well when engaged and lacks ideal anchor ability inside. Looks like a one-gap type lineman only who could give solid reps at both nose and three-technique in a 43 front. But is going to need some time before he’s ready to start.”


While the Packers definitely needed to get some help along their defensive line, I’m not sure I agree with trading up and losing a pick in order to take a player like Worthy who could have possibly been available later in the draft.  Also, with players like Devon Still, Brandon Thompson and Alameda Ta’amu still on the board, Green Bay would have likely been able to sit back and still get a player who was capable of making an impact instantly.

With that said, Worthy does fill a need, and if Ted Thompson traded up for him, he must be much better than we all think.


12 thoughts on “Packers 2012 NFL Draft – Second Round Pick: Jerel Worthy, DT, Michigan State

  1. The Packers have selected 2 guys with a lot of ability, a lot of potential. But they didn’t play like it all the time, that worries me. They also played very different schemes than what the Packers employ.

    They’re banking on both adapting to Capers’ scheme and realizing their potential.

    And it’s clear both were need picks. They probably were good value when they were picked, but they were picked for need. Moving up after Reyes was taken was a clear sign of that.

    I didn’t want him, his getoff is elite, best acceleration and antecipation of the snap count there was in this draft, but too often he just jumps the gap and gets taken off the play.

    Again, TT picked very talented guys, and he’s banking on the coaches putting their talents to use. It doesn’t always pan out like that.

  2. One last thing, though.

    The Packers will have very good pass rush on passing downs. I have no doubt about that.

  3. Depth and Flexibility was added to the D Line. And that’s a good thing. The Pack had real touble last when the line rotation was woefully undermanned. Hargrove, Muir and now Worthy have added real strnegth and depth. Wilson and Wynn now have to upgrade in order to stay on the team. Neal better be thinking about his future starting now.

  4. As a Spartan, I watched a lot of this guy throughout his career.

    He was kind of hit or miss as far as contributing to the pass rush or opening holes but I think one vastly underrated thing about this guy is his vision.

    He was always getting his hands up, knocking down balls, cutting off angles, and showing a high level of “football smarts” and intuition.

    Great pick Ted!

  5. Usually when I see the draft unfold, I see Packers fans make their case about who should be picked and why. And every year, Thompson does it his way, and just completely picks people that we never even thought of.

    The vast majority of them this year said that we needed pass rushers, and this year, that’s actually exactly what we’re getting.


  6. I like the picks. Being instinctively conservative in sporting matters I wanted the “safe” picks of McClennin/Reyes but with them off the board we may have got players with higher ceilings..

    I agree with the comment on another thread that our picks do seem to make the prospect of a hybrid scheme more likely -fitting the scheme to the players, which at least on paper looks good.

    We can only wait and see but I’m a happy punter right now. Onwards and upwards..

  7. Did you see these kids faces when they were selected by the Green Bay Packers. Each of them had a big sigh of relief.

    The “safe” picks were hyped and taken higher. These guys were not the 1st taken and in JEREL WORTHY
    the Michigan State kid, I think many teams are going to regret passing on him in the 1st round. JEREL WORTHY’s emotions show me humility, relief and hugging his mother (I assume) respect and love. That is something the GB D will build on. He is one piece of the puzzle but in the 4th quarter next year, I predict Pick will come out and the oppossing QB’s will have to be thinking about this man coming for them.

    With the ROLB upgraded (whether the 1st round guy does that or someone steps up) there will be pocket pressure.

    I like all three picks. The new CB sends a message to all the DB’s (even Woodson) that their games need to be elevated as TT will continue to find improvements in the draft.

    1. It is important to find long term players who can fit into GB as not every player can. I believe this new stud DL man will fit in as a GB Player. His college is very similiar and his transition might be a factor over Reyes, Devon Still, Brandon Thompson and Alameda Ta’amu. Playing football is one thing, adjusting to the new life is another.

      In TT we trust.

  8. I was glad when Perry was still there at 28th. I was really kind of surprised that Worthy slid that far, so the trade-up was fine by me. He was slated to go somewhere around 26th OA by some of the “gurus”. Every year there is some sort of wierdness that happens that has really good players drop. Seems to me that Aaron Rodgers slid all the way out of the ‘projected 1st or 2nd OA pick’ … all because of some percieved knock on him because he was coming from the Tedford system? Some ‘scouts’ are just rediculous. REAL players will learn, adjust and play. It’s not drafting for need unless you reach too far. Need factors into the overall worth and draft grade given to a player by any given team. These were great picks.

  9. As usual TT is making very interesting picks,but at least he’s adding D help so I’m happy. This should make for a very competitive training camp on D. At the least we’ll be deep and have choices. Now let’s get our center,Brewster and RB, Polk. Crick would also be a good value pick right now.His junior #’s were great.

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