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Surviving Sundays With No Packers Football
Surviving Sundays With No Packers Football

For those looking for Adam Czech, I’m sorry to report I am not him. I’ll be filling in for him in this edition of Surviving Sunday.

Ted Thompson continued his uncharacteristic off-season by continuing to be extremely active in free agency. The Packers signed Anthony Hargrove after the move was speculated last week. So far this off-season, the Packers have added Jeff Saturday, Daniel Muir, Anthony Hargrove, and re-signed Jermichael Finley and Jarrett Bush.

The Packers also brought in Dave Tollefson, formerly a New York Giant, for a visit that began on Thursday and continued into Saturday. Whether or not Tollefson is signed, it is clear Thompson is not playing around when it comes to revamping the Packers defense.

It was clear that the Packers defense needed reinforcements, but no one could have predicted just how active Thompson would be. It makes sense with how quickly Super Bowl windows open and close. The Packers’ window to compete for and win Super Bowls in the near future is open and Thompson’s activity shows the Packers aren’t interested in waiting around to strictly develop new talent on defense.

Brian Carriveau over at Cheesehead TVhas a great piece on the Packers’ recent activity and the possible implications of the moves. In the article Carriveau points to the Packers moving towards a hybrid defense with situational role players being shuffled in accordingly.

Packers Thoughts:

The Packers made the re-signing of Jarrett Bush official. Bringing back Bush is a great move for the Packers because of his contributions on special teams. While his cornerback play leaves much to be desired, Bush fits the mold of Woodson’s role as a hybrid corner playing in the slot, blitzing off the edge and roaming around.

The NFL announced that the Cowboys have gotten the nod to play the Giants in the season opener. Many thought it would be the last two Super Bowl champions, the reigning MVP vs. the reigning Super Bowl MVP. The ratings for Cowboys-Giants will be incredible and the NFL couldn’t pass it up. It’s disappointing for Packers fans who wanted revenge on the Giants as soon as possible, but now that will have to wait until later in the season.

Over at Acme Packing Company, Kevin McCauley wrote a good piece about the Packers’ potential plans for Donald Driver and Chad Clifton. The quotes from McCarthy are pretty interesting and the piece pays nice attention to the financial implications of the decisions regarding Driver and Clifton.

Around the NFL:

The Saints have had conversations about bringing in Bill Parcells as their head coach in light of the suspensions stemming from Bounty-gate. This is where I think the NFL’s penalties don’t completely make sense. Why should the Saints be allowed to bring in a future Hall-of-Fame coach? In order to really feel the impact of the NFL’s punishment, the Saints should have to name an interim head coach from within. Also, the lack of taking away the Saints’ first round pick next year could end up providing the Saints with a nice reward for a thrown away season if it comes down to that.

Ryan Leaf. It’s gotten even more depressing.I don’t care about Tim Tebow and the Jets and especially not about Donovan McNabb’s opinion.

Starting today (April 1), Nike takes over the as the official supplier of NFL uniforms and sideline gear. New Era has rights to start making official hats as well. The unveiling of the jerseys and other Nike gear takes place on the 3rd and knowing Nike, it will be a grand event. As a Nike fan, I’m excited about the switch from Reebok. For those not worried about having the latest and most up-to-date jersey, there’s a nice sale taking place at

In Case you Missed It

  • Donald Driver has survived and continues his path to becoming a DWTS champion.
  • Nick Collins’ future should become clear fairly soon. Great quotes from McCarthy as well.
  • McCarthy defended his decision to sit Rodgers in the regular season finale.

Non-Packers Thought of the Week

Since I’m relatively new to the site, I wanted to use this space to let some of you faithful readers know a little about me. I’m a 21-year old college student at Seattle University. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in Oakland, CA.

I became a Packers fan when I was 5, watching a random game with my dad, who wasn’t a huge football fan at the time. I asked my dad who he was rooting for. He told me the Packers because he was from Wisconsin. Like most little kids, I wanted to do everything my dad did, so I rooted for the Packers. I quickly became obsessed and the rest is history.

Over the last few years, my dad and I have tried to make it to a game (a couple trips to Lambeau, @Det on Thanksgiving in ’07, @KC last season, and every trip to the Bay). I started writing about the Packers in August of last year. I write over at Bleacher Report as well as here. Outside of the Packers, I am interested in African Studies, basketball, soccer and collecting shoes.

I want to thank Jersey Al for providing me with the opportunity, all the other writers here for the warm welcome and to the readers and all who comment.


Michael is a sports writer currently attending Seattle University. You can follow Michael on Twitter .


  • Ron LC

    Collecting shoes? You wanna explain that? Seriously, welcome and I look forward to more.

    Agree with Brian, the Packers will be playing a hybrid D in 2012. He’s not going for the break the bank FA’s. He is building a quality Dline with substntially more depth than the 2011 version.

    • BubbaOne

      A man w/ a Ray Nitschke avatar asking another man to explain his want for collecting shoes…pricless. Thanks Ron, you made my day.

      I’m not convinced the signings are a move towards a hybrid D. I can see both Hargrove and Tollefson as situational pass rushers in the 2-4-5. It would lessen reps for Raji which by itself would be a good thing. Also Tollefson in the fire zone blitz could drop back into some coverage pckg’s.

      • BubbaOne

        That’s priceless for any grammar nazis.

      • Ron LC

        Just asking! Don’t believe I’ve ever seen that on a GB fan bio before.

        • LOL. Part of my being a big basketball fan. I collect mostly Jordans and Kobes, but other random Nike basketball shoes as well.

          • BubbaOne

            Damn Michael, whatta ya doin’? You should have told Ron you were the reincarnation of Imelda Marcos.
            I crack myself up picturing Ray Nitschke bellowing “say what?” while doing the neanderthal head scratch.

            • Ron LC

              Are you sure that’d be a head scratch?

  • BubbaOne

    Tollefson was only suppose to be here Thurs & Fri. A 3 day visit for a FA…hmm, house hunting or negotiating?

    Since we’re not privy to the medical, pyschological, and wonderlic testing maybe the reason TT signed Muir and Hargrove is the draft choices are less than ideal.

  • JimR_in_DC

    Thanks for filling in for Adam, Michael. Good work! Now about Ron’s (AKA Ray Nitschke) question about Michael’s shoe collecting, ROFL!! 😀

    So, what’s this about running a hybrid defense, and what does that actually mean? Thanks.

    • BubbaOne

      It means the D plays both 3-4 and 4-3. Read Brian’s piece at CHTV. I think Wilde or JS Online had an article on it as well.