Tebow Time Speculation Highlights Slow Offseason in Green Bay

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Tim Tebow? That is what the offseason in Green Bay has come down to. Speculation that the Packers should give Tim Tebow a look either through trade or free agency if he is cut. Tebow would be brought in as a backup to Aaron Rodgers and compete with Graham Harrell for the second string spot.

Whether this move would be good, bad or whatever is not the point. The point is that Packers fans need to accept the quiet and eerie feeling that the team doesn’t even exist when free agency begins and huge contracts are being thrown around wildly (much like Tebow’s passes).

A visit by center Jeff Saturday, speculation of a move to get Tim Tebow and the latest, the re-signing of Jarrett Bush to a new, three-year contract.

The reaction of many fans is that Ted Thompson isn’t doing his job properly and that the Packers are letting their Super Bowl window run out. This team needs a better defense, that’s no secret. There needs to be an improved pass rush and new blood is certain to be brought in.

The Packers are a team that is set to compete once August comes around and quickly turns into September and the start of the 2012-2013 season. The core that remains is likely to not only compete next season, but for seasons ahead. Because of this, fans need to remember that it’s not exactly do-or-die for the Packers and there is no point in breaking the bank and going into cap-hell, just to get that much better this year.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Packers have been so quiet this off-season as it has been the M.O. since Ted Thompson took over. This is a team that has built through the draft and undrafted free agents. That’s not going to change.

That doesn’t mean Ted Thompson isn’t doing his job and completing shut down business in Green Bay. Besides attempting to re-sign Green Bay’s own, Thompson is surely doing his due diligence, calling free agents, but finding no value and that’s the key. For Thompson, building his team is all about finding value.

Thompson has found value in the contract of Jordy Nelson, many undrafted free agents like Tramon Williams and even Aaron Rodgers with the 24th pick in the 2005 draft.

In doing so, Thompson already has this Packers team in position to compete next season and beyond.

It’s frustrating now, while it appears that teams are doing everything they can to get better and the Packers are standing pat, but in a months time when the draft rolls around, it’s Thompson’s time to shine.

The Packers’ pass rush, or lack thereof, did have a negative impact on the football team and allowed the New York Giants to march into Lambeau and make it their playground, but that personnel grouping also won 15 other games. The Packers are much better off than most teams in the league right now, despite other teams’ signings of Player X or Player Y for millions and millions of guaranteed dollars.

As frustrating as it is, this process brought Packers fans a Super Bowl and a 15-1 regular season. There’s no reason that the Packers shouldn’t be hosting another playoff game at Lambeau next season (let’s just hope they win that).

As many Packers fans say, In Ted We Trust.

This doesn’t mean blindly agreeing with every move that Thompson makes. He is just like any other member of the franchise, whether coach or player that is capable of making mistakes. While Rodgers may throw a random, idiotic interception straight into the chest of Brian Urlacher, he’s still the best at what he does. McCarthy may call an onside kick that backfires; he’s still a great coach.

The Packers will be competitive next season and one of the main reasons is because of this frustrating process of free agency. It’s frustrating to no end now, but it’s definitely made up for it during football season the last two years outside of one January 15th playoff game. When football season starts, it’ll make up for this period of “inactivity”.



Michael is a sports writer currently attending Seattle University. You can follow Michael on Twitter .


  • PackersRS

    Pretty much agreed on all aspects. Great post, sums well my feelings regarding what’s happening.

  • Terry

    Back in the late 1950’s the Packers got hold of a quarterback from Notre Dame and found out he wasn’t a very good quarterback. What they did was make him into an all-pro running back with the threat of the halfback pass. History often repeats itself.

    • CSS

      Not a bad thought, but he’s nothing I would want in a half-back. H-back that blocks and runs occasional routes, yes.

      As a half-back he offers nothing in space, not elusive/slippery, bad speed for a RB, takes square hits far, far too often.

      Kid is a football player, I can’t pick on that one bit. But if you were looking at actual running back qualities Tebow would be a 6th round pick or PFA in a redraft.

      • Bubbaloo

        CSS says: “Tebow would be a 6th round pick or PFA in a redraft.”
        Yes, like he should have been the first time around. He might be a football player, but I have yet to figure out what position he might fit, long snappers are more accurate, and pretty much all the other positions involve skill too, so………Maybe he’s not!

        • CSS

          Just to be clear, I said if he was analyzed and drafted as a half-back. I still think he would be worthy of a 4th round pick as either a H-back (hybrid) or developmental QB in a re-draft. As raw as I believe he was this year he’s still as good as almost any other #2 QB in the NFL. That’s more of a testimony to the QB depth and talent in the NFL as opposed to a compliment of Tebow.

    • Thomas Hobbes

      Back in the 1950’s the Packers also drafted a fullback 15th overall, and while he was awesome back then, I highly doubt he could survive in today’s game. My overall feeling with Tebow is much like the “wildcat” itself, it’s going to throw teams off for a couple of years, but when enough tape is out there teams are going to figure it out and it’s going to be less effective.

    • How & when does history repeat itself?

  • Bubbaloo

    Other than the headline, (which was obviously for “Shock” effect) nice article Michael. As for that headline however, I am a former (and reformed) TT basher, but signing Tebow could easily reverse that. If that headline had posted prior to the stock sale it’s likely Lambeau would NOT be getting the upgrade.

    • Why so strongly against the idea of bringing Tebow in for a late round pick, developing him and flipping him for a higher pick?

      • Bubbaloo

        Trade those picks to Move Up in the draft, don’t just throw them away. Name a single QB that has been ‘Taught’ accuracy! You either have it or you don’t! Tebow does NOT!

      • Pat M

        I agree with bubbaloo, Tebow doesn’t have accuracy. We already have a couple of new QB’s that are accurate passer’s. Let MM bring them through QB school and let’s see what we get for a new backup. I also don’t think the distraction is needed.

        Now if Tebow could play OLB or DL I’d say bring him on.

      • Thomas Hobbes

        My feeling is that you should never justify developing a player just to trade them, for one you you might be giving firepower to rival teams, but why invest in a player only to see some other team profit? Furthermore, the biggest issue would definitely be the media circus that surrounds Tebow, which isn’t really his fault, but I don’t think you can be a great team player as a backup quarterback with that much attention on you all day.

  • Ron LC

    Some of McGinn’s football god-faries are getting into the water supply over at the four letter. I thought after the franchise tag fiasco the idiot reporters would find soemthing better to write about.

    Apparently not! And the isnaity goes on. Can somebody make the case for a draft choice (3 or 4) this year for Tebow so, after MM laid hands on him in 3yrs. GB could trade him again for maybe a 3?

    Start some good defensive rumours, at least.

    • Thomas Hobbes

      I totally agree, but the media is reporting that no one is going to give more than a 5th round pick for Tebow. So a 5th rounder for a 3rd rounder in the end, plus decent a decent backup for 3 years? That’s probably the best case scenario. a 5th rounder for someone you have to cut in 2 years? Probably more likely

  • Zack

    To those talking about how Teebow will never be accurate, never say never. If he had 3 or 4 years to develop sound mechanics behind Rodgers or Manning who’s to say what he could accomplish? is it a garauntee? no. is it so much of a stretch that it could never happen? I don’t think so. Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

    If Denver would actually cut teebow, what could it hurt to have Teebow as a back up? I mean, learning from one of the best is the best thing that could happen for Teebow… especially a guy like Rodgers who likes taking in young QB’s under his wing. If Teebow is ever to have long term success the only way that’ll happen is by coming in behind a vet QB for 3 or 4 years and learning how to play the game. I would think he’d be stoked for that opportunity to learn from one of the best. For us it would give us a little reassurance that our team will be interesting to watch in more ways than one if… well I won’t bring up the unmentionable…

    But this is all very, very thin. why would Denver cut Teebow just because Manning is coming in? It would make as much sense for them to develop Teebow behind Manning as it would for us to develop him behind Rodgers not to mention they’re taking a huge risk on whether or not Manning is going to be able to last even for one season. The best chance for them to fill seats if manning goes down is through Teebow. Plus if you think about it from Teebow’s perspective if he had a choice he’d probably want to play behind manning simply because Rodgers has a lot more time left in the league where as you have to imagine that manning has at most 3-4 years.

    If Denver did cut him, which I don’t think they will, he’ll be offered a lot more money from clubs who want to fill their seats and have no other way to make that happen but to bring a media hype sensation like Teebow. Depends on where his priorities lie as to whether he would do the smart thing at that point by going in behind someone and learning the game for a few years or go for the money and the immediate starting position.

    If we took on Teebow it would have to be for the right price… Developing Teebow would be a risky endeavor bordering on comparison to exploring uncharted territory and he should be paid as such so I’m not a proponent of bringing him in for big bucks or even for above average money. I’m one for offering him the opportunity to come in at a bargain to learn from the best in the business who happens to be the best in the league to learn from with a proven history of mentoring young QB’s. If he likes it take it. If not then let him walk. Basically what I’m saying is I’m 99.9% sure Teebow won’t ever be in GB but I wouldn’t be opposed to it if the stars aligned and somehow the opportunity presented itself… Sorry for the long post but there’s a lot of layers to this that haven’t yet been discussed.

    • Bubbaloo

      Zack, read what you wrote! “If we spent 3 – 4 years developing Tebow”? 3 -4 Years? What? Are you crazy? Why waste that much time on Tebow when you could have someone with real NFL potential for that same time? C’mon Man! If risks are worth it, TRADE UP!!!!!!!!!

      • Zack

        LOL. I’m with you it’s a long shot but it’s a fun long shot… plus if anyone can make teebow into an NFL QB we can. I don’t think there’s another organization that develops players as well as the Packers. Don’t worry bubbaloo, this is the biggest long shot that has been discussed all offseason. When you hear the term offseason “fluff” when referring to rumors and such this article and all of the responses are perfect examples. Sometimes it’s fun to ponder what if’s though especially because we don’t have anything better to do until draft day. I mean the most exciting thing that may happen is we might sign Saturday which is a big deal but it’s not really a thing that you can talk about for longer than 5 minutes.