Jarrett Bush to Re-sign With the Green Bay Packers

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Jarrett Bush Re-signs with the Packers
Jarrett Bush Re-signs with the Packers

It’s being reported today that cornerback and special teams ace Jarrett Bush has decided the grass is not greener elsewhere and will stay with the Packers. According to Aaron Wilson of Scout.com, he spoke with a league source familiar with the Bush negotiations. The source told Wilson that Bush has signed a three-year contract with Green Bay after visiting with the Arizona Cardinals and the NY Jets.

Bush was scheduled to visit with the Dallas Cowboys as well, but decided to not bother and just re-upped with the Packers.

Bush has been a favorite whipping boy for many Packers fans, but the last two seasons he has shown steady improvement in the secondary and has elevated his special teams play to be one of the best in the league. One big reason is that he has seemingly quelled his propensity for drawing penalty flags. That was something that caused plenty of angst among Packers fans.

This move makes perfect sense. Although Bush still struggles inn some aspects of playing secondary (still has trouble locating a ball thrown over his head), the Packers coaches have made a point to use him in ways that play to his strengths. In addition, the Packers’ coaches highly value versatility, and Bush has plenty of  it. Besides cornerback, he can and has played safety when needed.

Exact terms of the contract have not been disclosed yet, but Derek Fox, Bush’s agent told the Green Bay Press-Gazzette’s Rob Demovsky that it was better than his last contract, which was for three years and 5.5 million total.


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  • Mojo

    Now our defense is set.

    • ThomasMagnumPI

      That’s a good one.

    • Thomas Hobbes

      While you jest, I’m completely serious when I say our special teams might be set with him.

    • Big T

      yeah baby another subpar defensive player woo hoo!!

  • JimR_in_DC

    Good! I used to toss a little hate towards ol’ Highway 24, but, I’ve wised up and learned to love what he brings as a special teamer and as a b/u corner/safety.

    • PackersRS

      He has wisen up. He was an atrocity of a cornerback and a penalty machine at ST.

      Physically gifted, hard worker. Took his sweet time but he’s a key component of our ST unit and a versatile backup. Won me over with his comments that even though he knew Packers fans hated him he still loved us, after the SB.

      Don’t want him covering past 5 yards, though. And I hope we’re not allocating a big part of the cap space to a special teamer.

      But, as far as on-field goes, it’s a good re-signing. And I can’t believe I’m saying that.

  • SchenySchen

    I wouldn’t be shocked if they use him more exclusively at safety this year. Tackling in space is one of his strengths plus he wouldn’t have his back to the QB as much. Experienced player and ST stud for a good price. Nice work TT. GoPack!

    • PackersRS

      The thing is, he is remarkably bad at locating the ball in the air. IMHO he can only be used (on defense) in zone coverage, and near the LOS.

      And I doubt his ball awareness can improve substantially.

      • Oppy

        I think what Shenny is implying is that if Bush plays as a safety- since he’ll be mostly playing over the top of the routes- often deep – and looking at the LOS as a result, he won’t be running with the receivers with his back turned.. More often than not, he’d be facing the QB and that would eliminate his problems running forward, looking over his shoulder and trying to locate the ball.

        Playing facing the LOS would hide Bush’s weakness and allow him to capitalize on his athleticism to make plays.

        I personally look forward to seeing him used in some sub packages as an in-the-box safety or perhaps as the extra DB in a frisco package. Get this kid roaming the LOS and let him hit the ball carrier and rush the passer.

        He’s such a nice boy.

        • Thomas Hobbes

          I’ve thought that was the solution as well, after all if he’s such a fast and strong player, wouldn’t you want him closing with the ball infront of him instead of trailing behind it? But apparently McCarthy says that he regrets putting Bush through being a backup safety, so something is a miss and I can’t figure what.

        • SchenySchen

          yes Oppy, that was precisely my point. With regard to MM’s regret, I speculate that was because with him trying to learn both, he got better at neither. GoPack!

  • Steve Cheez

    Once again, TT sticks with an unpopular decision, and time proves him right.

    • Thomas Hobbes

      Was this really an unpopular decision? I’ve felt that Packers fans have warmed up to him and everyone is at peace with what Bush is, not a great corner but a hell of a gunner.

      • Steve Cheez

        I meant that Bush got a lot of flak for a few years, but now the fans seem to be appreciating those parts of the game that he is good at.

  • chris k

    last contract was 3 years 4.5 million.. not 5.5,think its a typo

    Good re-signing though as he’s one of thr most ferocious special teams players along with ryan taylor and and very good 4th or 5th CB depending on House’s development

    • no, it was 4.5 mill plus a one mill signing bonus. That’s why I said “5.5 total”.

  • Dan

    Bush’s Island re-signed, now I can get some sleep. Boy, this free agency thing is fun !

  • JRMD

    ST or make him a safety. He is a horrible coverage corner without a doubt!:(