Watch the Video: Packers’ Donald Driver on Dancing With the Stars All Green Bay Packers All the Time

A little diversion from our usual fare: Here’s the video of Donald Driver on the first night of Dancing With the Stars:


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  • Chad Lundberg


    • Zack

      Wow is right… I really wish he wouldn’t have done this show. I know it’s probably not logical to have lost respect for him for his doing this show but I definitely did. I can’t really help how seeing him cha- cha makes me take him a lot less seriously. I guess he’s a damn good dancer though, gotta give it to him.

      • Thomas Hobbes

        I dunno, let the man live a life outside football. If he wants to wear a silly yellow shirt and dance infront of millions of views, go for it.

        • Zack

          I know but like I said “I can’t really help how seeing him cha- cha makes me take him a lot less seriously.” he has every right to do it and should if it makes him happy but I no longer really take him seriously.

          • Robt

            Lynn Swan, premier wide receiver for Steelers back in the 1970’s and 80’s took up ballet in the off season because it increased his agility and leaping ability to jump for high passes and catch them. More power to Donald to have a life and continue his off season training outside of football!!!!

            • Zack

              Lynn Swann dancing to improve his on the field ability is very different than DD participating in a laughable pathetic throw back to reality TV. It’s a publicity stunt and it’s sickening to watch… It literally makes me sick to see one of my favorite players participating in this… at least go into retirement with some professional dignity.

      • Lisa

        I think it was wonderful! It shows he is truly a GREAT guy with skill! I don’t know if you truly know what respect is if you can decide so quickly to give or take it away…..He is a legend and it was great seeing his family so proud of him for something else besides Football!!!

        • Zack

          Lisa, I know what respect is. I’ll give it to you like this, it’s an overstatement… actually poor wording to say that I “lost respect” but I stand by that I take him less seriously. This show is made for washed up celebrities on the tail end of their careers who don’t really have much else to offer so they have one last publicity stunt for 15min more in the lime light. DD is a great guy and I have a lot of respect for him as a person but as a football player I no longer take him seriously at all. He should just retire.

  • Bearmeat

    That’s 3 minutes of my life that I will never get back.

    And beyond that – doesn’t DD have a wife??? I wonder what his wife thinks about him gettin down with an attractive mostly naked chick on national TV?


    • ScottS

      He was just dancing with her, not banging her. And from what I’ve heard it’s actually great off-season training for both conditioning and agility. Plus, give the guy credit for being brave enough to put himself out there in front of everyone to be judged. And there’s still plenty of life after football, Driver’s just getting a little head start on them. Go Donald! Go Pack!

    • Pete Kliman

      Wife, who’s that?

    • Nancy

      His wife and kids were right there – watch the end of the video. He was great!

  • Jan E.

    What is the name of the song that Donald Driver danced to tonight on DWTS?

  • ELong

    Yikes! The draft can’t get here soon enough.

  • aussiepacker

    I couldnt tell you if DD was a good dancer or not and not just becouse i know bugger all about dancing but i couldnt take my eyes off that chick. God damn she was hot.

    • JimR_in_DC

      Mmmmm, Peta. 😀

  • Thomas Hobbes

    This was literally the first clip I’ve ever seen of Dancing with the Stars and I have two left feet when it comes to dancing myself, was Driver any good at dancing?

  • Adam Czech

    I could always bring back my Packers in professional wrestling series if people don’t want to see DD dance 🙂

    • JimR_in_DC


  • Savage57

    Gonna be interesting to see how this translates to the field. Imagine some of the new moves “Quicky” busts out on DB’s?

    Might have to change his nickname to “Smoove”.