2011 NFL Playoffs Wild Card Round – Game Predictions from AllGreenBayPackers.com

2011 NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Round
Name Straight Up
Against the Spread
Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans (-3)
Kris Burke Bengals Bengals
“Jersey” Al Bracco Texans Texans
Adam Czech (on vacation) Bengals/Texans Bengals/Texans
Thomas Hobbes Texans Texans
Zach Kruse Texans Bengals
Chad Toporski Texans Texans
Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints (-11)
Kris Burke Saints Saints
“Jersey” Al Bracco Saints Lions
Adam Czech (on vacation) Lions/Saints Lions/Saints
Thomas Hobbes Saints Lions
Zach Kruse Saints Saints
Chad Toporski Saints Saints
Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants (-3)
Kris Burke Falcons Falcons
“Jersey” Al Bracco Giants Giants
Adam Czech (on vacation) Falcons/Giants Falcons/Giants
Thomas Hobbes Giants Giants
Zach Kruse Giants Giants
Chad Toporski Falcons Falcons
Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos (+9)
Kris Burke Steelers Steelers
“Jersey” Al Bracco Steelers Broncos
Adam Czech (on vacation) Steelers/Broncos Steelers/Broncos
Thomas Hobbes Steelers Steelers
Zach Kruse Steelers Steelers
Chad Toporski Steelers Broncos

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for AllGreenBayPackers.com. You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


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2 Responses to “2011 NFL Playoffs Wild Card Round – Game Predictions from AllGreenBayPackers.com”

  1. Zach Kruse Zach Kruse says:

    I swear that Adam Czech guy is always on vacation… :)

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  2. Chad Toporski Chad Toporski says:

    This week’s results…

    Al: 6-2
    Thomas: 5-3
    Zach: 5-3
    Chad: 5-3
    Kris: 2-6

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