Rodgers, Woodson, Matthews Inactive for Packers Against the Lions All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers Coach Mike McCarthy
Mike McCarthy Does the Right Thing

In one word: Hooray!

Thanks Mike McCarthy for coming around to the side of sensibility. Protect your stars.

Oh, and to the rest of the 31 teams in the NFL, our Inactive list is BETTER than yours:

Aaron Rodgers

Clay Matthews

Charles Woodson

Greg Jennings

Randall Cobb

Bryan Bulaga

James Starks


Lets go 7 vs. 7 in the parking lot. You receive…




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  • Steve Cheez

    That is a pretty impressive inactive list!

  • Bert Carlson

    Being a 90 year old former Wisconsinite,I am saddened by the fact that I can no longer attend games,watch games on TV when they are not broadcasted in this area, or frequently see players in the off season like I used to. I’ve been a dyed in the wool Packer Backer since I got out of the Army in WWII. I think I have to give the Packers a 3.998 GPA this year. You must have been drinking milk and eating cheese rather than Beer & Pretzels!—WAY TO GO, YOU’RE MY KIND OF GUYS!
    Bert Carlson
    Yakima, WA 98908-2932