Win a “Championship Belt” T-shirt – Packers Vs. Bears Prediction Contest All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Championship Belt T-Shirt from
Championship Belt T-Shirt from

Packers Vs Bears Prediction Contest. Win a “Championship Belt” T-Shirt courtesy of the fine folks at (a $24.95 value)

Make your picks.   Person with the correct winning team and closest overall in point differential wins the T-shirt.

Don’t forget the tiebreaker question… (you won’t be eligible if you don’t answer it.)

Winning Team:

Final Score:

Tiebreaker: (Total net yds. of Offense for the Packers):

Post your entry in the comments below. Only entries posted here and received by 3:00PM Central Time on 9/25/11 will be considered. ALLGBP writers are not eligible for a prize. Winner will be announced Sunday evening.


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  • CheesyD

    Packers win over the Be*rs 31-13. Packers totla offensive yards = 413 yards.

  • Aaron Biderman

    Winning Team: Green Bay Packers

    Final Score: 24-14

    Tiebreaker: (Total net yds. of Offense for the Packers): 342

  • Matt Bove

    Packers 27 Bears 20 packers total net yards 410

  • WesTheFatKid

    Packers win over Bears 28-14
    Pack offensive yards: 440

  • gbpackers0492

    Packers 31 Bears 24 Total Net Yards 427

  • Clay Toporski

    Packers 17 – Bears 13

    Total yards: 275

  • aaron1265

    Packers 38 bears 17 total yards 412

  • Eric

    Packers win 24-20
    425yds of offense

  • Mary Burns

    Packers 24 Bears 10; Total yards 415

  • Joey

    Packers win of the bears 23-17 with 329 total yards

  • The Scubes

    Packers over bears 35-17 with 410 total yards

  • Peter

    Packers win 28-10, total yards 310.

  • Jay

    Packers 24-13, total yards: 350

  • calpackfan

    I like that t-shirt!
    Packers win 34-13, with 433 net yards of offense

    go pack!

  • Tara Edwards

    Packers 28-10, total yards 345

  • Paul Rushia

    Packers 27. Bears 17. Packers net yards 432

    • Jersey Al

      Congratulations… You are our winner! Look for my email…

  • Dave Janko

    Packers 37, bears 27, 357 Packer yards

  • Zach


    21 – 17

    341 yards

  • Ryne D

    Green Bay 38 Chicago 10
    GNB 402 yards

  • Ron LC

    I’d love to win one of hose, but not bein superstitious, I don’t predict any Packer games. Invariably they lose. So, jsut a Loud and Clear, “The Bears Still Suck.”

  • Kris Raisleger

    Packers over Bears 27-23
    Packers total yards 392

  • Jamie Villers

    Chicago 21 Green Bay 17
    Chi Bears total yards 301

  • Chad Larson

    Packers 21-13

  • Q

    Packers 21-10 total yards 534

  • John Sturrock

    Pack 21 Bears 10

    Packers O – 320 yards