Hey Look, a Packers Rap Video that Doesn’t Completely Suck

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Seems like every other day, I come across yet another Packers rap song and video. Ever the optimist, I always check them out and usually don’t make it past 30 seconds. With all due apologies to the folks that spend all the time and effort making these things, they usually are just horribly bad. Normally, my main issue is with the lyrics. They’re just lame.

I also usually have a good chuckle at watching  what is normally a couple of white kids from Wisconsin trying to come off as hard core rappers. I know that’s some of my NY, big-city snootiness coming through, so please don’t take too much offense – but it does make me laugh…

But guess what folks, somebody has done it right.  A nice sound bed, some creative lyrics that actually make sense and no phony hard-core rapper airs. And plus, they got Weird Al Yankovic to be in the video!

…What?  That’s not Wierd Al?

Well regardless, I actually watched the whole video and then watched it again. And I still liked it.  This video gets my official seal of approval. First one to do so…

If you haven’t seen it, enjoy…


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  • PackersRS

    Wow. This is very good man! Better than Green and Yellow actually (who is a ripoff from Black and Yellow, let’s face it. And Snoop > Lil’ Wayne)

  • Packers Fan in Atlanta

    Was pretty good. Like this version of “Green and Yellow” myself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oicSTRWH_i0&feature=youtube_gdata_player (Not the Lil Wayne version)

    • I agree. Much better than the Lil Wayne version.

  • PackerPete

    sorry man, it’s all crap to me.


    Must agree with Jersey Al……good beats, solid lyrics, loved it. RESPECT.