• http://crichar3.blogspot.com/ Chris

    I was just a babe of 38 the last time GB played in “the big game” and, apparently, I was too immature to enjoy the hype and build up. Perhaps I thought there would be a lot more of these over the following years. Now I am wiser (and, sadly, older) and realize how truly special this is, so I am with Adam and drinking this all in. I am allowing myself to float the in excess and overkill because now I know: It doesn’t matter how bright the future might appear for one’s team, the reality is that this sort of thing just doesn’t happen that often. Enjoy it, Packers fans. It might not come again for a while.

    • Adam Czech

      Exactly. I’m hearing a lot of dynasty talk about this team already. I hope that happens, but you can never count on something like that.

  • Bearmeat

    I disagree. This hype sucks. Let’s just play the game and win it for cripes sake!

    • Adam Czech


  • Taryn

    I agree,it’s like watching a never ending rerun of a terrible show.Especially the crap the one did with DD and the fur garb.
    Does anyone scan the questions from this losers.
    two weeks is ridiculous,one day and leave them only and get the fans a question period.

  • http://httl bill from jersey

    i cant get enough either.i was 36 in 1996 and this one feels greater then the last one.was not expecting this….THIS IS AWESOME

  • http://httl bill from jersey


  • jim

    sure would be nice if the packers came out and publicly supported the public employees.they are fellow union brothers and sisters.thanks

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