• Thomas Hobbes

    I agree with you that the defense started it, but in my opinion, the offense ended it. The reason I say this is that in the beginning, the defense managed to hold the Falcons from scoring point and then managed to score some points themselves. I think at half time, the Falcons probably predicted that the Packers were gonna play it conservative and maintain the lead and burn clock, but instead the offense comes out and keeps scoring. The response of course from the Falcons is to start chucking the ball, which doesn’t play into their strengths. The Falcons keep chucking the ball, and keep giving it to the Packers who then keep scoring, basically to the point where the Packers broke the defense’s back. The Packers defense after half-time on the other hand basically just went out for blood, without having to worry about Micheal Turner they basically just went after Matt Ryan. You could tell that Matt Ryan wasn’t as effective in the second half cause the defense was solely focused on him.

    • Chad Toporski

      I would agree with that assessment.

      To me, the defense controlled the momentum, while the offense controlled the clock in the Atlanta game. Both were able to really feed off of each other in the second half, especially since Atlanta’s offense is not built to come back from such a deficit.

      But I still say the driving force across most of the season has been the defense. They’ve been the most reliable unit, and not only have they been able to shift the momentum, but they’ve been able to close out games when the offense has stalled.

    • http://allgbp.com Jersey Al

      I agree with you on this game, but over most of the season, I think it’s been the defense.

  • Taryn

    The defense was simply acting the role of a Dad holding the seat of the bike while the offense kicked around for the peddles.
    There is no doubt in my mind,if Dad wasn’t diligent in his quest,this bike would be hanging in the garage.

    • Chad Toporski

      Your analogies never cease to amaze me, Taryn.

  • Ron LC

    No question, it’s Capers and his guys who allow the game to be won. The other team has a difficult time scoring and keeps the Packers in it regardless of the offensive performance. Combine that with the Packer offense we’ve been waiting for and we win, BIG.

    Of course, this assumes the ST’s don’t screw up (My biggest concern for Sunday).

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