News and Notes Heading into the Green Bay Packers’ First Playoff Game (the NY Giants) All Green Bay Packers All the Time

I hoped to file a couple of posts this week examining the play of Bryan Bulaga and the Green bay Packers playcalling, but then I realized it was almost Christmas, so I proceeded to buy presents and hang out with my family.

Instead of a full-blown analysis, I had to go with some quick thoughts and notes. The playoffs start Sunday, folks. It should be interesting.

  • The Packers’ run game showed some promise against the New England Patriots, but lets not confuse the 2010 Packers with the 2009 Jets. The Packers will go as far as Aaron Rodgers’ arm takes them, not Brandon Jackson’s legs. By all means, Mike McCarthy should try and establish the run early against the Giants. But he shouldn’t handcuff himself into sticking with it for too long if it’s not working. The Giants’ defensive backs are slow. The Packers receivers have a clear advantage and that needs to be exploited.
  • What about the Giants pass rush? Getting the ground game going will help slow down the pass rush, but so will short passes. If the Packers can’t run the ball, McCarthy needs to mix in plenty of quick passes, screens and high-percentage throws. The Packers offense has moved the ball every time they’ve reverted to using more short passes. The problem has been punching through to the end zone.
  • If McCarthy runs another fullback dive this week, I am going to personally travel to Green Bay and destroy that page of the playbook. If you want to gain one yard with John Kuhn, line him up at halfback and give him a running start before he crashes into the line.
  • Calling James Jones, Jordy Nelson and Donald Driver: According to Football Outsiders, the Giants are one of the worst defenses in the league against No. 3 receivers. I’m not sure which one of you is the No. 3 receiver, but whoever it is, you need to step up.
  • Can the Packers beat the Giants if they are not able to force a turnover? I don’t think so. Anyone disagree?
  • Anyone have advice about watching Packers games with small children? I watch most games with my wife. We both yell, scream, swear and punch things when things don’t go the Packers’ way. I have to watch Sunday’s game with my little nieces and nephews running around. How can I control my normally uncotrollable rages? What’s the best strategy for getting the kids to shut up so I can concentrate on the game?
  • Something else to consider in the great should we or shouldn’t we be “proud” of the Packers after losing to the Patriots debate. According to Football Outsiders, the Patriots offensive, defensive and overall DVOA ratings increased after beating the Packers. The Packers were an annoying little bump in the road for the Patriots, but not nearly enough to throw them off course. Is that anything to be proud of? Not in my opinion, but I tend to be a cranky S.O.B., even around the Holidays. Be encouraged by certain areas where the Packers played well. But save your pride for when they actually accomplish something.

Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


  • That final point is the definition of grasping at straws to try and prove your point. So let me get this straight – because the Patriots “ratings” increased in some mathematical rankings on a website, Packer fans should not be proud of the effort put forth by their team this past Sunday.

    Utterly ridiculous.

    • Adam Czech

      No, Packers fans should not be proud of their team because they lost.

      You keep changing the arguement, dude. First you said we were supposed to be proud of the Packers, period, even though they lost. Then it changed to proud of certain things they did well. Now it’s proud of their effort.

      The target keeps moving and I don’t know where to aim any more.

  • Ron LC

    Adam, Agree turnovers are critical to this game. EM is a turnover machine. Must take advantage of that.

    A running game would be desireable to help take the heat off AR. The Giants Dline is the type that gives GB’s Oline fits. Even in the “better” run game against NE, they gave up 5 sacks. AR coming off his concssion needs protection. They can’t allow any Dlineman unimpeded access to AR.

    To win that under-performing group in the Oline has to get back in the game.

  • ELong

    Great post Adam. I understand being proud of your team even if they lost in some situations. Lombardi would even make this claim in years one and two. But in no way can this be applied in MM’s year 5 in a game where we made so many mental mistakes.

    As for the Giants, I’d like to see us play smart and confident. I am afraid this team has been missing the mental capacity to win a close one. Let’s be true on assignments (OL blocking, ST stay in your lanes!) and man up and get the job done this weekend. Playoff-like game in December at Lambeau. No excuses MM – be smart and decisive! It all comes down to this game.

  • Taryn

    Stats,mathematics,pride,Tim Rah Rah Tebow, who’s #3,concussions,run,don’t run,can’t run,don’t have to run,MM sucks,fire Slocum and give him a lollipop,give Capers a raise and a medal,KUUUHHNNN,please slide,c’mon man catch the ball,wtf,Flynn good job,now trade him,BJ is and isn’t whatever we thought either way,Finley is hurting the offense,sucks he is out,Bulaga is a rookie,he sucks he gave up a sack,Clifton is rejuvenated-he’s old,Tauscher will travel with team,why,empty seat,Bigby regrets down season,OMG lets sign him again,Nance is quite the dancer,Starks is a savor…give the chance and watch him tango,DD is the man…really,J Jones is a punk…period,Nelson comes thru…could be Welker…not on this team,Jennings is great in routes,drops easy ones,Matthews is a cyborg…who turned human etc,etc,etc.
    This can go on forever,but we only have two games left and I want this to go on for weeks to come.
    Can we have a post where there is nothing but positive,just for sake of having one.