Packers 2010 Roster now at 53. The Turk visits Havner, Blackmon All Green Bay Packers All the Time

The Green Bay Packers have reduced their roster to the League-required 53 man limit. As there are every year, there were a few surprises. No longer on the Packers 53-man roster today are:

  • OL Allen Barbre
  • DT Anthony Toribio
  • DE Ron Talley
  • RB Kregg Lumpkin
  • OLB Cyril Obiozor
  • S / RET Will Blackmon
  • WR / RET Jason Chery
  • WR Charles Dillon
  • TE Spencer Havner
  • OL Evan Dietrich-Smith
  • LB Alex Joseph
  • LB Robert Francois
  • DE Jarius Wynn
  • OT Chris Campbell
  • OT Breno Giacomini
  • LB Maurice Simpkins
  • WR Chastin West
  • WR Patrick Williams
  • S Anthony Levine
  • CB D.J. Clark
  • P Chris Bryan
  • QB Graham Harrell

Let’s take a quick look at some of these moves.

Spencer Havner: I’m kicking myself right now, because I came “this close” to predicting this move but I chickened out and decided to go with a Lee trade as any easy way out of the 5 TE predicament, instead. Regardless, I never believed the Packers would keep 5 tight ends, and I was sure they were not going to risk losing Quarless and Crabtree. Quarless will be a better pass catcher and Crabtree a better blocker than Havner will ever be. The one thing holding me back on Havner was his ability to play LB in an emergency. Otherwise, I’m not shocked by this and actually agree with it.

Will Blackmon: The Packers seemed very disappointed with Blackmon’s lack of progress with his injury. In my initial roster projections, I had Blackmon on the team, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized the Packers were not going to hold a spot for a guy who may or may not get better soon. Just because he is their best punt returner? No, they’d rather just let steady but unspectacular Jordy Nelson field punts and keep a player that will be able to contribute somewhere. So, in my final roster projections, I had Blackmon being placed on IR or cut . It’s sad, but one of the harsh realities of this sport.

Cyril Obiozor: In my opinion, he played his way off the team on Thursday night against the Chiefs. Unlike Maurice Simpkins, who was playing like a man possessed, Obiozor gave a very poor effort and even looked lazy to me in a few cases. Inexcusable for a guy in his situation – I just don’t think football means that much to Obi. Frank Zombo, on the other hand, plays with passion and love for the sport. This was a no-brainer for me after watching the Chiefs game.

Kregg Lumpkin: I guess I have to find a new underdog to root for. Lumpkin did enough to earn a 3rd RB spot, but the Packers chose to keep 3 fullbacks again and needed a roster spot. John Kuhn showed in preseason that he could handle the halfback spot in an emergency, so the Packers go into the 2010 season with only 2 tailbacks. I don’t like it, personally, but it’s not the end of the world, either. I’ll live with it.

Evan Dietrich-Smith: Before training camp started, I predicted here, that: “I think Dietrich-Smith is beaten out this year by a better version of himself, Nick McDonald.” As it turns out, McDonald has made the team and Dietrich-Smith has been cut. Smith was not Practice squad eligible, a factor I considered heavily when making my final roster predictions, so i decided to keep Smith and see if McDonald would be put on the practice squad. Evidently, however, there was much interest in McDonald, so the Packers elected to keep him and also turned down trade offers for Jason Spitz, according to Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Jarius Wynn: In my final projections, I went with 7 DL, because I was convinced the Packers would not want to expose C.J. Wilson, and Jarius Wynn was not practice squad eligible. So, I thought they may try to keep them both. Not that either has shown much during the preseason, but Wilson certainly has the more typical 3-4DE body and more upside. Wynn being gone is not much of a surprise.

Charles Dillon: He was my underdog to unseat Brett Swain. Was much better in shorts during OTAs than on the field in pads. He killed any chance he had when he allowed himself to get stripped of several balls he should have caught. He’s just not strong enough to compete with NFL caliber players right now. Maybe it’s back to the Arena League for him.

Here’s what the roster looks like right as of Sunday morning. Waiver claims have to be in by 12:00EST. Then teams can start filling in their practice squads.

QB (2) Rodgers, Flynn

WR (5) Driver, Jennings, Jones, Nelson, Swain

TE (4) Finley, Lee, Crabtree, Quarless

RB (2) Grant, Jackson

FB (3) Hall, Kuhn, Johnson

OL (10) Clifton, Tauscher, Wells, Colledge, Sitton, Bulaga, Spitz, Lang, Newhouse, McDonald

DL (6) Raji, Pickett, Jenkins, Neal, Harrell, Wilson

OLB (4) Matthews, Jones, Poppinga, Zombo

ILB (4) Barnett, Hawk, Chillar, Bishop

S (4) Collins, Burnett, Peprah, Martin

CB (6) Woodson, Williams, Shields, Underwood, Bush, Lee

LS (1) Goode

K (1) Crosby

P (1) Masthay

PUP (3) S Bigby, CB Harris, RB Starks
IR (2) CB Bell,
RB Porter,
IR W/ Injury Settlement (2) CB Blackmon, OL Barbrr


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  • fhornplayer83

    There’s not much to gripe about with the way the Packers trimmed down their roster. All the cuts and movements of players to IR/PUP were reasonable.

    The only thing I’ll be watching now is for TT to make a trade or two to add some quality depth to the secondary. It would be nice to get someone now so that if something happens later in the season, they aren’t thrown into the fire of Capers’ defensive scheme.

    • Yes, there are a lot of question marks and inexperience in that secondary, at least until Harris returns. I would agree someone should get picked up in that area. Maybe replace Lee, who seems to have made the team by default and no other reason.

      • Bearmeat

        Yeah, the injury factor is scary right now… I understand TT’s desire for drafting talent, and he is really good at it IMO, but I’d feel a whole lot better with another 1 or 2 capable veteran backups at OLB/CB/S. WHY does TT not give out a couple of draft picks for a few vets that can be counted on in a pinch?

        • Taryn

          My guess is the Packers live and die by the draft,not likely to give away their life blood and less likely to pay the money some of these vampires’ want.

  • Ron LC

    For the first time in years, I switch my biggest concern from the Oline to the Dline. With Jenkins and Pickett being pampered throughout the preseason, the backups become more important than they might be. Two rookies and a guy that has never played a complete season since he was selected #1 over four years ago. Let’s hope the treatment Jenkins and Pickett got is more “Woodson-like” than “CM3” like.

    Let’s hope a year of experience will stablize the DB. Going into the season with just two starters from last year gives me nightmares of the Cards and Steelers of last year. Pressure Dom, pressure!

    Question have the Cards pidked up Harrell yet? With Linert gone they will be looking.

    • O-line is now stocked. DL depth concern is one reason why I decided to go with 7 at that position in my final roster predictions. It’s a worry spot for me, too.

  • Still need a reliable return man , none of the four should be returning kickoffs , maybe Jordy for sure hands , otherwise free agents bring in .

    • They’re not going to bring in a guy just to be a returner. He would have to be say, a CB that can also return.

  • Ruppert

    I now pray for zero injuries in the secondary until Harris and Bigby are eligible to return from PUP. This, of course, is in hopes that Bush ends up (rightfully) unemployed at that point.

    • I’m more concerned about CB than safety. To me, Williams is still a nickel, and Shields/Underwood/Lee/Bush as nickel? Worry point.

  • Yoop

    Checked the entire release list, There was no one I would stand and say TT you need to go get this guy and replace so and so on the 53 man roster.
    I also would have like to see 7 Dlinemen, but with 2 linemen playing in nickel and dime how much do they actually have 3 Dlinemen on the field.
    For me Pickett is better then Jolly, So the starting base Dline is better.
    Neal , Harrell and Wilson is a much better back up group then last year by far.
    I’m happy with the Linebacker mix. Zombo not only earned a spot, but earned playing time.
    The mix at ILB is good.
    Again look at the cut list ans name me someone that the team should try and get and replace who as a safety or a CB? That you know will be better in the defense.

    I hear grumblings about return guys, nothing there either on the wire. Do you cut someone for just a return man? the answer would be no.
    If you can find a DB or WR even a RB that is better then your 4th or 5th DB, WR or RB back and can return sure.
    I think we will see Swain and Lee worked at returners.
    Some were not happy to see Bush kept, he played he was back in the 53 man roster. And really when Harris and Bigby come back what then?
    By the way Starks can also return.

    • What worries me about the DL is just that they currently don’t have anyone on the practice squad in case of a season-ending injury to someone. TT will need to find another team’s castoff and sign them to the Packers PS.

      So way I would use a roster spot just for a returner. So the Packers won’t have dynamic returners. Can live with that as long as they can straighten out the rest of the ST issues.

  • mike

    We need a #2 nose tackle. We keep Bush And cut Toribio ?

    • Well, Bush can’t play nose tackle… JK

      Yeah, the eight PS player better be a big DL…

  • PackEyedOptimist

    Pickett, Harrell, and even Neal could fill as back-up NTs. I’m fine with this roster, even though I’d like a PR threat, your returns are “gravy,” your offense is the meat-and-potatoes.
    I think Shields is an acceptable nickel back once Woodson, Matthews, and Jones are added to the defense.

    • I’m fine with the roster – but I would really like to see a DL on the practice squad.

  • Thomas Hobbes

    While I can’t say that I disagree with any of the cuts (Havner getting cut sucks, but I understand the move), its a little surprising that no one else has been brought it. Either TT got rejected a bunch of times (unlikely as the Packers are predicted to do well), tried to play low-ball with the offers (again unlikely, its not like these types of players would be asking for a lot of money, even the veterans), got rejected a ton of times by other teams (or more likely wasn’t willing to give anyone up, a likely reason). I’m pretty cool with those reasons, but no KR? My guess is they are still going to groom Shields to be a returner, and use Jordy Nelson in the meantime until Shields learns to catch the ball.

    • Supposedly TT turned down offers for Spitz. I think keeping Spitz allowed them to keep McDonald, who they feared losing to a waiver claim.

      I actually think Shield would be best as a kickoff returner, and that’s what he should be working on.

      • Like your thinking but Shields can’t catch. I think he’ll be a great Nickle back though. They should’ve cut Bush and kept Havner. Must be the injuries.

        • It make take a year or more, but he can learn to catch kickoffs. Punts are a different matter.

          Great to have another “holiness” here. First St. Vince and now Father Flanagan!

  • Brad

    I like Shields and Jackson as the kickoff returners. I know it’s against conventional wisdom, but I would use Williams as the punt returner. They are called “special” teams for a reason. I’m sure after watching the impact of the special teams during the 96 Super Bowl season, we can all relate to special teams as a weapon.

    • Taryn

      Shields catching is still very suspect and if the DB squad was deeper I would be OK with Williams as PR,but we’re not so I would go with a good hands guy like Swain and guarantee ball possession.

  • Like the roster. Given the 3-4 I can see why they have less d-linemen. Keeping Bush scares me though. He’s proven to be a liability more often than not. I’d rather have Havner than Bush. He was solid.

    • Unfortunately, they had too many good tight ends and not enough good cornerbacks, so there was little choice but to do what they did.