Green Bay Packers Weekly News Recap 7/1/10 -7/8/10 All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Green Bay Packers News for the week of  7/1/10 – 7/8/10

With 23 days before training camp starts and little actual activity going on at Lambeau Field, it’s quote season in Green Bay, Wisconsin. On the heels of Aaron Rodgers’ recent dismantling of Tony Kornheiser, some other Packer players went public with some bold comments this week.

On NFL Network, Nick Barnett called this season “Super Bowl or Die” for the Packers. He later tweeted this: “People keep asking why I said super bowl or die… Cause every year I don’t make it, I feel like I have died, said Barnett, So it’s a reminder of that feelin”

On a Levar Arrington radio show podcast, Charles Woodson declared Aaron Rodgers as the best quarterback in the NFL. Woodson also said, “You can see he want’s it, and that’s the most important thing”. Assuming “it” is a Super Bowl win and not Erin Andrews, I’m with you Charles.

Speaking of Rodgers, he was recently asked on twitter for his opinion on the NFL possibly going to an 18 game schedule. Rodgers’ reply was simply, “not a fan at all of any schedule change.” Given that Aaron’s dating calendar is already booked for the next 5 years, I can see where any change might cause him problems…  But seriously, we’ll be debating the proposed schedule change later on in the program.

Yet another cool  thing happened this week in the Packers twitterverse. The other night Atari Bigby tweeted about Nick Barnett’s “Super Bowl or Die” declaration. I decided to take a shot and asked Atari the question on everybody’s mind, namely: Are you going to be there for the ride?  Much to my surprise, Bigby responded almost immediately with a definitive “YES SIR.” Whether he was serious or not we probably won’t know for a few more weeks.

Packers tight end Jermichael Finley is at Larry Fitzgerald’s receivers camp this week. Finley sent out a tweet about how Michael Irvin is such a great guy to learn from. I tweeted back that I hoped he was learning was ON the field, only. As he usually does, Finley ignored my tweet.

Word is that once again, Mason Crosby will have no competition in training camp. Packers special teams coach Shawn Slocum recently confirmed this fact. Slocum also said that Crosby looks the best he has in all the time he’s been here. Crosby has been working hard at a new off-season workout regimen designed to improve his balance, stability and core muscle strength. Hopefully, his brain muscles are getting a workout too.

ESPN the Magazine last week printed it’s 2010 rankings of best sports franchises. The Packers were ranked ninth best overall. While I want to say that’s a good thing, I don’t know what to make of a list that has the Tampa Bay Rays at #6 and the NY Yankees at #62. BTW, the N.O. Saints were at the top of the list and the L.A. Clippers at the bottom.

From the Packers Police Blotter, Brandon Underwood has still not been told if he will be formally charged with any crime in the alleged sexual assault that took place on June 5th. The local prosecutor is having trouble building a case due to inconsistent stories given by the alleged victims. Unfortunately, your average prostitute is just not that reliable these days.

There’s little new to report on the Johnny Jolly front. Jolly’s often-postponed trial on felony drug possession is now scheduled for July 30, the first day of Packer’s training camp. Prosecutors are said to be set to use testimony against Jolly from a twice-convicted felon. This witness previously cut a plea bargain deal and is serving a 10-year prison sentence. Seems to me he might be a guy that is very motivated to say whatever it takes to get on the Prosecutor’s good side. Not promising for the Jolly Rancher.

And finally, in what is probably the biggest Packers news this week, our very own Alex Tallitsch, founder of The Packers Lounge, rocked the Packers blogosphere yesterday. Alex revealed an agreement to move his beloved Lounge over to CheeseheadTV.  You can now find the Packers Lounge here.

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  • John Rehor

    This is great-a weekly recap for Packers news. Great idea Al.

  • Ron LC

    Slocum is a “doofus”. He coached the worst ST in the NFL last year. And, he talks like he really knows something. Crosby has had accuracy problems and “pressure kicks” problems forever. The two completely unknow punters don’t inspire, at least yet. Returners? Starks? Blockers and tacklers same as last year.

    If the Packers hope to achieve the lofty goals they seem to expect, ST’s have got to improve by roughly 100%. No, make that 200%.

    I’ve got a bad feeling about Jolly. The best that we can hope for is another delay.

    • Remember, Slocum is the guy who told Crosby not to work with any kicking specialists, instead, just talk to some other kickers.

      Slocum doesn’t pick the players, though, so we can’t blame him for the uninspiring collection of never-done-anything punters the Packers have.

  • PackersRS

    Great show last night, Al. And great recap.

    • Thanks – would love to have you call in sometime. I know international costs are an issue – maybe skype?

      • PackersRS

        Will figure out how Skype works, and give it a go. Just can’t embarass myself in front of Packers fans. Like with the article, have to think of something to say…

        • Ron LC

          RS, you’re a Packer expert! Always enjoy reding your comments.

          • PackersRS

            Thanks a lot, Ron. Means a lot coming from you, but it’s two different things having time and google to talk about something and trying to nervously express yourself in a known, but foreign language…

            • Taryn

              PackersRS,the nervousness you speak of will be unnoticed by all.When a person speaks from the heart,it is understood world wide.Speak your heart and we the fans will hear you.Nervously or not!

  • foundinidaho

    What does everybody have against Erin Andrews? Compared to some of these ladies, she’s not so bad. Since I don’t see Holly or I getting a network gig anytime soon, I like to see some female representation that knows who has the ball.

    And, PackersRS, English is my primary language and I don’t know if I can call in and be coherent. Even though Al & Holly encouraged me to. So, give it a try – you can’t do worse than I would! 🙂

    • Ruppert

      I’d like to take this opportunity to proclaim that I, for one, have NOTHING against Erin Andrews!

      No kicking competition for Crosby? Seriously? Who are our punters at the moment? I know we signed an Aussie…does he have any competition, or is he the only one with a shot?

    • Who else are you comparing her too? I lost interest when she did dancing with the stars. At that point, you lose your journalist stripes and become just another fame & celebrity-seeking “babe”.

      • PackersRS

        Completely agree. But, doesn’t, uhm, “hanging out” with Rodgers gives her those points back?

        • Ruppert

          RE: Erin Andrews. I refuse to blame anybody for taking a fat payday. “Dancing” is one of the least evil sellouts. I’m sure she could easily have her own cable reality show, but hasn’t done THAT…yet. And I still give her a little sympathy for being the victim of the sleazeball peeping tom guy, too.

          • Well, she’s getting all kinds of offers now, so we’ll see what she does…


          • foundinidaho

            Ruppert and I are completely on the same page (for different reasons, I suspect)! Al, ladies like to dance. Especially with someone who looks like Maks. Just sayin’.

            And if she got to hang out with Rodgers, I’m more jealous of her than ever. And she gets to report on sports. Never mind, I hate her too now. 🙂

            • See, we agree!

              Seriously, nobody said hate. I just can’t take her seriously as a sports reporter any more…