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  • Max

    I love Jermichael Finley, but I hope he doesn’t get too big for Green Bay. He’s a confident young man, which is a good thing, but I wonder if he’s going to take the money and run when his first contract expires. I suppose we should just enjoy him while we can, right? Live in the present?

    • Well, Ted Thompson like to keep his “own” stars, rather than looking at free agents, so I wouldn’t worry that much. IF JM turns out to be the real deal, TT will lock him up with a long term contract.

  • Max

    You’re always the voice of reason, Al. Much appreciated.

    • NP – That’s what I’m here for… LOL

  • PackersRS

    Don’t know… Love him, but I get a diva vibe from him… Kinda like I had from Javon Walker…